Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big Debate

So... my inexpert opinion on what I saw tonight:

Barack Obama got points for looking sharp, being handsome and having a million watt smile.
Barack Obama lost points for saying "John is right", "I agree with John" too many frickin' times. Even when John McCain agreed with Obama he didn't SAY he agreed with him.

John McCain got points for holding his own and even taking control of the discussion on the economy.
John McCain lost points for never looking Barack in the face. He was hunched over, crabbed up and irascible looking. And he looses more points for continually doing that old man, lizard tongue thing.

Barack was friendly, reasonable, agreeable, knowledgeable... a bit too agreeable, in my opinion.
McCain was grumpy, unreasonable, and knowledgeable. Then there was this one point where Obama brought up the fact that he [McCain] got confused about whether or not Spain was our ally, and McCain didn't even try to defend himself, he just immediately started talking about a fallen soldier's mom who gave him a bracelet with her dead son's name on it. What the frick did that have to do with whether or not he knew if Spain was our ally or not? And on another occasion he chose to bring up the fact that he was a POW, when he didn't want to talk about a certain subject. Even so... I think that ploy will play with some people. Personally, I wanted to throw something at him.

All in all, MY opinion is that Barack and McCain dueled to a draw. I think Barack could have done much better if he'd just given it a tad more effort. I am concerned that he is trying too hard to not seem disrespectful to a man who is his elder. Or maybe he just doesn't want the "Deliverance" type people to start calling him "uppity". I hate to tell him, but... those types ain't gonna vote for him anyway. Wouldn't if they had to make the choice between having their nuts cut off or voting for a black man. Sad... but it's true. We still have a lot of those type folks in America.

I say I think the debate was a draw, but I could be wrong. Perhaps a majority of Americans has finally come to the conclusion that what we need is a President who will treat people with respect and dignity, instead of a President who is bluff, arrogant, and "tough" and who pushes every one around.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes when your neighbor's septic tank...

... overflows and spills into your yard, even though it isn't your mess, and even though it's a smelly, disgusting job... the best (and fastest) way to clean it up is to roll your sleeves up and start shoveling the shit.

So... I watched that ridiculous idiot give his little speech tonight on the state of our economy. I wanted so bad to slap his ugly face off. While he was blaming Wall Street's greed and irresponsibility for this mess we're in, he was at the same time patting himself on the back for making it possible for them to be so frickin' greedy and irresponsible in the first place! I swear to god! He was smiling his smug little chimp smirk and talking all about how "they" had made it possible for more people to own homes, more entrepreneurs to start businesses, more people to get credit for cars.... oh puh leeze!!!! Yeah, "great job brownie".Your frickin' deregulation made it possible for all those people to do those things, and now because no one was minding the store all those people are now being foreclosed on, forced into bankruptcy, or loosing their businesses. So... what have you accomplished, dumbass? Nothing. A big fat, honking nothing. And now we have to bail your fancypants buddies on Wall Street out or the whole frickin' country looses everything. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit, but if we, the taxpayers, don't pay for your broken economy we're all gonna end up being owned by China or Saudi Arabia, or maybe they'll just split us down the middle, ya think? Well, you ought to feel right at home if the Saudis end up with Texas. I mean, you guys are so chummy and all.

Sheesh. This idiot is not good for my mental balance. He brings such violent emotions up in me. And I AM NOT a violent person. I'm actually quite a laid back, peace loving, calm individual. But that man just makes me see red. He's bad for me, he's been bad for our country, he's been bad for the entire planet. God I'll be glad with his "reign of terror" is over.

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed how the phrase "financial 9/11" is beginning to be used to describe what's happening? I'm so tired of that being shoved down our throats. I'm just sick of it! Tired of it! Full up to the eye-balls with it! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Be scared! Be afraid! Be terrified! The financial terrorists are coming to get you! Give me all your money and I will protect it for you! And the really scary part of that is that so many Americans still believe that lie. Still support the republican party. I'm so disgusted, I don't even know how to react anymore. I'm just flat disgusted. Are we even worth saving? If John McCain really has as much support as the polls claim he does... I'm just not sure we are.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes Indeed, It's Halloween Season....

