Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun With Food

Is there anything that smells as wonderful as New Mexico chilies? Our wonderful brother-in-law, who, along with his wife, my husband's sister, lives in Las Cruces, shipped us a great big box of Hatch chilies. Mostly green, some red. Oh God! They smell absolutely divine! They could bottle that scent as a men's cologne or aftershave and then I'd really want to stay close to my man. HA!

I felt pretty ambitious when I got up today, so I got all my stuff together and made some spaghetti sauce. Still making, actually. It's the old-fashioned, cook all day long, kind. Been simmering for hours now. Smells wonderful. Can't wait til dinner.

And for once, I had the sour-dough starter out of the fridge, feeding it, so it was ready for use just when I felt like baking some bread, so have that rising now, too. Think I'll make some little garlic rolls to go with the pasta tonight.

Should have been doing some intensive house-cleaning today, but felt more like cooking. The dust will be there tomorrow, the urge to make really good spaghetti sauce may not.

I've been wanting something sweet, lately too. Have some cherries and peaches in the freezer, might make a cobbler or a pie later. Or maybe some little tarts. Would really like a nice, crispy fried pie, but since eating anything fried is totally out of the question for hubby now, I'll have to stick to something baked. Or I could just make some fudge, it's quicker and easier.


pamwax said...

I just had dinner and now I'm hungry again. I agree that saghetti sauce cooked all day long is the best.

If I was coming to dinner I'd ask for the fudge. Love the fudge.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

HA! I did go with the fudge. Dark chocolate mocha with crushed hazelnuts sprinkled on top.
Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, you know? (that's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking with it)