Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thoughts on Nagano-San

Was chatting over at Konpira's fabulous site today, and someone, (you know who you are) said that she was "a little old for Nagano-san". And it got me to thinking... (honestly, I do that sometimes) I'm "a little old" for Nagano-san, or rather, he's a little too young for me, or ought to be. I've never, ever, ever been attracted to younger men. Heck, I'm only now getting old enough that men my age are attractive to me. I just don't like boys. Not that way, anyway, never have. I don't mean I can't recognize a handsome young man when I see one, they just don't tempt me. Really, I can't think of one single guy who was younger than me that I ever wanted to take a tumble with.

So, I was thinking about why Nagano-san is so attractive to me. It's true that I do find him quite beautiful, but that wasn't what first caught my eye. The very first thing that made me want to take a closer look at him was the way he moved. His grace and agility, his strength and power were what first captured my attention. I remember thinking at the time that the way he moved was so unique, so lovely. He is smooth as silk when he moves, almost elegant. The way he uses his powerful muscles is, is... well it isn't obnoxious. He doesn't flaunt his power, it just is.

Then I started actually watching the show [Sasuke, Ninja Warrior] and saw more of him. I realized that his face was indeed as attractive as his body. Seldom do you see a person so well proportioned, so perfectly formed, so beautiful. When I look at him in a coldly logical light, I can see that he is aesthetically pleasing; his profile, the lines on his face when he smiles, the crinkles at the corners of his eyes; the hollow at the base of his neck, his collar bones; the curve of his muscular shoulder; the beautiful, bronze color of his skin... it all makes up a pleasing whole. When I look at him I always think of a bronze statue of an ancient God; all powerful, yet benevolent, with laughing eyes behind a stern demeanor. And when he smiles, in truth, it's very like a gift from the Gods. He has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. And those lips, oh my God! He has such a sensuous mouth. Those lips were just made for being nibbled. I'm not kidding. I think I could spend hours just tasting those lips. Well, okay, not just his lips, but I could linger a long time there, for sure. Then there's those shoulders... I would just love to trace my fingertips across his shoulders, down his arms to the palms of his hands. Don't even get me started on his chest or his abs (which definitely need nibbling as much as his lips do). I am not going to get x-rated, here.

But after saying all that, that's still not all of what makes him so very attractive to me. I have seen other men whom I found attractive, men who have tempted me. But none of them ever affected me the way Nagano-san has. No other man has ever inspired me to get back into shape, to seriously work at becoming a healthier person, a happier person. No other man has ever helped me the way Nagano-san has, unaware of it tho he is. He is a heroic figure to me, though not intimidating. I think a big part of it is that he is someone I can feel respect for. He's a celebrity, it's true, a famous person, not just in his native country, but world over! But he still gets up and goes to work like a real man. And what a 'manly' job it is, too. Captain of a sea-going vessel, one of a small fleet of commercial fishing vessels. And he looks so competent. He looks like he is capable of changing a light bulb or a flat tire. He looks like a man who wouldn't stop to think twice about defending his lady's honor (yes, I mean, punching out some one's lights, if necessary). But he's not obnoxiously macho like some men are. He also seems like he could be understanding without being effeminate.

So, lets see... strong, graceful, beautiful, respectable, hard-working, competent, capable, sensitive, not obnoxiously macho, sexy. What else could a woman possibly want in a man? Of course, I could be completely wrong about him. I don't think so, but it's possible. I don't know him personally, nor do I know anyone who does. For all I know for certain, he could be a cold, mean, drunken lout. Well, okay, not drunken, given his physicality, but cold and mean? He could be. Given his smile, and the line of his jaw and the look in his eyes, I doubt it, sincerely, but I do not know. According to those who have supposedly met him, he is indeed, humble, sincere, hard-working, modest, determined, friendly, helpful, and so on and so forth. But the person we heard that from works for a company in who's interest it is to keep us enthralled with him. For all I know she could have made the whole thing up as she went along. I don't think she did, but I do not know.

My conclusions, after all my thinking and soul-searching? I don't know, specifically, what makes him so irresistibly attractive to me. He just is. It's the totality of him; his face, his form, what I know of his personality... He seems almost too good to be true. He must have some faults. Perhaps he snores loudly? Perhaps he has bad table manners? According to what we've heard he said about himself, he is no great intellect, but he can't be completely stupid if he captains a ship. And besides, no one would ever accuse me of being the smartest woman in the world, either, so why would I complain if he's not a rocket scientist? But he's short. I don't like short men! But I don't care. He's still sexy as hell and I'd still like to... whatever...

So... I guess my time spent thinking about and searching for a reason why I find myself so obsessed with Nagano-San, was not time well-spent. Or, at least, it wasn't very productive. Oh well, it was Sunday, and I didn't have anything better to do.


pamwax said...

I don't know either. Have thought alot of people were great looking but this is different and I don't know why. His smile for one makes me happy. Anyway I have just decided to enjoy and hope we get to see him every once in awhile for a long time to come. By the way I was told he is a nice guy.

Jeannie said...

This is the first time that I've ever been attracted to a man... dare I say it...shorter than me.

Yes, he is absolutely gorgeous. You described his physical appearance perfectly, and your description has left me slobbering at my desk. But you also made a good point that there's not one of us that knows him personally. We kind of make his personality up as we watch him on t.v.

I think that if we remember that although Nagano-san seems perfect and god-like, he is just a human being, proned to the same mistakes that we all make. Working on both my site and the POS site has grounded my feelings for him a bit. Instead of elevating him, I can look him the eye now, so to speak.

One would think that my admiration for Nagano-san is now less than before. NOT TRUE! I admire him even more now for his accomplishments, since like us, he has his own personal obstacles he has to face.

Ooh, cheap plug for the websites mentioned:

The Makoto Nagano Fan Page
The Power Of Sasuke

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one getting all weird over Nagano-san. He really does have that indefinable something, doesn't he?

His smile makes me happy, too, pam (when it isnt making me swoon like a love-sick teenie bopper). I know he can't see me, but I still have to smile back at him when I see it.

And you know Jeannie, I would be jealous of your opportunity to work on POS and your closer [albeit second-hand] association with him, if I didn't love you so darn much! So, plug away! They are wonderful sites and you did a marvelous job on them.

Jeannie said...

No worries SKW. I'm sure he knows me as "the girl that sent him that gift that one time." And I'm no closer to meeting him than you.

You know, I'm actually glad that none of us have met him. He'd be so worn out that he wouldn't have enough strength to do Sasuke again.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Not so, Jeannie. I don't want to sound too raunchy here, but, he'd get enough rest and relaxation while I let my lips and my fingertips do some... shall we say... exploring.