I rest my case.

Is Hank Paulson not one of the creepiest looking dudes in Washington?

And sure, of course he thinks the bailout needs to happen right now. If they don't think it thru and do it correctly, he gets $700 billion to do with as he pleases. That's BILLION with a frickin' B! And he wants it without any oversight whatsoever! And man... hasn't this happened once before. I mean, didn't this administration once tell us that we couldn't wait for PROOF to come in the form of a "mushroom cloud". I don't know about anyone else but I'm still waiting for that particular "proof". I'm beginning to think we was lied to. What makes this any different? Hurry up and do something, ANYTHING, before thinking about it.

And why is that nobody, Sarah Palin, meeting with all these world leaders? What the frick is up with that? Why does she need to meet with these people? And why would those folks want to meet with her? And why the hell is she being so protected from the press? What is McCain afraid of? That we might find out how ill prepared and small minded she is? Is he afraid that we will find out just how stupid a pick he made in his first major "Presidential" decision? Boy! It sure does make one question her abilities, doesn't it?

Speaking of the McCain campaign, is it just me or does his campaign manager not look uncannily like Jeffrey Dahmer?

I'm just sayin'...

And by the way... how screwed over do we have to be before people start to realize that John McCain IS NOT THE FREEKIN' ANSWER! HE'S A HUGE FUCKING PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! It has been said that a people get the government they deserve. But damn! I don't DESERVE this! I know lots of people who deserve better than this! What I can't understand is why McCain still has ANY support whatsoever. If anyone is still supporting him it's plain and simply because they are flat out racist and can't make themselves vote for a black man. Or else they are so stupid that they can't make themselves vote for anyone who is not a republican.

Anyway... I don't feel real great, I think I have a touch of food poisoning or else some kind of bug or something. I was laying down and trying to watch the hearing this morning and that Paulson guy... my headache just got worse and worse the longer I watched him. I just had to let off some steam. Now that I have I think I will go lay back down. See ya!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I think

is this... I don't like it when my Uncle Glenn sends me his "God" emails. He and I differ philosophically on many points. He just sent me an email about praying in the Marine Corps. What's wrong with that, you ask? Why nothing! I reply. I don't believe in taking prayer out of schools, or taking the 10 Commandments out of courtrooms or any of that other baloney the hysterical folks at the ACLU stand for. I think anyone ought to be able to pray anywhere they want to, anytime they want to. As a private citizen or as a public figure, or for that matter, a government employee. As long as it doesn't interfere with their duties, why shouldn't they?

I do however, believe staunchly in the separation of church and state. I don't believe that a persons religion (or lack thereof) should be important to whether or not we want that person to lead our nation (or a small region of it). Why can't these religious freaks and intolerant "God" people grasp this simplest of ideas? If you make us into a "religious" state, how are we any different from the Taliban? If you force EVERY ONE to live by YOUR beliefs, how are you any different from the terrorists you claim to despise?

That's the problem I have with Sarah Palin and John McCain. She is an extremist and he is content to let her be so. He has chosen someone who would like to make us all live by her so called "ethics" and in a way that her religion tells her SHE should live. She would force her religion and her ideas down our throats if she could, and he is trying to put her in a position to do so. As Matt Damon said, "she would have the nuclear codes, and that scares me" or something to the effect, if those aren't his exact words. It scares the hell out of me, too. John McCain wants to make this woman President (essentially, since usually the VP does run for the top spot eventually, and this one stands a good shot of getting the job without even having to run for it because McCain is a doddering old fool). Just what we need, one more "God" person with their finger on the button. A combative, intolerant, abusive President. I mean, yeah, this last one has done such a fine job, hasn't he? I just love not having any money. I just love laying awake at night wondering if the bank that has my son's settlement money from his birth injuries is going to go under, leaving him with nothing. That makes me real happy, let me tell you. I just love knowing that all the good will we had around the world has been squandered. I love knowing that our great country is being run into the ground by a bunch of holier than thou pig-headed Neanderthals. I love feeling like our once great country, our country that once led the world in all ways... is swiftly sliding into ignominy. Our schools, our banking institutions, our governmental institutions, our health care, etc. are all at or near the bottom of the rankings. Hell! We have what were once considered "third world" countries that rank ahead of us in live births! Live Births! We can't even frickin' bother to keep our children alive!!! Gods!!!! The whole thing just pisses me off. Anyone who sits at home and doesn't vote in this election should seriously rethink their options. They ought to go to a women's shelter and work with those women and children who are the victims of rape, incest, domestic violence. They ought to go to the hospitals and look at those babies who are preemies or somehow injured during birth, who's parents don't have insurance, and who are being sent home to die because of it.

