Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cars are evil, dentists are not

So I went to the dentist today for the first of many appointments. Hopefully, when it's all over with I will have a 'movie star' smile. No, really, not that, but a nice one, anyway. Dr. Loo is really nice. I like him, I'm comfortable with him. And his staff are really nice, also. I'm really excited to be getting this part of my self-improvement project under way. Things are starting to work out on other fronts as well.

When I first started with the dieting I was way too big. Maybe not obese, but way bigger than I should have been. Then I started loosing weight, and it was cool. Then I started walking and boy was that hard. At first I couldn't go half a mile without feeling like I was going to pass out. And I was sooooooo slow, too. Now, approximately 4 months later, I'm much faster and I can go much farther. Today was kind of a milestone or whatever you want to call it. I did 3 miles today. And I wasn't even especially tired afterwards. I mean, it didn't take a huge effort from me to do it. I felt sorta proud about that.

The van worked perfectly fine, just like it's supposed to, on the way to Dr. Loo's office. I was nervous about driving it, but it was fine, there. Getting back... that's another story altogether. When I got in and turned the key, it started doing that racing engine thing that it's been doing. So I shut it off and let it sit a minute or two and tried it again. It was still doing it. I had to start and restart it several times before it was normal. Then all the way home I was terrified that it was going to quit running on me just like it did the last time. I hate cars. And I hate living in a city with virtually no mass transit options. If I could, I would take the bus or train everywhere. But that isn't an option for me since Augusta, GA and the surrounding area don't even have a clue what mass transit is. Oh, if I wanted to walk about 4 miles (in this heat) I could catch a bus that would take me downtown. But what do I want in downtown? It won't take me anyplace I'd care to go, or need to go.

So, I told the man that if he didn't get the van fixed by my next dentist appointment on the 18th that I would be taking a cab there and back. I ain't driving that fricking van even one more turn of the wheels until it's fixed. So he said he will have it fixed this weekend. I hope he does. I don't much like riding in cabs either. I hate sitting in the backseat of any car. It makes me have motion sickness (good old fashioned car sick, is what it is - and that ain't fun).

Think I'll go peruse the Nagano-san fansite. See what's going on over there.
G'nite everybody.

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