Saturday, September 15, 2007

Stuff that ticks me off or just makes me wonder...

How come cable news networks (the ones I would watch anyway) only show stupid documentaries and crap on the weekends? Does the whole world just stop at 5pm Friday afternoon? Is there nothing news worthy going on on Saturday and Sunday? I used to watch CNN all the time, but now mostly watch MSNBC. Except on the weekends when they don't do any freekin' news! Does anyone actually watch that crap that MSNBC runs late at night and on the weekends? Lockup? That crap about the crimes that happened 10-20-30 years ago? That so called reality programming? I'd as soon watch paint dry.

And so... Troy beat Oklahoma State last night in Troy, AL (41-23) and no one has made a big deal about it anywhere, that I have seen. I thought it was cool. I even watched the last 4-5 minutes of the game, just to see how it would turn out and know that Oklahoma wouldn't make some miraculous comeback and steal the win or anything. And I ain't a really big football fan. Especially college football. I mean, I always want and expect the Gators to win, but I'm not all into it or anything. But I did think last night was pretty cool.

And if I hear one more announcer or reporter declaring that Clint Bowyer is the "only driver in the Chase who hasn't won a Cup race yet" I think I may puke, or jump thru the tv and do them bodily harm. Anyone who watches your shows or follows NASCAR racing at all already knows Clint hasn't won a Cup race yet. You guys (and girls) seem to have a penchant for belaboring the obvious. The way ya'll latch on to something and then just beat it to death is really annoying. Do you all really think we are that stupid that we can't remember from one minute to the next what you've said?

And why can't Domino's pizza have on-line ordering for delivery in our area? Only one Domino's in my area offers on-line ordering. And it's only for carry-out! WTF is that all about?! That kinda negates the whole purpose of ordering on-line, doesn't it? I want to order on-line, pay on-line, and get my pizza at the door, thank you very much. I just love living in such a bassackwards part of the country.

Speaking of bassackwards, why the hell does George W. "I am the KING" Bush still have such high approval ratings? I mean, 36 percent nationally (it's higher in this god-forsaken state I live in) still seems awfully high for a jackass who's totally divided our country and made us so hated around the world. Who are these dumb-asses who think that bastard is doing a good job? What country are they living in? And more to the point: what kind of drugs are they taking? I mean, really!!! "he's making us safer", "he's a God-fearing man", "he cares about us". For real? People like him, want to have a beer with him, share a meal with him, whatever. I wouldn't let that filthy cur in my yard, much less up on my porch, and most definitely not in my house.

So, that's about all I have to rant about right now. I feel like I'm forgetting something, and probably am. But oh well... that's what happens when you get old.


pamwax said...

Holly don't raelly have alot to say about most of your blog but as to the last paragraph. Amen!!! You go girl.

Jeannie said...

"People like him, want to have a beer with him, share a meal with him, whatever."

Oh, sweetie- move to California! I don't know anyone who wants to share a meal with President Bush.