Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Been a While...

... and I'm sorry I've been away. As I'm sure you all know, I've been moving. I hurt my knee, now I'm having sinus trouble. It's messing with my equilibrium something fierce. I'll be seeing the doc this Friday. Or is that Thursday? Well... one of those days. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mr. Cutie-Patootie John the Handyman. He's coming over to see if he can figure out why my refrigerator is dripping water onto the top shelf. It makes quite a mess. But I want to have it checked out before I spend money on a new one. I mean, I want a new one, but I want a new kitchen faucet and disposal first. Then a new fridge. Soon, but not this week.
Anyway, I love my new house. It's so comfortable and nice. I love being here.

Then there's this:
Photos show Pakistan 'expanding nuclear sites'
Knowing that certainly helps me sleep better at night. NOT.

An observation:
When I see Michael Steele I think of The Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" where David Byrne comes on stage wearing that huge suit. Sorry. But it's true. Especially that one brown suit that Mr. Steele wears. It just doesn't fit him well.

A shout out to Mr. Mike: I was driving to the grocery store the other day and I caught Honeymoon Suite's "New Girl Now". I felt obligated (happily so) to crank it up and sing along in your honor. BTW, I know I have missed a lot of your and Mrs. Mr. Mike's posts in the last couple of months. I will have plenty of reading to do as soon as I get the time. :-)

Okay, need to hit the hay. Gotta get up early tomorrow and make beautiful for the Handyman's visit. (picture me with a great big cheesy grin on my face and a slight blush on my cheeks) :-)