Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It is NOT fixed.

Oh boohoo. The van is not fixed. But now, at least, it is getting taken to the garage and hopefully they will fix it there. So... still not able to get re-started with Dr. Loo. Sort of a bummer, but I'm not not not going to let it get me down. It will happen, just maybe not as soon as I would have liked.

Haven't done any walks or exercises for nearly a whole week. But then, once a month a do feel puny, if you know what I mean. I usually try to work thru it, but it just wasn't happening this time. But today, I was able to get busy again. Walked (and jogged a little bit) for one hour and went 3 miles. That made me feel good. Used to not be able to jog on the treadmill, it made me feel so off balance, but I'm getting better at it. Once the weather cools off a bit more I think I'm going to start jogging around the neighborhood. I think I could get better results from that. Discovered today that that old song "Devil with a Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly" by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels is really good to jog to. The beat is just right for my footsteps.

And I think that maybe my tactics are working. We have not said hurtful words to one another in nearly 5 whole days! May not sound like much to some, but he had gotten in the habit of hurting my feelings on a daily basis and I had gotten in the habit of ignoring him as much as possible. Still too soon to say if it will hold, but the signs are good. We have actually been sitting on the sofa together and snuggling while we watch tv, which we haven't done in years. I have hope that I will be successful. I know that the distance that has grown between us is not just his fault. I let it happen, encouraged it, in some ways. So now I have to do what I can to correct my mistakes, and not just expect him to mend his ways. I have made a start and maybe it is working.

Now I'm going to get political. Pete and I were talking about this last night while we watched Olbermann. I know I'm going to vote Democratic in the next election. (unless some unforeseen Independent candidate shows up and says something to change my mind and looks like he/she can actually win) But I still haven't decided which Democratic candidate I'll vote for in the primary. And I wonder if, when I walk up to that little computer in my polling place, regardless of who I've decided to vote for (if I have decided by then) will I, as a woman, be able to not vote for Hillary. I mean, if I do, in my mind decide on Obama, or Edwards, or Richardson (whom I really like but don't think can win), will I be able to go to the polls and actually vote for one of them or will my heart override my head and make me vote for Hillary just because we are both women? I think she would do a good job, a wonderful job, really, but can she beat the republican spin machine? They are already gearing up, putting out their version (lies) of the stories they want the media to focus on. And the American people seem to be too lazy or too stupid to dig down and find out the truth for themselves. They don't seem to mind being led around by the nose, I just don't get it. But anyway... the question is: will I vote for the person, man or woman, whom I think will do the best job, and who can beat the republican nominee? Or do I vote for Hillary, regardless, just because she's a woman? I mean, if I vote for her, will it be because it is a reasoned, well thought out decision, or will it be because she could be the first woman president in the history of our nation and it could happen in my lifetime? I hate to think that I would be that shallow... but it could happen.

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pamwax said...

I haven't decided either who I am going to vote for though it will be Democratic. My only fear is that this country has not evolved enough to elect a women, a black or a hispanic and we will be stuck with the status quo for 4 more years.

I am happy to hear things are going well on the home front. I am sure love will win out.