Monday, December 29, 2008

Opinion on the Middle East Crisis

Okee-dokee... here it is... this is my opinion. Only my opinion. I don't intend to offend anyone. I am not anti-Palestinian/pro-Israeli or vice verse. This is what I think (within my own little pea brain)

See, its like this: If I have a little bitty, brittle stick and I repeatedly strike my neighbor with it. And I know that my neighbor has a nice, strong, heavy, sturdy baseball bat... well, you get where I'm going with this, don't you? If I'm stupid enough to behave in that manner, I have to expect that eventually my neighbor is going to retaliate. And if I run and hide behind my precious son and my neighbor hits my son in the head with his great big, sturdy baseball bat, and kills him.... then, my son's death would be my fault, wouldn't it?

Ya see what I'm sayin'? If those Hamas idiots want to act the way they are, then why is everyone in the world protesting what Israel is doing in retaliation? Why doesn't everyone pour into the streets and protest when Palestinian killers blow up innocent women and children on a bus in Jerusalem? Why is it only wrong for Israeli soldiers to blow up a Hamas weapons cache hidden in a neighborhood of innocent women and children in Gaza? If they don't want their women and children to be blown up they shouldn't put their weapons under their beds. They shouldn't be so cowardly as to hide behind their women and children after they start a fight with someone who has bigger and better weapons than they do. Actually, strike that... they shouldn't be hiding behind them anyway, anyhow, for any reason, regardless of the type of weapons. And if the populace doesn't want that to happen they should insist they take their stupid "holy war" someplace else.

The whole thing about denying that Israel has a right to exist is just silly. They do exist. They will continue to exist. Deal with it. Live with it. Quit being stupid. Just think of all the good things you could do with the money you waste on weapons. Just think of all the wonderful inventions, arts, books, etc., that we'll never use, see, read, because the persons who would have invented it, painted it, written it, were killed before they could! Stupid. What has all your stupid fight about stupid religion gotten you in all these long centuries? Masses of poor, un-fed, un-washed, ignorant, wretched humanity. How can that possibly be showing respect for the bodies God created? Or the Earth God provided us? How can blowing up the land and the people therein be showing respect for anything? Wounding, maiming, denying the basic human rights to God's creations is quite irresponsible for a supposedly "Godly" people, eh?

Anyway, that's just what I think.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Unexpected Gift Brings Joy Beyond Imagining

Me, opening my beautiful Netsuke from my dear (and most observant) friend, Snowy. By sending me this truly wonderful, caring and thoughtful gift, you have shown what a true friend you are to me. Your gift made me cry tears of happiness and saddness. I know you understand the why for both. :) You are beautiful, Snowy. Tho I have never laid eyes on you in person, I KNOW that you are beautiful, through and through.

A close up (as best as I could do with the pictures Pete took) of my Netsuke. You can view it on-line here. It is called Hotei With Baby

Hotei. Cool. Very Cool. Here's the wiki for it: The Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神, Shichi Fukujin?), commonly referred to in English as the Seven Lucky Gods, refer to the seven gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and folklore. They are often the subject of netsuke carvings and other representations.

I know myself to be a nurturer, a giver, a kind person. One who wishes only good things for others. I am content that this be my Netsuke. It touches me on so many different levels. And I'm proud to have him with me. I am sure he will bring me good luck in the year ahead. Thank you again, Snowy, for your awesome gift. You can be sure that I will absolutely cherish it for ever and ever.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its a Party!!!

Sugar Free (Mostly) Banana Bread
Well, how can it be totally sugar-free when the ripe bananas are full of sugar?

I just love these little individual sized baking pans. Mini cakes are so darned cute.

Out of the pans! And none of them stuck! Thomas was hoping there would be a broken one that he could try out. So...

... I broke one for him. He's so spoiled. But he's so worth it!

Here's the recipe if you want to try these. They are delicious! I have to give my sister Martie her props for this recipe. She made this one night while we were down at her house visiting. When I got home, I emailed her and asked her for the recipe. This is what she emailed me back:

Hey Sis,
Here it is:
1 c sugar (I use 1/2 to 3/4 depending on how ripe/sweet the bananas are)
1 egg
2 c all purpose flour (or 2 cup self rise, but leave out the salt and baking soda if you use it)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 c Veg Oil
3 or 4 lg ripe bananas mashed
1 tsp baking soda
Nuts optional

Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. I guess muffin tins wouldn't take as long as cake/biscuit pan? Anyway, you know how to do it I'm sure.

When I made these for gifting I only changed it like this:
I added 2 tsp baking powder (it helps make it not so dense) and I changed the sugar to just a taddy over 1/4 cup of Splenda. I think Splenda is sweeter than sugar, so don't usually use as much. I also only used 1/4 cup oil with 1/4 cup buttermilk. Then I added 1/2 c of hershey's sugar-free chocolate chips. Baked for about 15 minutes in the little pans. When I made the larger one (see picture lower down) I baked it for about 35 minutes.

Finished gift bags for the folks in Pete's office.
Each one contains:
Pecan Penuche
Maple Walnut Fudge
Candy Cane Fudge
Mocha Fudge
1/2 dz. Assorted Cookies

As you can see there are no little banana breads in the sacks.

That's because I made a large one for them!
Okay, there was a small one in that picture of the gift bag contents, but that was a 'special' bag for someone who wasn't going to be there to get any of the big one.

And I made a platter with a mound of silver and gold colored sugar cookies rising like a mountain out of a sea of Mocha Fudge and Candy Cane White Chocolate Fudge.

This is a double layer platter of Pecan Penuche and Maple Walnut Fudge. Both really good stuff.

And last, but not least, a platter full of Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Peanut Cookies. I love Coconut Macaroons. Don't know why I don't make them more often. They aren't hard to do.

Now for the Grand Finale!

And a good time was had by all!

I make the individual gift bags for the people that my husband works directly with. I make the platters for the people who work out in the shop and for any of the drivers who might come in. By all accounts it is appreciated and enjoyed. And knowing that gives me joy.

I hope you all have something that brings you joy in this season and in all the seasons ahead.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Courtesy of your friend, the candy making Elf.

Some of my fudge and sugar free chocolates firming up.

Close-up of the cute little chocolate mold I picked up at Walmart the other day. These are sugar-free peppermint candy cane chocolates for my sister-in-law. Hope she likes them.

Goodie bags queuing up to be filled...

Platters for the shop at Pete's work getting started...

What's inside the sack, Santa?

This is it, so far...

Individual sized Panettone (made 12 small loafs and one large one)
Pecan Penuche (made two batches)
Maple Walnut Fudge (made four batches)
White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge (made 5 batches*)
*had to make 5 of the peppermint because Pete keeps eating it

Close-up of the Candied Orange and Lemon Peel that I made, specifically for the home-made Panettone that I make. It's a thing I'm fairly proud of having the knack for doing. This stuff is to die for! I hope I can be forgiven for this show of hubris.

Our beautiful Christmas Tree. Hung with mostly ornaments that Thomas has made over the years, and special ornaments that have been given to me by people I care about. A few old store-bought ones that I've had for years. This tree makes me especially happy this year. Don't know why.

Okay, I'm off to make 3 more batches of Mocha Fudge. Love to all.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dance Little Sister...

... don't give up today...

Terence Trent D'Arby - Dance Little Sister

Indeed. And I didn't, as you will note. I'm still here.

I have discovered a thing about myself. I have a disease. It's called depression and there is no cure. The best I can hope for is remission. But that's neither here nor there, as my mother liked to say.

I have also discovered that I don't like selling my jewelry. I'm not a salesperson. And then, even when you say on your page that the item is sold "as is" people ask you to alter it somehow and then it doesn't work and it breaks and it's not my fault but I try to fix it and then they want to say they never received it back and yada yada yada... so, I closed my etsy store. I'm just not able to deal with that crap. I can't believe I used to work in customer service. If I had to do that now I think I would hurt somebody.

