Saturday, August 30, 2008

Further more...

... and on top of that... this old geezer (John McCain) hand selects this little Miss Beauty Pageant Contestant, totally unprepared, totally inexperienced woman (Sarah Palin) to be his running mate.

Think about it...

That old goat already has a history of philandering and cheating on his first wife... with the one he's married to now. Should this pair, McCain/Palin, get elected, when the dirt begins to come out, everyone in the Republican party who's been gushing over her selection will be so grateful that I will be laughing far too hard to say "I told you so!".

Yes, this is a totally unfair, totally unfounded, some would even say a foul, insinuation... but I'm just saying.... why does any man, especially an old man, hire a young, inexperienced, pretty, yet unqualified, woman for any job? Because he's looking forward to some pleasant games and diversions. That's always part of the unstated job description in situations like this.

Also, the woman reminds me a little bit of Monica Lewinsky, a little bit of Marie Osmond, and with that hairdo she wore to give her little "coming out" speech, she reminded me a bit of that stupid airhead chit Amber Frye, who was fooling around with that butt ugly Scott Peterson who killed his wife and unborn baby.

Yes I do sound a tad grumpy, don't I? It's 5 o'clock in the friggin' morning and I still can't fall asleep. I'm so pissed about that I could chew horseshoes and spit nails! I'm so sick of this not being able to sleep. I guess you could say that it's beginning to make me act a bit crabby, even.

So I guess I will quit inflicting myself on you, my gentle readers and go watch television for a while. Ta-ta.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A few personal thoughts

Watching the news and thinking about stuff:

John McCain's choice for VP is so insulting to me. Does he think that he will get my vote just because he puts a woman, ANY woman, on his ticket? Does he think I am that stupid? And if you listen, you will hear men in the woman's own party refer to her as a "gal", a "princess", a "girl"... sorry, but that sort of shows me how much respect she has in her own Republican party. What it shows is that she was picked just because, and only because she is female. That is just as wrong as not choosing someone because of their gender. And how dare she try to grab hold of Hillary Clinton's coat tails and try to stake a claim to all that Hillary has accomplished. You can look up the transcript to her (Palin's) speech for the exact wording, but she did make reference to what Hillary said about putting 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and then went on to say something to the effect that now women can go ahead and shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. As tho if her ticket gets elected she will have EARNED her position. Puh-leeze!!! This little chit really got my goat today. The only reason she got the spot is because of her gender. Oh yeah, and because it appeases the ultra-conservative base of the Republican party. Twisted little Peeping Toms that they are. Talk about whoring yourself out!
And everyone keeps going on and on about how she is the mother of 5 kids, one, the youngest, with Down's Syndrome. As a woman, as a mother, as someone who has had to work two jobs while raising my child... I am utterly and completely disgusted by this gushing coverage. My first thought, when I heard how many kids she had was, "Isn't she smart enough to figure out whats causing that?"
She's a life long pro-lifer, a life long NRA member, a virulently anti-gay marriage person, apparently a life long busy body. They are making such a big deal about her son being sent to Iraq. Well, she ain't the first mom to experience that. And she won't be the last, if McCain has his way.
And the pundits all keep saying what a "bold" move this is for McCain to choose this hussy. It wasn't bold at all. He did it strictly to appease his narrow-minded, crabbed souled base and to try to gather up disaffected Hillary Clinton voters. And I'm sure there are more than a few Hillary supporters who will vote for McCain just because they are stupid and believe that the nomination was "stolen" from her. Stolen my sweet ass! She lost because she ran a sorry campaign. I was mad at her from the first over the way she was running (or rather not running) her campaign. She was stupid about the whole thing. Pissed me off. I wanted so bad for her to get the nomination, but I knew she wouldn't. Obama was smart enough to run a better campaign. He deserved to win the nomination, end of story. And these stupid folks calling themselves PUMA's. "Party Unity My Ass". What idiots. If McCain wins this election, it will be, at least partly, the fault of these old windbags and retards. People like these are a waste of good breathing air. They want to set back women's rights and all that women like my mother and my grandmother fought and suffered for. How dare they!
And how dare the Republican party turn around and now "praise" Hillary Clinton as a political ploy (in Palin's speech) when all they've ever done was vilify her and lie about her and try to tear her down? I am just so pissed off about this whole thing. If the McCain/Palin ticket wins the election, I just don't know what I will do. Throw myself in front of a truck or just move to Canada. Or maybe Mexico. Reverse immigration? Hey, I have some claim. One of my many great grandmothers came up from Mexico in the mid 1880's.
And oh yeah, how dare John McCain mention women's suffrage today?! The old goat has no shame. If he had been in charge back then we NEVER would have got the vote. I mean, after all, he doesn't see any need for equal pay for equal work, no need for laws protecting women from domestic violence and other violent crimes. He sees no need for a woman's right to choose. And his new little "princess" feels the same.
And after saying all of that... the thought that this former beauty pageant contestant would be the "Commander in Chief" should something happen to McCain??? A 72 year old man. A man who has also already had two bouts with cancer. A man known to have a bad temper. A man who is all of this and also hoping to take on the most stress-filled, complex, important, job in the world??? She would quite literally be "one heartbeat" away from being the frickin' President of the United States!!! Does that sound like a good idea to any body??? Any body??? This is the stupidest idea I've heard from Republicans in a good long while, if ever. The thought that she might have to jump in and finish the job scares the hell out of me. You who know me know that I am very pro-woman. I believe it is past time that we had a woman President, but this is ridiculous! I'm outraged! I'm disgusted! I'm horrified! Actually, words cannot express my emotions at this situation. I think I'm having an aneurysm. I better wrap this up now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic Convention 2008 - Day Two