... the whole thing just makes me so mad. There isn't any excuse for this! Why aren't more people as upset as I am about this? Don't they see? Don't they understand the problem? Do they honestly think Bush and his cronies (McCain included) have done a good job. Do the people who are making as much per household as mine is really think they are better off now than they were 7 years ago? Do they really think the future is all that bright? I worry for my son, I worry for my nieces, for my sister... I worry for us. What happens if hubby looses his job. What happens when he retires? I am beginning to look at jobs, but I know, as a woman, I only have 2/3 the earning power that he does. If that much, around here. How are we going to keep our home? How are we going to pay for the utilities, the car, insurance???? When he retires he will still have medicare for some things. I won't be old enough to qualify for that. I won't have any insurance. How will I get treatment for my diabetes? How will I pay for my meds? Some of the ones I take are not on the walmart $4 list. If I didn't have insurance I wouldn't be able to afford to take at least two of the diabetes meds that I take. Nor the anxiety pills that I take. I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to see a doctor. What am I gonna do? Why don't you George W. Bush/John McCain/Sarah Palin supporters tell me that?! What am I gonna do? My hubby WANTS to retire in less than 3 years. What the frick am I gonna do about my health care??? How am I gonna make everything work and pay the utilities and mortgage payment and car payment and still have money left for food, meds, doctor visits, gas for the car???? Why doesn't someone explain to me how I'm supposed to juggle all that and make it work on just what he brings in from Social Security (which, by the way, will probably fail before he dies anyway and probably won't even be around by the time I'm old enough to be eligible).

Anyway... it was just a thought.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gorgeous Geeks

Okay, so this is the story. I'm not sleepy. My brain won't stop, so... in the interest of not thinking about things that keep me awake... I'm going to blog about the geeks (smart guys) that I think are cute. Maybe you agree with me, maybe not. Either way... let me know.

In no particular order, the "Gorgeous Geeks" are:

1. Dr. Brian Cox:
A Royal Society University Research Fellow based in the Particle Physics group at the University of Manchester, where he holds a chair in Particle Physics. He's only first on the list cause I just watched his show on the Science Channel and he was top most on my mind at the moment.

2. Paul Sereno, Paleontologist
I totally admire his perseverance. He seems so dedicated to his work. You got to admire that in a man. Plus he's really really smart, and I do like a man with a really big...

... brain. :)

3. Dr. Bob Brier, an Egyptologist specializing in paleopathology.
Now I realize that he might not be every one's idea of a wet dream, but I fell head over heels for this man the first time I watched one of his shows on Discovery (or maybe it was the History channel, or the Science channel, I don't remember now). I love his voice, I love his knowledge and the way he disseminates it to the viewer. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

4. Simcha Jacobovici, An award-winning documentary film director and producer.
I love this guys work. I've seen a lot of his stuff and I just love the way he presents his arguments. I don't know that I agree with him 100% of the time... but I'd sure like to go exploring with him...

5. Peter Woodward, Actor, Stuntman, Fight Arranger, Historian.
Okay, okay... I don't suppose he can technically be called a "geek", but he did get so into his work that he took the time to actually learn about it and those shows he did on the History Channel were superb. God! I love this guy's eyeteeth. Can't you just imagine him taking a little nibble on your neck?