I also discovered that when I go grocery shopping I should pay more attention. Here's my funny Thanksgiving Turkey story: I bought a frozen turkey for our Thanksgiving feast. I didn't want a huge one but I wanted a whole one, not just a breast like we usually get. I wanted a drumstick, ya know? :) So, I'm digging thru the bin of turkeys and I find a small-ish one, around 12 pounds. I put it in the cart and take it home. Now... Thomas has a way that he saw on Alton Brown's show Good Eats on the food network of soaking a turkey in brine and seasonings over night and roasting it the next day. It's a really good way to cook a turkey. This is the way I almost always do mine anymore. So... I have my turkey thawing in the fridge for 3 days, on the day before Thanksgiving I make the brine. I had to do two batches because the turkey would be soaking in the cooler which is bigger than what I usually soak a breast in. Anyway... I cooks up two batches of brine and then I cut open the plastic wrap from the turkey and the most horrible smell assaults my nose! I swear to God I thought the bird was rotten! So I start looking on the package for a sell by date or something and wondering if I can find a fresh or already thawed turkey at 8pm on Thanksgiving eve! As I'm looking at the packaging (with my glasses on) I see that it says this is an already marinated turkey! Marinated and shot up with Cajun spices! I swear I never saw it when I bought the damned thing! I hate that nasty Cajun stuff they inject turkeys with. It's yucky, icky poo, nasty. Needless to say I was mortified. So Pete says, "maybe if you rinse it off really good and soak it a few times in fresh water it will wash it all off and then the brine will season it like we like it. So that's what I did. And I ended up with a totally inedible bird for all my hard work. It was gross. And further more, the damned thing was way hot. I can't imagine how hot it would have been had I not rinsed it off before cooking. I can't see how anyone could have served something that spicy to their kids, but... what do I know? So, we had prosciutto wrapped asparagus, delicious cornbread stuffing, baked sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. And no bird. It was a good meal anyway. Thomas did eat some of the turkey breast wrapped in a tortilla with some jack cheese and lettuce on it. He said it was good that way. I, however, purchased a new whole turkey and I plan to have a do-over real soon. Yes, I read the whole package very carefully to make sure this one is just a nice, plain, old-fashioned, season it yourself, turkey. And that's my Thanksgiving story. Nice, huh? Good thing the pecan pie was good. In fact it was outrageously, unbelievably tasty. I did good on that part of the feast.

Now then... I have made the candied peel and I'm going to do the coconut candy today then I will get the fudge shop opened. I love this time of year. Sugar is so fun to work with. It gets me all giggly and excited. Hope everyone else is all giggly and excited about this time of year, too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday's Gone

With the wind...

This was what I was going to blog about yesterday, but never found the time. Now... well, actually Wednesdays gone too. But now is when I have the time...

This was my view out the kitchen door on Tuesday. Aren't the leaves lovely?

The kitty sitting on the fence is Speckle Face.

This is Gray Boy and Blondie. You see that Blondie has a mouse she's caught and is trying to eat and Gray Boy is trying to maneuver around to steal it from her and he's upsetting her something fierce. She eventually took her mouse and climbed a tree to get away from him.

This is one of four of the little Black Babies. I call this one Fat Belly cause she has.... well... a fat belly. She likes to be picked up and cuddled. I think I'm going to keep her. She's too sweet to give away.

This is Speckle Face again with one of the little Blackies. Doesn't she have the most marvelous golden eyes. She's kinda scardy acting, but if you give her a goody she will let you pet her.

This is the very proper, dapper looking Mr. Whitenose. He's so funny. He wants to be loved so much but when you pet him he just can't help it, he tries to bite you. Its like he can't control himself, he likes it so much but then he turns around and bites. I can't give him away. His new family might not be so understanding. Unless it's someone just wanting a good outside mouser. He won't be good with kids, tho.

Look at little scardy cat White Face under the grill. He's so sweet. He's Blondie's and Mr. Whitenose's brother but he's not nearly so outgoing as those two are. Don't know what I'm going to do with him. I can't even catch him up or try to pet him. He won't let me near. Guess I'll just let him hang around.

Anyway... Tuesday was a good day. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my babies.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time...

... for a few more talented, sexy, mighty-fine-to-look-at fellas.

My hubby looked very like these first two on the list back when I first met him in 1984. Is it any wonder I nearly fainted when we were first introduced? He had a nice singing voice too, back then. He still had kinda long, dark hair when we married 12 years later. He keeps his hair short these days, and it's mostly white now. But he still has it, unlike the unfortunate Mr. Taylor.

James Taylor ~ How Sweet It Is
I love, love, love this guys voice.
Sweet Baby James, indeed...

Jackson Browne ~ Rock Me On The Water
It seems I have been a fan of Mr. Browne all my life. Even when I was too young to know who he was. The song I have here is from his self-titled 1972 album, which also contains another of my all-time favorite songs, "Doctor My Eyes". My uncle Donnie purchased his hit 1978 album "Running On Empty" and was kind enough to let me wear the grooves out on it. I purchased his follow up album "Hold Out" myself, on 8-track. Wow... that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

Jonny Lang ~ Give Me Up Again
So talented. I truly would love to see this guy live. One of my very most favorite songs that he does is called "I Am" from his 1998 disc "Wander This World" which I own (along with all but his very first offering, "Smokin"). However... the only version available on youtube is of an unacceptable quality. You can sample it at here if you are interested.

Jimmy Page w/The Firm ~ Midnight Moonlight Lady
One of the best, most innovative guitarists EVER. Who doesn't love Led Zep? Or the Yardbirds? Or The Firm? Okay, okay... forget that last one, altho I did use a song from their incarnation here. I did like that group, even tho it was poo-poohed by the critics and treated like a red-headed stepchild by a lot of older Led Zep fans. I did own their first album (on cassette). And I do, personally, think it was good stuff from all members concerned. Anyway... the song I used here is actually a Bad Company song performed by The Firm... but I digress...

So, that's the list for tonight. These dudes are all uber-talented. Not to mention nice to look at for various different reasons. I love their passion, their artistry, the joy they have given me thru the years... I hope these music choices will bring you joy as well.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I just wanna say...

... that altho I don't like Sarah Palin, I don't think she alone should bear the blame for McCain's loss. Sure she's a willfully ignorant, vapid, vacuous, small minded little chit... but the first fault was McCain's for choosing her for such high office when he HAD to know she wasn't ready. She may well NEVER be ready, but the first fault is his. And he's getting a free pass by the media on it! All day today, whenever I turned on the TV all I heard was how stupid she was, how she didn't know the countries in North America, how she didn't know that Africa was a continent, on and on, Fox Noise not the least of the bashers. But no one is talking about the stupidity of John McCain in picking her in the first place. Or the Republican party big-wigs, or whomever made the decision.

I am not defending her, you understand, I just think there is enough blame to go around and I think that the fella who made it possible for her to display her ignorance to the world should be a man and take his lumps right along with her. As well as his staff, the staff around her, the people who kept making excuses for her instead of getting her off the stage...

I do wonder what will happen to the Republican party now, tho. Suppose they decide to split into two parties. Perhaps the ones who supported and liked Palin will decide they want her to be their leader? Perhaps they won't reconcile with the ones who want Romney to be their leader? Personally, not just because I want them out of power for a good long while, I would like to see a split. Mostly because I would like to see more political parties than just these two major ones. More and more people are registering as Independents, but why shouldn't we have more than two major parties? Why can't we have 4-6-8? More? We aren't all the same and a lot of us don't entirely belong in either one of the existing parties.

So... now I'm going to go eat my sausage and kraut. Didn't make spaetzle, just put a potato in it for myself. I like it that way.