Wow!!! Last nights speeches by Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama were wonderful. They made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel proud to be American. But tonight's speeches were so far over anything I've heard so far. I hope Barrack gives the best speech of his life on Thursday night because if he doesn't... he stands to be upstaged at his own convention.

I watched primarily msnbc and CNN coverage with a tad of Fox Noise (just to see what the enemy is up to, you know) but I did turn on C-span just in time to see Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's speech. This guy is fantastic! Part comedian, part old-time Revival tent Preacher, part used car salesman. I really enjoyed his speech, which was not shown on any of the news channels and really should have been. He whipped up the crowd like no one I've seen in a very long time. Especially for someone who is not a national figure. For pure entertainment purposes, here it is from youtube:

Then former Democratic Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, gave the "keynote" speech. It was a good speech and he's an articulate, pleasant looking, politician. But he didn't actually stir me much. I mean, I agreed mostly with what he said, obviously, but then... I mostly agreed with what Bob Casey said in his speech and I have huge differences of opinion with him. The overall theme of this convention so far seems to be "unity", "togetherness", "healing". That idiot Pat Buchanan on msnbc keeps finding fault with that and saying that the Democrats are not playing politics the way it's played in America. Well, maybe more Americans than me are tired of our leaders "playing" around with our country's well-being. I like it. I like the speeches about the future, about how China is getting a jump on us toward that future. I like the emphasis on Globalization and the need for us to keep up. I like the talk about the need to stop focusing on "left" or "right", "white" or "black", "moderate" or "liberal". I heard one repugnicant pundit making fun of Warner's speech about the need for good ideas and a willingness to work together to get the things done that need to be done. Well, if that's the way Repukelicans feel... then... well... I just can't think of anything bad enough to say about them. I can't for the life of me understand how normally rational, intelligent people who say they care about their Country and their fellow man can be Republicans anyway. The two things, being republican and being a caring person, are so opposite.

Anyway... then I watched Hillary's speech. She was magnificent! Wonderful! Frickin' AWESOME! She spoke of her accomplishments and experiences on the campaign trial briefly. She spoke of her support for Obama. She spoke about the need to come together as a party and as a Country. She spoke of her respect for John McCain and then the reasons why everyone should NOT vote for him. Then that idiot Pat Buchanan said something about: that won't change any one's mind. Hillary doesn't have supporters, she has followers who are in love with her and she can't transfer that love to Obama. How stupid is that? I love Hillary too. But I'm voting for Obama. I'm supporting him wholeheartedly. I had already come to that decision, but if I hadn't, I would just because she asked me to. That doesn't transfer the way I feel about her to him. Why should it? I just don't get the idea behind that statement from Buchanan. It just doesn't compute for me. But I see now the theme that the repugnicants are going to take. They are saying over and over again that Hillary and Bill don't REALLY want Obama to win. The Dems are STILL divided. I tried to listen to Fixed News some to see what they were saying, but it was so bombastic. So obviously wrong. So far away from the truth... I can't see how they have such a following. But then again, I couldn't understand how George W. Bush got elected President. TWICE!!! So, I guess one question answers the other, doesn't it? Lots of idiots watch Fox Noise. Lots of idiots voted for good old, I'd like to have a beer with him, George. And look what we got. Now most of us can't AFFORD beer! Who was it who said: "A people get the government they deserve." or some words to that effect. Except that... I'm a people, and I certainly don't deserve this.
So... that's my impression of tonight. I'm really looking forward to Bill's speech tomorrow. And the roll call. Bill was there tonight watching Hillary and he looked so proud of her. I know he's the consummate showman, but I love him. He's THE MAN! I don't care what anyone says about him. He will go down in history as our greatest President. EVER.

