Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buy American...

...pot. I'm just sayin'. I'm sure everyone has by now heard all the talk about the insecurity on our nation's southern border. Drugs. Pot, weed, smoke, mary jane, mary do ja wanna. Marijuana. Whatever you want to call it. The problem in Mexico with the drug cartels is the next, new, now, news story. Suddenly it's the "in" story to report on. The free ticket to some place else for well connected news anchors. I've always been aware of the problem. Since I was a pre-teen pot has been part of my life. Most of my family and friends partook, or still partake, of this noxious leaf.

Do I? No.
Have I ever? A few times in my youth.
Did I like it? No.
Why not? Cause it stinks, and it makes you stupid.

And now I have an even better reason to not like it: the stupid, callous, cruel, foreign, mainly Central and South American, drug cartels are making a shitpot of money off of America's desire for the drug. It's stupid. If there was ever a good reason to not do drugs that's it. In this economy, in this day and time when so many Americans are out of work, making less money than ever, it's just stupid to send that much money out of the country.

Besides just the act of doing drugs being flatout, brain-dead, stupid... giving money hand over fist to idiots who kill innocent children just because their parent is a police officer, or a lawyer, or just some poor passer by who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, is just wrong. Wrong.

Now, I know that not all people who do drugs are bad people. Most of them consider their habit an innocent, personal choice. But it's not. When you buy that bag of weed, that little pack of white powder... you are making it easier for some fatcat somewhere in Mexico or Columbia or Guatemala to kill some one's mother, brother, father, sister, son...

How do we stop this? What can we do? What should we urge our politicians to do to curtail this violent, lucrative trade? I say: legalize it. All of it. Pot. Heroine. Cocaine. All of it. Make it right here in the good ol' US of A. Let the downtrodden American farmers grow it all as a cash crop. Hemp, coca plants, poppies, what have you. Grow it here, sell it here, tax it here. And let all the idiots who partake use as much of it as they want. American farmers will grow it in a safe, clean environment; they will hire people to work their fields; people will get hired to process the stuff; farmers and workers will pay taxes on the money they earn; other people will purchase the stuff, and they will pay taxes on it. The farmers will make money, the farm workers will make money, the government will make money... everybody will be happy except those cartel leaders who will no longer have the strength and power to hold entire communities or countries hostage at their whim. We put them out of business for good and for all.

And what, you might ask, about the idiots who purchase all these now legal drugs? Well... it gets them out of the gene pool that much sooner if they are allowed to indulge to their heart's content. Not so?

What do you think? I'd love to hear opinions on this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Think with your dip stick, Jimmy! A catch phrase used by a fellow with a fake Scottish accent in a commercial for an automotive product. I call it an "automotive product", I think it must be an engine oil, but the commercial is so annoying. I remember the phrase, I remember the dude whacking other dudes with a dip stick, but I don't remember the name of the product. So... they annoy me with this stupid commercial with a phrase that sticks in my head, but the name of the brand they want me to buy does not. I would say that advertising campaign is a failure. So why don't they just go ahead and take it off the airwaves so I don't have to see it or hear it again? EVER.
For those of you who want to see it: its a Castrol commercial. I looked it up... so you don't have to.

John McCain: is apparently showing his true colors now that he's too old to ever run for President again. Mr. Bi-partisan has turned into Dr. NO! Did any of you catch his production on the Senate floor today? It was rather stilted. Sort of an act. A very badly played act. I didn't believe for a minute that he was really as outraged as the words he spoke would have me believe. He even slapped his hand down on the table, but that theatrical display was totally miss-timed. It seemed like he was performing an SNL skit that he hadn't even bothered to read first and couldn't care less if he pulled off. I really think he needs to step down and get his health attended to. His appearance and his actions are very reminiscent of someone who has suffered a stroke. I wonder....
You can find his performance here, on cspan dot org. Sen. McCain appears about 20 minutes into the video. Enjoy.

This whole Rush Limbaugh brouhaha would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious, so dangerous, and so sad. It is hilarious to watch these so-called Republican leaders and big wigs stretch their wings and soar out above all the hateful, racist, sexist, holier-than-thou rhetoric of that disgusting pig. And then count the minutes until they come crawling back on their hands and knees to kiss his ring, to beg and plead for his forgiveness. Which, of course, he deigns to grant them after they've grovelled at his putrid, stinking feet sufficiently. What idiots! These people who worship Rush, who call themselves "dittoheads". WTF!!! They are proud that they don't think for themselves. They think its cool to just nod their stupid heads and agree with anything and everything that foul, slimy, oozing pustule of corruption says. And they DARE to call themselves Americans? Dare to call themselves Patriots? They dare to call themselves Christians? What kind of Christian would sow dissension and hate or support it? They can call that Christianity if they want to, but it isn't anything like the Christians I was raised with or respect. And it's serious business. These folks don't seem to understand that this bloated, disgusting, spittle spewing piece of filth is just using them. The more sheep he can get to follow him the more money he makes. And he understand their limited intelligence; their need; their desire to belong to a herd. And he plays on their fears and their twisted reasoning to lead them around by the nose. That reeking mound of maggot crawling filth has them all fooled. He's poisoned his followers and turned them into evil minded robotic, brain dead, little trolls. That is a sad thing. That is not American. It is not not NOT American at all to say you hope the President of the United States of America fails. FAILS! That corpulent, morally diseased bastard hopes our President FAILS!!! And the repugnicant party "dittoheads" are still scared to stand up to this creep and tell him where to get off! Why is his little "speech" not "incitement to treason"? Why is he not on the no fly list or in some left-over Bushian gulag in Rhodesia being water-boarded? I mean... that is his picture of a perfect America, isn't it? He thought Bush was the perfect President and that President Obama is going to ruin this country. Anyway... enough. I'll get off my soapbox now. Glad to get that off my chest. Thank you.