Update 11/07/08: Watched Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow last night and both of them mentioned pretty much the same thing I was saying above. Not quite like I did, but... they did bring up the fact that Palin was not the only, or even the first, person to whom blame should fall. I knew there was a reason I like those two. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take the Quiz

Thanks to Bunny and Elsie, I have one too:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Cha Need Me?

... Hey, hey! Don't cha need me? Oh yeah!

The Billy Squier episode.

Billy Squier - In The Dark

I saw this dude in concert back in... ummmm.... 1984? August I think it was, or perhaps Sept. In Lakeland, FL. Ratt was the opener. They were so so. Not bad, not great, good fun. Then Billy hit the stage. OH MY GOD!!! I totally freaked out! I think I actually might have stepped on a few unfortunate souls in my quest to be right in front, nothing between me and this magnificent, gorgeous, talented, oh, just beautiful in every way, man. Nothing, that is but a couple of big, hairy goons masquerading as "security". The joys of "general seating", ya know?

This video is from that same tour, different city, tho. He was sooooo good.

Billy Squier - She's a Runner - Recorded Live in Detroit

Last but not least,

Billy Squier - All Night Long

Happy, sexy, fun loving, artist. I always wanted to get my hands in that lovely, curly hair.

Don't cha wanna live! Indeed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day's Worth of Random Thoughts

So... hubby comes home from work yesterday and says, "Honey, if you had been McCain's choice for vice-president this year you too could have got a $150,000 shopping spree for yourself and your family." So I says, "Wouldn't have worked, Sweetheart. According to their requirements I am over-qualified." (ba-da-bomp!)

Do you guys have any idea how good apples and cinnamon smell cooking on the stove?

I'm still waiting for my robo-call. I got them from McCain during the primaries, but for the general??? Cheap bastard. (Just kidding, I know he has other priorities)

I have three new books. Well, they are new to me. I bought them used and they've been out for a few years... problem is... with this wealth of new reading material, I don't know which one to start on first.

Another quandary, do I go vote early, or do I do the traditional thing and join my neighbors and friends at the polling place on Nov. 4th? I'm thinking on voting early. Starting on Oct. 27th the early voting place is open til 6pm. That way I can go after Pete gets home from work and I won't have to ask for the car. He might even come vote early with me. Seeing all these long lines... I can only imagine what Nov. 4th will be like. Lord knows I don't want to have to stand in line for hours. That doesn't sound fun at all. I mean, it's good that so many people are voting, but still... election boards across the country should have been more ready for the large numbers of people who we've all known for months are interested in this election. Now they want to act like the numbers are totally unexpected. Puh-leeze!

Well, whatdaya know? Just got my first robo-call of the general election season! I'm so excited. Whoopee! Can't ya tell? It wasn't a McCain call. It was for congressman Paul Braun. It went something like this, "Hello friend, this is Pat Boone. Yes... Love Letters In Sand, Pat Boone. I'm calling on behalf of my friend congressman Paul Braun..." that's about the time I hung up. I listened long enough to see who he was calling on behalf of, and then, click. I never did like Pat Boone anyway. I think I'd vote for "the other guy" just because I don't like him.

The older I get the more like my mother I look.

Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chair, was up on the Hill today answering questions posed to him by members of the House. This dude was the top money man in the nation, perhaps the world, for the better part of two decades. And the best he could come up with when asked why he didn't see this coming was "our models were wrong"!!! Come on! After all this time, that's the best you can do? Two decades of running the show and you can't even make the effort to come up with a half-arsed short story for us? All he has to say for himself is HE GOT IT WRONG?! The dude sure has got lazy since he retired. Sheesh. I want a refund. I don't feel like I got my money's worth.

I made some outrageously, awesomely delicious whole grain roti for supper tonight. I used whole wheat flour, Indian millet flour, whole grain rye flour and I used barley flour on the board when I was rolling them out. They turned out soooo good. Then I made pork and potato curry to go with. Darned good stuff! Hubby had a sausage and cheese omelet, not being a big fan of Indian food. I also made a batch of apple walnut tarts. The house smells so good. I can't describe it.

Now I'm going to go put my foot up and watch the rest of Hardball. Then I'll watch Keith and Rachel and then, hopefully, I'll be ready to fall asleep. See ya!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speaking of...

The California Raisins...

Someone was sweet enough to put that one particular video of them on youtube. The video that I commented on my last post that I had got for my neice, Katie. So... just for you Pam:
Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

*Disclaimer: You may never look at fruits and veggies the same again. :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Put The Lime In The Coconut...

...and drink em both down.

So... I was on my way home from getting my foot x-rayed today and I was grooving on Sirius Satellite Radio (which my awesome car came equipped with) and I was on the 70's channel. So, this song came on and I was like "WOW! I haven't heard that song in ages. I must look it up on youtube as soon as I get home and then share it with all my wonderful friends!"

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of silliness today. I sure did. Brought back many happy memories of being a barefoot brat playing in the sand in my Granny's yard in Florida.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got It!!!

... Yippee! My Obama/Biden yard sign finally arrived! I'm so happy about that. However... the box it came in had been broken open and the packing slip was missing. I wonder how that could have happened? The USPS is supposed to plastic wrap a damaged package and put some sort of explanation on it for the damage if the delivery address is still legible, which is was. Oh well... I'm probably on some sort of list now for ordering something from the Obama Store. So be it.

The thing that pisses me off is that I'm afraid to put it up in my yard. Right now I have it displayed in my front window. I'm afraid that if I put it outside it will get stolen, vandalized, etc. Pete is worried that our house or car will get vandalized because of it. A fellow he works with put one in his yard and someone threw a rock through his front window. It makes me angry that I have to be afraid to display my political opinion on my own front lawn. There are at least 5 McCain/Palin signs in yards on my street. Do they worry about having their belongings vandalized because of it? I doubt it. But around here... even when I go to vote in the Primaries here, since GA has an open primary, which is where both Dems and Reps go to the same poling place on the same day and they have to ask for the ballot of their choice, when I ask for a democratic ballot the old geezers manning the table always have something snide to say such as, "Oh, she gets one of those ballots." or, this last time the old goat who checked my ID said something about the need for me to change my party affiliation. I don't remember his exact words, and perhaps he didn't mean it to sound so demeaning, but it does. I know some folks who would go so far as to call it voter intimidation or some such. And since we changed to electronic voting where we use those stupid little credit card looking things I never feel like my vote is counted the way I cast it. I mean, all the people at my poling place are republicans, how do I know that they haven't cast their votes first thing and then just let everyone else go and cast the same vote? I mean, I don't know how it works, but they keep giving the cards out over and over, they are supposed to wipe the memory between each use, but how do we KNOW they really do? The answer is... we don't know. Plain and simple, we have to take it on faith that they are counting our votes the way we cast them. But I don't really have much hope that they do. Count my vote correctly, that is.

Anyway... watched the debate the other night. Of course, my dear friends all knew I would. I thought that McCain actually started out fairly feisty. He looked almost like the McCain of old. Then... he let his irascible side show. After about 30-35 minutes he just looked old, angry, irritated, flustered. And the way he and all his supporters keep talking about how they always repudiate anyone who says anything untoward about Obama. Sheesh! He disputed one crazy old lady who called him an Arab. And I'm pretty sure she was a "plant" meant to ask that question specifically so McCain could say "no, he's not". And now they are using that one instance to say he always corrects such as that. And further more, when he was complaining about Obama not repudiating what Rep. Jon Lewis said... McCain just looked petulant. He looked like a spoiled little brat in an old man's body. He looked ridiculous. And why should Obama repudiate what Lewis said? Obama didn't put him up to it. He wasn't speaking on Obama's behalf. And further more, what he said was the truth. If you don't want people to accuse you of racism, of stirring up dangerous feelings in your supporters, then you shouldn't go there. Truth hurts sometimes.