And now I'm going to go to bed. Keith Olbermann just said Roll Call will kick off when they return tomorrow afternoon at 5pm eastern. I don't know if he meant that they will kick off their coverage of it then or if it will in actuality begin at that time. I will be checking in with C-span throughout the day, just in case.

Bye for now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

OMG! I can't believe he said that...

Just saw on the news a blurb from Bush. He was talking about Russia invading Georgia. He actually said this: "Bullying and intimidation is no way to conduct foreign policy."


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Okay, just cause I promised it

I'm going to post pictures of me doing Karaoke with Tina at the family reunion. I feel kinda guilty for taking so long but uncle Allen is a jerk and he totally ruined any joy I had in putting the pictures up. Bastard! Sue me will he? Well, as I've said other places, I'll send those old pictures to my mother in the smoke of a huge bonfire before I turn even one over to him. HE AIN'T GETTIN EM!!! Anyway, that's my rant, now here's me singin', sort of:

As you can see, I am [wisely] staying pretty far away from the mic.

I ain't no dummy and I know I sound rather like a frog being stepped on when I sing...

And this is where the stupid Karaoke dude had put his own stupid words on the screen in the middle of that David Allen Coe song, "You Never Even Called Me By My Name". Idiot. Me and Tina just ignored what was on the screen and sang it like we learned it. Smart girls, don't you think?

And I think this is where we were singing that Shelly West song, "Jose Cuervo You Are A Friend Of Mine". I might have enjoyed the experience a bit more if the dude had brought any more music than country. But he brought what Tina told him to bring and he didn't really do a very good job anyway. He was an idiot. And he thought he could sing. I actually begged him to stop murdering a Stevie Ray Vaughan song. He thought I was joking. Until hubby disabused him of the notion.

Anyway, that's my one and only time of trying to Karaoke. I didn't especially enjoy the experience but then again, I KNOW I can't sing. My sister Martie was supposed to make an appearance and get up and sing with Tina, but she never showed so I took pity on Tina a got up and sang a couple of songs with her. I don't foresee me ever doing it again.

Anyway, I sorta feel icky and ill right now, so that's about it for this post. I had to do it since I promised. So there it is. Love to all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soups On!!!

Come and get it !!!

Okay, this is a picture book type thing of the Hot & Sour soup I made the other night. I was actually pretty proud of it. It was quite tasty and all three of us enjoyed it. That doesn't happen all the time, you know?

Okay... I'm getting started:

Three different types of dried mushrooms/fungi and some shredded, dried seaweed. Sorry, I didn't have any dried lilly buds. Must put that on my list. It was good without it, anyway...

On the chopping block. So you can see them better. Along with an Anehiem pepper and some carrots. I also put in celery and onions, some now and some later on in the cooking. I didn't want all of them to get mushy. Added some of them right at the end, actually.

Ummmmm, starting to look good. The aroma is driving me crazy! I want to eat some NOW!!!

Hey look! There's tofu in there! Oh yummy, yummy, yummy... I can't wait...

Okay, the egg is all stirred in and thready looking.

Now we can eat!

Ahhhh... garnished with a bit of fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lemon, just cause I like it that way. I've never had better in any restaurant. Well, okay... Mr. John in Longwood, FL makes better, but other than his China Gate... no way.

I am the Queen of the Kitchen! No, make that The Goddess of the Kitchen! Woohoo! I did good! Wish I could share with you all, but... unfortunately, its all gone now. All that's left is these few pictures to make your mouths water. Sorry.

Hope you enjoyed the pics anyway.
Love to all.