Anyway... I suppose 5 is enough for now. I'm actually starting to feel sleepy. Hurrah! Better take advantage of it before it goes away again.

Nite-nite dear ones.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Well... I listened. This is what I heard:

You must feel fear. Only I can protect you. I was a POW, therefore I am better and more honorable than anyone else on the planet. Obama will raise your taxes, I won't (lie). Obama promises to bring back old jobs, I promise to bring new jobs (lie). You can't trust Obama or the Democrats (lie). You can trust me and the Republicans (lie). On and on it went....

Lies. All lies. He's a lying, fear mongering, evil little spider monkey looking imp. Whats that Obama said in his speech? More of the Same. 4 more years of bush. Truth. Nuff said. I am so disappointed in McSame. I still had some little bit of hope left that he might say something that I could agree with. He didn't. I thought he might give me some little reason to hope that if elected he would be a good President. He didn't. I thought that perhaps he might have some little bit of something left that I could respect him for. He didn't. If he thought he was saying anything tonight that might make me or women like me, vote for him... He didn't.

I Take That Back

Seems the Repukelican Party loves this Palin chit.

I did try. I DID. I tried to listen to her speech. Just to be fair, you know. But after she started putting me down, speaking condescendingly to me, telling half-truths, and just flat out lying, I had to turn it off. Besides.... the bitch has a voice that could crumple sheet metal or bend nails. Not to mention that the sound of it made me grind my teeth so hard together they were in danger of breaking. I don't like her. I wish I could. I wish I could vote for a woman. I really, truly do. But I'm not so sure Sarah Palin IS a woman. What she stands for, the party she belongs to, is so... so... what's the word? Against women and families (unless you are a card carrying member and rich).

They (repugnicants) were all trumpeting how she is the future of the party and yada yada yada... God help us! Wouldn't that just be a bitch if the first ever woman elected to be President in the coming years is a repukelican? And that party has ever been at the forefront of keeping women down and keeping them as second class citizens. They don't want a woman to have the right to choose (even in the event of rape or incest); they don't want women to get paid the same as a man for doing the same exact work; they don't want to help women support their families, keep their children safe from gang-bangers and drive-bys; they don't believe in preventative medicine; lets see... what else don't they like or believe in??? Well, I don't guess I really want to get started down that road, do I? I have not yet been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I don't want to risk it now. Especially since after Pete retires in a little over 2 years, I won't have any insurance anyway, unless I find a job that will offer it as a benefit. And if I only want to work just for the little coverage I can get. God knows there ain't any good paying jobs around here. Maybe Pete can train me to do his job and then I can just take it over when he retires. HA! As if....

And BTW: didn't it just fit that the musical guest at the repugnicant hoe down was the duo "Big & Rich"? With that manly acting Gretchen Wilson (wretched Wilson as I like to call her). And did anyone notice that hardly anyone was dancing or acting happy like they were at the Democratic Con? And the ones who were dancing weren't in tune or together and I saw a few who were just sitting around until they saw the camera on them then they started trying to dance and were off the beat. And that crowd... it didn't look like me. You know what I mean? I swear... at least 98% of the entire crowd were old, white, prune-faced people. When I watched the Democratic Con, I was so proud of my country! I was so impressed with the diverse crowd; Asians, Blacks, Whites, Natives, Indians, Jews.... everyone from everywhere. It was great. And they were all dancing and laughing and talking to one another and having a good time. Did anyone get the impression that any one at the Republican con is having a good time? Do any of those folks up in St. Paul look hopeful? Happy? Joy filled? No. They all look like what the Repukelican message is: fear, fear, fear... if you don't elect us you will be killed and terrorists will come take your house and force your children to follow Islam.... My God! I am so sick of their fear mongering. Sick and tired of it!!! If all Obama has is rhetoric and hope filled speeches... well, I'm with him. I'd rather be filled with hope than with fear.