Also... can I say something about the way McCain blinks his eyes so furiously? I mean... it's weird. You know, I was always taught that you should watch a person's eyes to tell if they are lying or not. Some people won't look at you when they lie. Some people will look at you but never blink. And some people will blink their eyes uncontrollably. The way he does that just makes me think he's a liar. Right or wrong, that's the impression I get. And the way he continually does that old man, lizard tongue thing. It's gross. Just gross. I don't like it. It doesn't give me a favorable impression of McCain. Am I wrong to think that way? Perhaps. But there it is.

And Joe Lieberman, can I say a word about that grinning idiot. He's beginning to look like some sort of life-size puppet. Has anyone but me noticed how he is always in the picture with McCain? It's weird. It's like he's on the campaign trail with McCain all the time. Instead of being in Washington DC taking care of the business that his constituents elected him to take care of. Why is he up McCain's butt like that? He isn't part of his campaign, or not publicly, anyway. But he trails McCain around like a little puppy. It's embarrassing. Or would be if Joe Lieberman could still be embarrassed.

As to Obama's performance at the last debate: I thought he was calm, cool, deliberate. I thought he could have been a tad more aggressive about the lies the McCain campaign tells about him. But I'm sure he knows what he's doing. He's ahead, isn't he? I just hope he doesn't get too cocky. But he seems to be aware of the potential for that to become a problem. I am just very very afraid that "something" will happen between now and election day, a bombing, a hijacking, a kidnapping, something... that will take the American mind off of the economy and drag everyone back down to that mentality of "take all my rights away, just keep the bad guys from killing me". And McCain is telling such outrageous lies now. Telling his rabid followers that Obama is a socialist, when he's not. Saying that if you make more than $250,000 Obama will take it and redistribute it to others. ??? And you know what? You know what??? Those idiots who support McCain, who go to his rallies, they are just eating this crap up. Swallowing it whole. And loving it! The loudest roars are when McCain tells the most outrageous lies about his opponent. And anyone with half a mind should be able to tell that they are lies, but these idiots are just rolling in it like hogs in slop. I don't get it.

And now the republicans are claiming that Obama is somehow in cahoots with, or instigated this Acorn mess with the voter registrations. And they keep calling it "Voter Fraud". Which it is not. It is potentially "voter registration fraud", which is an entirely different thing. But "Voter Fraud" sounds so bad, and dangerous, and so forth... what did McCain call it at the debate... "the potential end to the democratic process", or some such nonsense. "Voter Fraud" is when votes are cast that shouldn't have been. Like when someone votes more than once, or when "dead people" cast votes, or felons or what have you. "Voter registration fraud" is when people register to vote using an assumed name (of a dead person, a cartoon character, a famous person). If a person turns in a registration to vote form, such as a person hired by Acorn or other non-profit organizations, that organization is required by law to submit it to the board of elections or whatever that locality calls its office who's responsibility it is to verify said forms and issue voter cards. It doesn't mean that someone can actually go and vote under an assumed name. Or that someone who mistakenly registered two or three times to vote can actually go and vote that many times. But the republicans (and some media outlets) would have you believe that is what will happen. It is my personal belief that the republicans are positioning themselves to steal another election. I sincerely hope the American people won't allow that to happen to them again.

So... that's my political update. I'm about to break out in hives I'm so anxious for Nov. 4th to arrive. Sometimes I have to go to my "happy place" and just take steady even breathes before I hyperventilate. This election is so terribly important to us all. Lord please help us to get it right this time. I am afraid, and I don't like that feeling.

Speaking of being afraid: have you guys seen on the news about that little 6 year old boy who was abducted from his mother's home in Las Vegas, NV by Mexican drug cartel members? Because allegedly someone in the boys family owed the cartel millions of dollars and this was their way of getting it back. Have you guys seen this? How does that make you feel? How safe do you feel in your home now that you know that members of a drug cartel in Mexico can just cross the border, go to some one's house, pretend to be cops and then barge in, ransack the home, steal an innocent child and then get away, possibly already back into Mexico and there's nothing that American law enforcement can do? How does that make you feel? Secure our borders, indeed. I know I slept perfectly soundly last night, after hearing about this. NOT! How does it make you feel?

Enough, this is become a novella. About my foot, it hurts. Worse. I have an appointment with the doc for Monday at 2pm. I hope he can do something for the pain anyway. I don't particularly want to use crutches, but I don't particularly enjoy laying around on my butt with my foot propped up either. "Stay off of it as much as possible". What a joke. How am I suppose to do any cooking or cleaning or shopping or any of the things that I am supposed to do? Who does he think is going to do the ironing? Anyway... I'm trying to stay off it. It isn't fun. I'd much rather have full mobility.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"That One"

...won the debate.

I was going to do a whole long blog on this past Tuesday's Presidential Debate. I even took notes and every thing. But you know what? I'm not gonna do that. I don't think it matters any way. Those who are going to vote for McCain have already made their decision and likewise for those who will vote for Obama. I think what I want to do is just make a few general observations.

As many of you know, I am an unapologetic Democrat. I voted for Hillary in the GA primary. I will vote for Obama in the general. However, as prior blogs prove, I did hope for John McCain to win the Republican Primary. He did. And boy am I sorry now. He's totally changed. He's turned into a doddering old fool who lets any and every one associated with his campaign pull him first one way then another. He doesn't act like he knows his own mind any more.

So... I'm voting for hope. I'm choosing the fella who makes me feel like I can still have a good life. I'm choosing the fella who makes me feel like our best days are ahead and not behind. I'm choosing the guy who is uplifting and gives me a sense of purpose, a goal. I'm choosing to vote for Obama.

I am voting against fear. I'm choosing to vote against the fella who decries dirty politics when the tactic is used against him, but uses it against his own opponent. I'm choosing to vote against the guy who doesn't have a purpose for me, doesn't have a goal for me, doesn't want to talk to me unless it's to bash my party of choice. John McCain is every bit as divisive as George W. Bush. He's every bit a divider and not a uniter as the current head of his party is. Why would anyone want any more of that?

I was thinking about this the other day: when I was growing up, they taught us that yes, we lived in the greatest country in the world, but we had a responsibility to make it even better. That we had a purpose, and part of that purpose was to work toward "a more perfect union". They taught us that while we were not perfect, we could work to be "more perfect", in fact, it was considered Patriotic to do so. It was the American Way. And it went hand in hand with the American Dream. Now days... if you even hint that America may not be perfect you are shouted down, called a traitor, un-American, un-Patriotic. We are supposed to think that we live in a perfect country, that nothing else need be done to make it better. How foolish is that? I'd rather live in a land where there is always room for improvement. I don't want to live in a land where there is nothing left to strive for, work for, look forward to. If you aren't improving, aren't learning, aren't building for the future, then you are standing still. And when you stand still.... you get passed by. I don't believe that America should stand still. I don't want the rest of the world to pass us by. I want to live in a country where if you work hard and play by the rules (fair rules, applicable to all) you can get ahead and leave your child with more than your parents left you. I want to live in a country where everyone can dream of achieving their concept of success, whatever it may be... a college degree, a business, a nice house, etc. And I believe that by voting for Barack Obama I can live in that country again. I don't know where we've been these last nearly 8 years, but it hasn't been America. Not my America. And I want my America back. I believe Obama can lead us there.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Just a quick word to my dear friends... I'm fine... just a tad depressed. I'm sure I'll feel better soon.

Now then... just wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the VP Debate that was held tonight. Not going to get in depth about it or throw out any quotes or anything, just my impressions:
I thought Sarah Palin was rude & disrespectful to both Gwen Ifill and Joe Biden. I've heard some talking heads say, after the debate that people found her "personable", "likable", "she related to real people". Well, I thought she was snarky, ugly, and I didn't like her. Her performance tonight didn't change that at all. In fact, she reminded me very strongly of George W. Bush. For some reason people liked him too. Look what a great job he's done. If tonight's performance made Americans like her more... well then, I guess Americans are still easily fooled. Or stupid. Or something.

