Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dang! Who would have thought?

I thought it was only skinny girls who forgot to eat. And here it is, after 6pm and I just now ate my first meal of the day. I guess the news about Nagano-san and the other Sasuke All-Stars threw me off balance today. Who would have thought that NONE of them would have made it past the first stage in Sasuke 19? Not me certainly. Ah well, there's always the next one to look forward to. And I do.

I'm sure Nagano-san (and all the other All-Stars) tried their best. I can't imagine Nagano-san ever doing less than his very best at anything. They've just gotten too insane with the course. Should make it a challenge, but make it 'do-able'. Nagano-san may look like one, but he's not a GOD. I feel for him, tho. It must have been just as shocking to him, to fall in the first stage, as it was for me to find out about. I still can't believe it. If strength of desire could make it so, he would feel my caring thoughts and comforting hugs and kisses all around him on the air. Does that sound sappy, or crazy? I bet other Nagano-san fans know what I mean.

And in other news: it's official today, Dale Jr's new number is 88. So nice of Robert Yates to give it up for him. Bet all those doh's who have number 8 tattoos are breathing a sigh of relief. What a stupid thing to do anyway. Get a tattoo of your favorite race car driver's car number. Like drivers don't change rides at least 2-3 times in their career. Even Mark Martin ended up leaving Roush, and who would have ever thought to see that happen? I guess the younger fans don't remember that even Dale Sr. drove other numbers besides the 3. Look it up, if you don't believe me.


Jeannie said...

Other Nagano-san fans do know how you feel. :-)

pamwax said...

With all our hugs and kisses we are going to smothered the guy.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

He would like it, tho, Pam. I just know he would.