Anyway, that's my blog about the Sarah Palin speech. I found it to be deeply offensive to me personally and in general as a woman. I thought she was profoundly insulting to any and every one who holds an opinion different from hers. God help us if the McCain/Palin ticket gets elected. I don't want this woman any where close to "the football", so to speak. I don't want this person making the rules. I don't want to live like this woman chooses to live and she thinks we all should! Anyone who votes for this ticket is a God-dammed idiot! I fear for my country and for the rights and freedoms that my forefathers and fore mothers fought and died to secure for me if these two get elected. Please God don't let the idiots of America choose our next President, AGAIN. The thought of that just makes me weep.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First and foremost

... I just want to say that the fact that the woman's 17 year old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock is not an issue with me. There but for the grace of God and all that, ya know? But really, if her being pregnant was not a problem, why in the Sam Hill did they try so hard to hide it the day she was announced McCain's pick for VP. All that with her holding the infant brother and having the baby blanket all spread out over her front. And what did they drug that baby with anyway? He slept right thru all that cheering and yelling and screaming and hollering. What child, even a Downs Syndrome child, would do that? They had to have drugged him with something to keep him so still like that so he wouldn't move and show off his big sister's swollen belly. Isn't that a crude way to put it? Sorry.

And further more, I don't think McCain knew about it before he chose Palin to be his running mate. He picked her, like I said before, specifically because she is a SHE and because she had such wonderful conservative "values". And also (baseless slander ahead) because he probably thought she was cute. Personally, she has a very snotty look to her face. Her expressions are quite arrogant and pushy looking to me. I will agree, she is an attractive woman. If you don't mind the look on her face that says she knows she is the most wonderful thing on the planet.

Anyhow, and how much do you think they are paying this baby-daddy to marry Palin's daughter without making a fuss? Or did they just threaten to have him chopped into little bitty pieces and used for chum? (See? She ain't the only woman who knows a thing or two about fishing.) And how much do you think they had to brow beat the child to get her to agree to marry him and agree to keep the baby?

And why is it that if a Democrat does something, according to the Dobsons of the world, it's a sin, but if a Repugnicant does it, it's a human and humane thing to do? It's amazing to me that all these evangelicals who've been trying to peep into all our bedrooms all these years are suddenly of the opinion that underage sex and teen pregnancy and all that "is personal business and not for anyone else to pass judgement on"? You can bet your sweet ass that if one of Joe Biden's kids had got pregnant/or got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, the Repukelicans would all be screaming about how it was just another example of Democrat's immorality. They would be making the biggest noise about it, but because it's one of theirs, we should all just keep quiet about it and let it pass.

Like I said, I don't think it's anything to get your panties in a wad over. Considering that she doesn't believe in teaching her kids how to avoid the situation, it isn't surprising that her daughter turned up in this condition, poor kid. I have the utmost sympathy for her. First she has to go thru life with the name Bristol, and now she's gonna be a mother at the age of 17. Poor thing, she hasn't even begun to live yet and now she'll be saddled with a kid. As a loving mother, I can tell you it isn't always fun being a mom. But anyway... doesn't this say something about the quality of the mother's care? Does it not speak to the way she has lived her life and the kind of morals she's instilled in her kids?

And mark me, the worse has not yet come out about this Palin chit. There's more in the pipeline. I know it's supposed to all be for show, this nominating process at the convention, but I will be fairly surprised if the powers that be in the GOP don't find a way to un-nominate her or just flat refuse to second her nomination. They don't like McCain anyway, it would be a great way for the Party Powerful to demonstrate to him that regardless of what he thinks, he isn't in command of the Party, they are, and they can choose his running mate for him whether he likes it or not. I might be wrong, but I have to think that with all the baggage this hussy brings with her, with all the vetting that has not been done on her, with all the things they didn't bother to find out beforehand, they must be frantically searching for a way out of this. Either the Party will refuse her or they will convince her to remove herself from nomination. Then they will grab someone like Plasticman Romney, or someone like that.

Well, we'll see... I just had to get this off my chest. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. We'll see... Nite-nite, my friends.