Also... her use of the word "also" ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME, was exceedingly annoying. Also....
The fact that she didn't answer the questions, and started right out by saying that she wasn't going to answer the moderator's questions and that the moderator (Gwen Ifill) could just like it or lump it, essentially, was just wrong. Maybe she thought that made her look strong or decisive or something, but I think it made her look like she knew she would be unable to answer the questions and wasn't even going to try. Not to mention that it was just rude. Rude. Rude and disrespectful. And not only that! Not only was she inexcusably rude, she wants to make the office of the Vice President MORE powerful! What???? Who in this whole wide world thinks that's a good idea? Just that right there is reason enough to not vote for her ticket.

And anyway... she was a bit too much like a wind-up toy (doll) with certain memorized phrases that she repeated over and over. Nothing original or outside of what she had in her memory. Except maybe that wink thing. That was offensive to me. I can't quite figure it out. Did she think that was cute? Did she think that made her look smart or Presidential? Or even Vice Presidential. It was just too "cheesecake" to me. Like something she learned to do on cue while she was busy being a beauty queen. Not that there's anything wrong with being a beauty queen. Didn't all little girls wish they could be? Sadly, when she did it all I could see in my mind was the clips of poor little Jon Benet Ramsey on stage, all dolled up.

And last thought for now... I don't want Joe "Six-pack" in MY White House. I want Joe "Went to a real college-has travelled the world-knows stuff" in MY White House. In other words, I want Joe Biden. I don't want her, or McCain.

Oh! Thoughts on Joe Biden's performance. I think he could have done better. He's usually a much more interesting, fiery speaker. But he probably did the right thing. He knows about this stuff much more than I do. I'll trust his judgement. I think Joe is highly intelligent, strong, able, capable, a Statesman. He's someone you can feel safe having at the helm. I trust him. More than I trust that little snit. Or her grandfatherly running mate. When he said, "I'm proud of her record and I'm proud of her." that's what I thought of. Not of a man praising his choice of running mate, but of a grandfather saying he was proud of his little grand daughter. What does that say about his choice? Anyway... Joe, in my opinion, solidified his persona as a true Statesman. That's all I have to say about him.

So... it's late, I'm disgusted and I'm going to bed.

Love to all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big Debate

So... my inexpert opinion on what I saw tonight:

Barack Obama got points for looking sharp, being handsome and having a million watt smile.
Barack Obama lost points for saying "John is right", "I agree with John" too many frickin' times. Even when John McCain agreed with Obama he didn't SAY he agreed with him.

John McCain got points for holding his own and even taking control of the discussion on the economy.
John McCain lost points for never looking Barack in the face. He was hunched over, crabbed up and irascible looking. And he looses more points for continually doing that old man, lizard tongue thing.

Barack was friendly, reasonable, agreeable, knowledgeable... a bit too agreeable, in my opinion.
McCain was grumpy, unreasonable, and knowledgeable. Then there was this one point where Obama brought up the fact that he [McCain] got confused about whether or not Spain was our ally, and McCain didn't even try to defend himself, he just immediately started talking about a fallen soldier's mom who gave him a bracelet with her dead son's name on it. What the frick did that have to do with whether or not he knew if Spain was our ally or not? And on another occasion he chose to bring up the fact that he was a POW, when he didn't want to talk about a certain subject. Even so... I think that ploy will play with some people. Personally, I wanted to throw something at him.

All in all, MY opinion is that Barack and McCain dueled to a draw. I think Barack could have done much better if he'd just given it a tad more effort. I am concerned that he is trying too hard to not seem disrespectful to a man who is his elder. Or maybe he just doesn't want the "Deliverance" type people to start calling him "uppity". I hate to tell him, but... those types ain't gonna vote for him anyway. Wouldn't if they had to make the choice between having their nuts cut off or voting for a black man. Sad... but it's true. We still have a lot of those type folks in America.

I say I think the debate was a draw, but I could be wrong. Perhaps a majority of Americans has finally come to the conclusion that what we need is a President who will treat people with respect and dignity, instead of a President who is bluff, arrogant, and "tough" and who pushes every one around.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes when your neighbor's septic tank...

... overflows and spills into your yard, even though it isn't your mess, and even though it's a smelly, disgusting job... the best (and fastest) way to clean it up is to roll your sleeves up and start shoveling the shit.

So... I watched that ridiculous idiot give his little speech tonight on the state of our economy. I wanted so bad to slap his ugly face off. While he was blaming Wall Street's greed and irresponsibility for this mess we're in, he was at the same time patting himself on the back for making it possible for them to be so frickin' greedy and irresponsible in the first place! I swear to god! He was smiling his smug little chimp smirk and talking all about how "they" had made it possible for more people to own homes, more entrepreneurs to start businesses, more people to get credit for cars.... oh puh leeze!!!! Yeah, "great job brownie".Your frickin' deregulation made it possible for all those people to do those things, and now because no one was minding the store all those people are now being foreclosed on, forced into bankruptcy, or loosing their businesses. So... what have you accomplished, dumbass? Nothing. A big fat, honking nothing. And now we have to bail your fancypants buddies on Wall Street out or the whole frickin' country looses everything. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit, but if we, the taxpayers, don't pay for your broken economy we're all gonna end up being owned by China or Saudi Arabia, or maybe they'll just split us down the middle, ya think? Well, you ought to feel right at home if the Saudis end up with Texas. I mean, you guys are so chummy and all.

Sheesh. This idiot is not good for my mental balance. He brings such violent emotions up in me. And I AM NOT a violent person. I'm actually quite a laid back, peace loving, calm individual. But that man just makes me see red. He's bad for me, he's been bad for our country, he's been bad for the entire planet. God I'll be glad with his "reign of terror" is over.

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed how the phrase "financial 9/11" is beginning to be used to describe what's happening? I'm so tired of that being shoved down our throats. I'm just sick of it! Tired of it! Full up to the eye-balls with it! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Be scared! Be afraid! Be terrified! The financial terrorists are coming to get you! Give me all your money and I will protect it for you! And the really scary part of that is that so many Americans still believe that lie. Still support the republican party. I'm so disgusted, I don't even know how to react anymore. I'm just flat disgusted. Are we even worth saving? If John McCain really has as much support as the polls claim he does... I'm just not sure we are.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes Indeed, It's Halloween Season....

I rest my case.

Is Hank Paulson not one of the creepiest looking dudes in Washington?

And sure, of course he thinks the bailout needs to happen right now. If they don't think it thru and do it correctly, he gets $700 billion to do with as he pleases. That's BILLION with a frickin' B! And he wants it without any oversight whatsoever! And man... hasn't this happened once before. I mean, didn't this administration once tell us that we couldn't wait for PROOF to come in the form of a "mushroom cloud". I don't know about anyone else but I'm still waiting for that particular "proof". I'm beginning to think we was lied to. What makes this any different? Hurry up and do something, ANYTHING, before thinking about it.

And why is that nobody, Sarah Palin, meeting with all these world leaders? What the frick is up with that? Why does she need to meet with these people? And why would those folks want to meet with her? And why the hell is she being so protected from the press? What is McCain afraid of? That we might find out how ill prepared and small minded she is? Is he afraid that we will find out just how stupid a pick he made in his first major "Presidential" decision? Boy! It sure does make one question her abilities, doesn't it?

Speaking of the McCain campaign, is it just me or does his campaign manager not look uncannily like Jeffrey Dahmer?

I'm just sayin'...

And by the way... how screwed over do we have to be before people start to realize that John McCain IS NOT THE FREEKIN' ANSWER! HE'S A HUGE FUCKING PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! It has been said that a people get the government they deserve. But damn! I don't DESERVE this! I know lots of people who deserve better than this! What I can't understand is why McCain still has ANY support whatsoever. If anyone is still supporting him it's plain and simply because they are flat out racist and can't make themselves vote for a black man. Or else they are so stupid that they can't make themselves vote for anyone who is not a republican.

Anyway... I don't feel real great, I think I have a touch of food poisoning or else some kind of bug or something. I was laying down and trying to watch the hearing this morning and that Paulson guy... my headache just got worse and worse the longer I watched him. I just had to let off some steam. Now that I have I think I will go lay back down. See ya!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I think

is this... I don't like it when my Uncle Glenn sends me his "God" emails. He and I differ philosophically on many points. He just sent me an email about praying in the Marine Corps. What's wrong with that, you ask? Why nothing! I reply. I don't believe in taking prayer out of schools, or taking the 10 Commandments out of courtrooms or any of that other baloney the hysterical folks at the ACLU stand for. I think anyone ought to be able to pray anywhere they want to, anytime they want to. As a private citizen or as a public figure, or for that matter, a government employee. As long as it doesn't interfere with their duties, why shouldn't they?

I do however, believe staunchly in the separation of church and state. I don't believe that a persons religion (or lack thereof) should be important to whether or not we want that person to lead our nation (or a small region of it). Why can't these religious freaks and intolerant "God" people grasp this simplest of ideas? If you make us into a "religious" state, how are we any different from the Taliban? If you force EVERY ONE to live by YOUR beliefs, how are you any different from the terrorists you claim to despise?

That's the problem I have with Sarah Palin and John McCain. She is an extremist and he is content to let her be so. He has chosen someone who would like to make us all live by her so called "ethics" and in a way that her religion tells her SHE should live. She would force her religion and her ideas down our throats if she could, and he is trying to put her in a position to do so. As Matt Damon said, "she would have the nuclear codes, and that scares me" or something to the effect, if those aren't his exact words. It scares the hell out of me, too. John McCain wants to make this woman President (essentially, since usually the VP does run for the top spot eventually, and this one stands a good shot of getting the job without even having to run for it because McCain is a doddering old fool). Just what we need, one more "God" person with their finger on the button. A combative, intolerant, abusive President. I mean, yeah, this last one has done such a fine job, hasn't he? I just love not having any money. I just love laying awake at night wondering if the bank that has my son's settlement money from his birth injuries is going to go under, leaving him with nothing. That makes me real happy, let me tell you. I just love knowing that all the good will we had around the world has been squandered. I love knowing that our great country is being run into the ground by a bunch of holier than thou pig-headed Neanderthals. I love feeling like our once great country, our country that once led the world in all ways... is swiftly sliding into ignominy. Our schools, our banking institutions, our governmental institutions, our health care, etc. are all at or near the bottom of the rankings. Hell! We have what were once considered "third world" countries that rank ahead of us in live births! Live Births! We can't even frickin' bother to keep our children alive!!! Gods!!!! The whole thing just pisses me off. Anyone who sits at home and doesn't vote in this election should seriously rethink their options. They ought to go to a women's shelter and work with those women and children who are the victims of rape, incest, domestic violence. They ought to go to the hospitals and look at those babies who are preemies or somehow injured during birth, who's parents don't have insurance, and who are being sent home to die because of it.

... the whole thing just makes me so mad. There isn't any excuse for this! Why aren't more people as upset as I am about this? Don't they see? Don't they understand the problem? Do they honestly think Bush and his cronies (McCain included) have done a good job. Do the people who are making as much per household as mine is really think they are better off now than they were 7 years ago? Do they really think the future is all that bright? I worry for my son, I worry for my nieces, for my sister... I worry for us. What happens if hubby looses his job. What happens when he retires? I am beginning to look at jobs, but I know, as a woman, I only have 2/3 the earning power that he does. If that much, around here. How are we going to keep our home? How are we going to pay for the utilities, the car, insurance???? When he retires he will still have medicare for some things. I won't be old enough to qualify for that. I won't have any insurance. How will I get treatment for my diabetes? How will I pay for my meds? Some of the ones I take are not on the walmart $4 list. If I didn't have insurance I wouldn't be able to afford to take at least two of the diabetes meds that I take. Nor the anxiety pills that I take. I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to see a doctor. What am I gonna do? Why don't you George W. Bush/John McCain/Sarah Palin supporters tell me that?! What am I gonna do? My hubby WANTS to retire in less than 3 years. What the frick am I gonna do about my health care??? How am I gonna make everything work and pay the utilities and mortgage payment and car payment and still have money left for food, meds, doctor visits, gas for the car???? Why doesn't someone explain to me how I'm supposed to juggle all that and make it work on just what he brings in from Social Security (which, by the way, will probably fail before he dies anyway and probably won't even be around by the time I'm old enough to be eligible).

Anyway... it was just a thought.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gorgeous Geeks

Okay, so this is the story. I'm not sleepy. My brain won't stop, so... in the interest of not thinking about things that keep me awake... I'm going to blog about the geeks (smart guys) that I think are cute. Maybe you agree with me, maybe not. Either way... let me know.

In no particular order, the "Gorgeous Geeks" are:

1. Dr. Brian Cox:
A Royal Society University Research Fellow based in the Particle Physics group at the University of Manchester, where he holds a chair in Particle Physics. He's only first on the list cause I just watched his show on the Science Channel and he was top most on my mind at the moment.

2. Paul Sereno, Paleontologist
I totally admire his perseverance. He seems so dedicated to his work. You got to admire that in a man. Plus he's really really smart, and I do like a man with a really big...

... brain. :)

3. Dr. Bob Brier, an Egyptologist specializing in paleopathology.
Now I realize that he might not be every one's idea of a wet dream, but I fell head over heels for this man the first time I watched one of his shows on Discovery (or maybe it was the History channel, or the Science channel, I don't remember now). I love his voice, I love his knowledge and the way he disseminates it to the viewer. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

4. Simcha Jacobovici, An award-winning documentary film director and producer.
I love this guys work. I've seen a lot of his stuff and I just love the way he presents his arguments. I don't know that I agree with him 100% of the time... but I'd sure like to go exploring with him...

5. Peter Woodward, Actor, Stuntman, Fight Arranger, Historian.
Okay, okay... I don't suppose he can technically be called a "geek", but he did get so into his work that he took the time to actually learn about it and those shows he did on the History Channel were superb. God! I love this guy's eyeteeth. Can't you just imagine him taking a little nibble on your neck?

Anyway... I suppose 5 is enough for now. I'm actually starting to feel sleepy. Hurrah! Better take advantage of it before it goes away again.

Nite-nite dear ones.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Well... I listened. This is what I heard:

You must feel fear. Only I can protect you. I was a POW, therefore I am better and more honorable than anyone else on the planet. Obama will raise your taxes, I won't (lie). Obama promises to bring back old jobs, I promise to bring new jobs (lie). You can't trust Obama or the Democrats (lie). You can trust me and the Republicans (lie). On and on it went....

Lies. All lies. He's a lying, fear mongering, evil little spider monkey looking imp. Whats that Obama said in his speech? More of the Same. 4 more years of bush. Truth. Nuff said. I am so disappointed in McSame. I still had some little bit of hope left that he might say something that I could agree with. He didn't. I thought he might give me some little reason to hope that if elected he would be a good President. He didn't. I thought that perhaps he might have some little bit of something left that I could respect him for. He didn't. If he thought he was saying anything tonight that might make me or women like me, vote for him... He didn't.

I Take That Back

Seems the Repukelican Party loves this Palin chit.

I did try. I DID. I tried to listen to her speech. Just to be fair, you know. But after she started putting me down, speaking condescendingly to me, telling half-truths, and just flat out lying, I had to turn it off. Besides.... the bitch has a voice that could crumple sheet metal or bend nails. Not to mention that the sound of it made me grind my teeth so hard together they were in danger of breaking. I don't like her. I wish I could. I wish I could vote for a woman. I really, truly do. But I'm not so sure Sarah Palin IS a woman. What she stands for, the party she belongs to, is so... so... what's the word? Against women and families (unless you are a card carrying member and rich).

They (repugnicants) were all trumpeting how she is the future of the party and yada yada yada... God help us! Wouldn't that just be a bitch if the first ever woman elected to be President in the coming years is a repukelican? And that party has ever been at the forefront of keeping women down and keeping them as second class citizens. They don't want a woman to have the right to choose (even in the event of rape or incest); they don't want women to get paid the same as a man for doing the same exact work; they don't want to help women support their families, keep their children safe from gang-bangers and drive-bys; they don't believe in preventative medicine; lets see... what else don't they like or believe in??? Well, I don't guess I really want to get started down that road, do I? I have not yet been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I don't want to risk it now. Especially since after Pete retires in a little over 2 years, I won't have any insurance anyway, unless I find a job that will offer it as a benefit. And if I only want to work just for the little coverage I can get. God knows there ain't any good paying jobs around here. Maybe Pete can train me to do his job and then I can just take it over when he retires. HA! As if....

And BTW: didn't it just fit that the musical guest at the repugnicant hoe down was the duo "Big & Rich"? With that manly acting Gretchen Wilson (wretched Wilson as I like to call her). And did anyone notice that hardly anyone was dancing or acting happy like they were at the Democratic Con? And the ones who were dancing weren't in tune or together and I saw a few who were just sitting around until they saw the camera on them then they started trying to dance and were off the beat. And that crowd... it didn't look like me. You know what I mean? I swear... at least 98% of the entire crowd were old, white, prune-faced people. When I watched the Democratic Con, I was so proud of my country! I was so impressed with the diverse crowd; Asians, Blacks, Whites, Natives, Indians, Jews.... everyone from everywhere. It was great. And they were all dancing and laughing and talking to one another and having a good time. Did anyone get the impression that any one at the Republican con is having a good time? Do any of those folks up in St. Paul look hopeful? Happy? Joy filled? No. They all look like what the Repukelican message is: fear, fear, fear... if you don't elect us you will be killed and terrorists will come take your house and force your children to follow Islam.... My God! I am so sick of their fear mongering. Sick and tired of it!!! If all Obama has is rhetoric and hope filled speeches... well, I'm with him. I'd rather be filled with hope than with fear.

Anyway, that's my blog about the Sarah Palin speech. I found it to be deeply offensive to me personally and in general as a woman. I thought she was profoundly insulting to any and every one who holds an opinion different from hers. God help us if the McCain/Palin ticket gets elected. I don't want this woman any where close to "the football", so to speak. I don't want this person making the rules. I don't want to live like this woman chooses to live and she thinks we all should! Anyone who votes for this ticket is a God-dammed idiot! I fear for my country and for the rights and freedoms that my forefathers and fore mothers fought and died to secure for me if these two get elected. Please God don't let the idiots of America choose our next President, AGAIN. The thought of that just makes me weep.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First and foremost

... I just want to say that the fact that the woman's 17 year old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock is not an issue with me. There but for the grace of God and all that, ya know? But really, if her being pregnant was not a problem, why in the Sam Hill did they try so hard to hide it the day she was announced McCain's pick for VP. All that with her holding the infant brother and having the baby blanket all spread out over her front. And what did they drug that baby with anyway? He slept right thru all that cheering and yelling and screaming and hollering. What child, even a Downs Syndrome child, would do that? They had to have drugged him with something to keep him so still like that so he wouldn't move and show off his big sister's swollen belly. Isn't that a crude way to put it? Sorry.

And further more, I don't think McCain knew about it before he chose Palin to be his running mate. He picked her, like I said before, specifically because she is a SHE and because she had such wonderful conservative "values". And also (baseless slander ahead) because he probably thought she was cute. Personally, she has a very snotty look to her face. Her expressions are quite arrogant and pushy looking to me. I will agree, she is an attractive woman. If you don't mind the look on her face that says she knows she is the most wonderful thing on the planet.

Anyhow, and how much do you think they are paying this baby-daddy to marry Palin's daughter without making a fuss? Or did they just threaten to have him chopped into little bitty pieces and used for chum? (See? She ain't the only woman who knows a thing or two about fishing.) And how much do you think they had to brow beat the child to get her to agree to marry him and agree to keep the baby?

And why is it that if a Democrat does something, according to the Dobsons of the world, it's a sin, but if a Repugnicant does it, it's a human and humane thing to do? It's amazing to me that all these evangelicals who've been trying to peep into all our bedrooms all these years are suddenly of the opinion that underage sex and teen pregnancy and all that "is personal business and not for anyone else to pass judgement on"? You can bet your sweet ass that if one of Joe Biden's kids had got pregnant/or got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, the Repukelicans would all be screaming about how it was just another example of Democrat's immorality. They would be making the biggest noise about it, but because it's one of theirs, we should all just keep quiet about it and let it pass.

Like I said, I don't think it's anything to get your panties in a wad over. Considering that she doesn't believe in teaching her kids how to avoid the situation, it isn't surprising that her daughter turned up in this condition, poor kid. I have the utmost sympathy for her. First she has to go thru life with the name Bristol, and now she's gonna be a mother at the age of 17. Poor thing, she hasn't even begun to live yet and now she'll be saddled with a kid. As a loving mother, I can tell you it isn't always fun being a mom. But anyway... doesn't this say something about the quality of the mother's care? Does it not speak to the way she has lived her life and the kind of morals she's instilled in her kids?

And mark me, the worse has not yet come out about this Palin chit. There's more in the pipeline. I know it's supposed to all be for show, this nominating process at the convention, but I will be fairly surprised if the powers that be in the GOP don't find a way to un-nominate her or just flat refuse to second her nomination. They don't like McCain anyway, it would be a great way for the Party Powerful to demonstrate to him that regardless of what he thinks, he isn't in command of the Party, they are, and they can choose his running mate for him whether he likes it or not. I might be wrong, but I have to think that with all the baggage this hussy brings with her, with all the vetting that has not been done on her, with all the things they didn't bother to find out beforehand, they must be frantically searching for a way out of this. Either the Party will refuse her or they will convince her to remove herself from nomination. Then they will grab someone like Plasticman Romney, or someone like that.

Well, we'll see... I just had to get this off my chest. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. We'll see... Nite-nite, my friends.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Further more...

... and on top of that... this old geezer (John McCain) hand selects this little Miss Beauty Pageant Contestant, totally unprepared, totally inexperienced woman (Sarah Palin) to be his running mate.

Think about it...

That old goat already has a history of philandering and cheating on his first wife... with the one he's married to now. Should this pair, McCain/Palin, get elected, when the dirt begins to come out, everyone in the Republican party who's been gushing over her selection will be so grateful that I will be laughing far too hard to say "I told you so!".

Yes, this is a totally unfair, totally unfounded, some would even say a foul, insinuation... but I'm just saying.... why does any man, especially an old man, hire a young, inexperienced, pretty, yet unqualified, woman for any job? Because he's looking forward to some pleasant games and diversions. That's always part of the unstated job description in situations like this.

Also, the woman reminds me a little bit of Monica Lewinsky, a little bit of Marie Osmond, and with that hairdo she wore to give her little "coming out" speech, she reminded me a bit of that stupid airhead chit Amber Frye, who was fooling around with that butt ugly Scott Peterson who killed his wife and unborn baby.

Yes I do sound a tad grumpy, don't I? It's 5 o'clock in the friggin' morning and I still can't fall asleep. I'm so pissed about that I could chew horseshoes and spit nails! I'm so sick of this not being able to sleep. I guess you could say that it's beginning to make me act a bit crabby, even.

So I guess I will quit inflicting myself on you, my gentle readers and go watch television for a while. Ta-ta.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A few personal thoughts

Watching the news and thinking about stuff:

John McCain's choice for VP is so insulting to me. Does he think that he will get my vote just because he puts a woman, ANY woman, on his ticket? Does he think I am that stupid? And if you listen, you will hear men in the woman's own party refer to her as a "gal", a "princess", a "girl"... sorry, but that sort of shows me how much respect she has in her own Republican party. What it shows is that she was picked just because, and only because she is female. That is just as wrong as not choosing someone because of their gender. And how dare she try to grab hold of Hillary Clinton's coat tails and try to stake a claim to all that Hillary has accomplished. You can look up the transcript to her (Palin's) speech for the exact wording, but she did make reference to what Hillary said about putting 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling and then went on to say something to the effect that now women can go ahead and shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. As tho if her ticket gets elected she will have EARNED her position. Puh-leeze!!! This little chit really got my goat today. The only reason she got the spot is because of her gender. Oh yeah, and because it appeases the ultra-conservative base of the Republican party. Twisted little Peeping Toms that they are. Talk about whoring yourself out!
And everyone keeps going on and on about how she is the mother of 5 kids, one, the youngest, with Down's Syndrome. As a woman, as a mother, as someone who has had to work two jobs while raising my child... I am utterly and completely disgusted by this gushing coverage. My first thought, when I heard how many kids she had was, "Isn't she smart enough to figure out whats causing that?"
She's a life long pro-lifer, a life long NRA member, a virulently anti-gay marriage person, apparently a life long busy body. They are making such a big deal about her son being sent to Iraq. Well, she ain't the first mom to experience that. And she won't be the last, if McCain has his way.
And the pundits all keep saying what a "bold" move this is for McCain to choose this hussy. It wasn't bold at all. He did it strictly to appease his narrow-minded, crabbed souled base and to try to gather up disaffected Hillary Clinton voters. And I'm sure there are more than a few Hillary supporters who will vote for McCain just because they are stupid and believe that the nomination was "stolen" from her. Stolen my sweet ass! She lost because she ran a sorry campaign. I was mad at her from the first over the way she was running (or rather not running) her campaign. She was stupid about the whole thing. Pissed me off. I wanted so bad for her to get the nomination, but I knew she wouldn't. Obama was smart enough to run a better campaign. He deserved to win the nomination, end of story. And these stupid folks calling themselves PUMA's. "Party Unity My Ass". What idiots. If McCain wins this election, it will be, at least partly, the fault of these old windbags and retards. People like these are a waste of good breathing air. They want to set back women's rights and all that women like my mother and my grandmother fought and suffered for. How dare they!
And how dare the Republican party turn around and now "praise" Hillary Clinton as a political ploy (in Palin's speech) when all they've ever done was vilify her and lie about her and try to tear her down? I am just so pissed off about this whole thing. If the McCain/Palin ticket wins the election, I just don't know what I will do. Throw myself in front of a truck or just move to Canada. Or maybe Mexico. Reverse immigration? Hey, I have some claim. One of my many great grandmothers came up from Mexico in the mid 1880's.
And oh yeah, how dare John McCain mention women's suffrage today?! The old goat has no shame. If he had been in charge back then we NEVER would have got the vote. I mean, after all, he doesn't see any need for equal pay for equal work, no need for laws protecting women from domestic violence and other violent crimes. He sees no need for a woman's right to choose. And his new little "princess" feels the same.
And after saying all of that... the thought that this former beauty pageant contestant would be the "Commander in Chief" should something happen to McCain??? A 72 year old man. A man who has also already had two bouts with cancer. A man known to have a bad temper. A man who is all of this and also hoping to take on the most stress-filled, complex, important, job in the world??? She would quite literally be "one heartbeat" away from being the frickin' President of the United States!!! Does that sound like a good idea to any body??? Any body??? This is the stupidest idea I've heard from Republicans in a good long while, if ever. The thought that she might have to jump in and finish the job scares the hell out of me. You who know me know that I am very pro-woman. I believe it is past time that we had a woman President, but this is ridiculous! I'm outraged! I'm disgusted! I'm horrified! Actually, words cannot express my emotions at this situation. I think I'm having an aneurysm. I better wrap this up now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic Convention 2008 - Day Two

Wow!!! Last nights speeches by Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama were wonderful. They made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel proud to be American. But tonight's speeches were so far over anything I've heard so far. I hope Barrack gives the best speech of his life on Thursday night because if he doesn't... he stands to be upstaged at his own convention.

I watched primarily msnbc and CNN coverage with a tad of Fox Noise (just to see what the enemy is up to, you know) but I did turn on C-span just in time to see Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's speech. This guy is fantastic! Part comedian, part old-time Revival tent Preacher, part used car salesman. I really enjoyed his speech, which was not shown on any of the news channels and really should have been. He whipped up the crowd like no one I've seen in a very long time. Especially for someone who is not a national figure. For pure entertainment purposes, here it is from youtube:

Then former Democratic Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, gave the "keynote" speech. It was a good speech and he's an articulate, pleasant looking, politician. But he didn't actually stir me much. I mean, I agreed mostly with what he said, obviously, but then... I mostly agreed with what Bob Casey said in his speech and I have huge differences of opinion with him. The overall theme of this convention so far seems to be "unity", "togetherness", "healing". That idiot Pat Buchanan on msnbc keeps finding fault with that and saying that the Democrats are not playing politics the way it's played in America. Well, maybe more Americans than me are tired of our leaders "playing" around with our country's well-being. I like it. I like the speeches about the future, about how China is getting a jump on us toward that future. I like the emphasis on Globalization and the need for us to keep up. I like the talk about the need to stop focusing on "left" or "right", "white" or "black", "moderate" or "liberal". I heard one repugnicant pundit making fun of Warner's speech about the need for good ideas and a willingness to work together to get the things done that need to be done. Well, if that's the way Repukelicans feel... then... well... I just can't think of anything bad enough to say about them. I can't for the life of me understand how normally rational, intelligent people who say they care about their Country and their fellow man can be Republicans anyway. The two things, being republican and being a caring person, are so opposite.

Anyway... then I watched Hillary's speech. She was magnificent! Wonderful! Frickin' AWESOME! She spoke of her accomplishments and experiences on the campaign trial briefly. She spoke of her support for Obama. She spoke about the need to come together as a party and as a Country. She spoke of her respect for John McCain and then the reasons why everyone should NOT vote for him. Then that idiot Pat Buchanan said something about: that won't change any one's mind. Hillary doesn't have supporters, she has followers who are in love with her and she can't transfer that love to Obama. How stupid is that? I love Hillary too. But I'm voting for Obama. I'm supporting him wholeheartedly. I had already come to that decision, but if I hadn't, I would just because she asked me to. That doesn't transfer the way I feel about her to him. Why should it? I just don't get the idea behind that statement from Buchanan. It just doesn't compute for me. But I see now the theme that the repugnicants are going to take. They are saying over and over again that Hillary and Bill don't REALLY want Obama to win. The Dems are STILL divided. I tried to listen to Fixed News some to see what they were saying, but it was so bombastic. So obviously wrong. So far away from the truth... I can't see how they have such a following. But then again, I couldn't understand how George W. Bush got elected President. TWICE!!! So, I guess one question answers the other, doesn't it? Lots of idiots watch Fox Noise. Lots of idiots voted for good old, I'd like to have a beer with him, George. And look what we got. Now most of us can't AFFORD beer! Who was it who said: "A people get the government they deserve." or some words to that effect. Except that... I'm a people, and I certainly don't deserve this.
So... that's my impression of tonight. I'm really looking forward to Bill's speech tomorrow. And the roll call. Bill was there tonight watching Hillary and he looked so proud of her. I know he's the consummate showman, but I love him. He's THE MAN! I don't care what anyone says about him. He will go down in history as our greatest President. EVER.

And now I'm going to go to bed. Keith Olbermann just said Roll Call will kick off when they return tomorrow afternoon at 5pm eastern. I don't know if he meant that they will kick off their coverage of it then or if it will in actuality begin at that time. I will be checking in with C-span throughout the day, just in case.

Bye for now.