Monday, April 13, 2009

Okay, quick post...

Capt. Richard Phillips was rescued and is in good health. Thank goodness. (not that it matters, but he's quite a handsome fellow, I think)
They say there isn't much that can be done about those pirates. Every country that has a navy of any size has ships over there, so why don't they just agree starting and stopping points on the troubled route and let merchant and tourist ships/boats meet up and then protect an entire flotilla of ships at one time? They could then keep the pirates from even getting close to the ships and thus prevent hostages being taken. Or maybe that's just too simplistic a solution. I mean... I'm not a foreign policy expert or anything like that. :-)

Faux News, Newt Gingrich, and others of that ilk are promoting a "Tax Day Tea Party". Just what we need, more idiots that don't know their history dumping tea bags into our nations waterways. They ought to all be arrested and then set to cleaning up the waterways they have polluted. These idiots are sooo stupid. The taxes they are protesting were put in place by their beloved Bush/Cheney admin. The tax rates are the lowest they have been in nearly two decades. What the frick are they protesting? Even they don't know.

Easter was pleasant. Then I hurt my knee while moving some stuff over to the new house. That was not especially pleasant. I took it easy today. (meaning I was down right lazy)

Today the President held the ages old traditional "egg role" on the White House lawn. From what I've seen of it on TV he was a right gracious, jovial, welcoming host. Great Job, Mr. President! I just want to say one thing about it. They made tickets available on-line, which was a good thing, since families from 45 states participated this year. But... BUT... According to several news sources they made a certain number of tickets available to gay and lesbian families. And those families wore special rainbow colored leis. I have a problem with that. And the problem is this: if you are trying for equality, why would you accept being singled out like that? It just doesn't seem very forward thinking to me. Then again... why should the President of the supposedly most "free" country in the world feel the need to make certain that any family, of any creed, religion, ethnicity, orientation, etc., felt welcome there? Shouldn't that, in this day and age, just be a given? Why in the world, in 2009, should one group of people still feel comfortable publicly calling for the denial of basic rights to another group of people in THIS United States of America? Why aren't more citizens of this nation outraged by this? And further more, why are so called Christian folks comfortable with the notion that God wants them to deny those rights to any other human being? I mean, once upon a time, not so long ago, "official" Church (any church) doctrine was that persons of African descent were not completely human and therefore it was perfectly okay to enslave them, rape them, kill them out of hand. Some hundreds of years ago, the official church doctrine was that the Earth was flat. ??? They changed their minds later on. Once it was considered a sin to eat red meat on Fridays. It was thought that being able to read the bible in one's own native language would lead one into sin. That it didn't matter if you could understand what the priest was saying, you could still get something from the Latin mass just because it was THE MASS. Not so now. They changed their minds. I'm not saying that I have a problem with them changing their mind. I'm just saying that I don't think anyone should be so sure and certain that leaders of the Catholic or Protestant churches are correct when they say that homosexuality is a sin. They could someday change there minds. Perhaps after they see which way the wind is blowing and determine that view is not popular anymore and that they are in danger of loosing followers who enrich their coffers? It's just a thought... I mean really... doesn't anyone else ever think about this stuff?

Okay, that's my say for today. Sorry I have been so hit or miss lately. Hopefully soon things will get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our First Lady... so beautiful! So obviously strong, smart, caring... a no nonsense woman. And she also looks like someone I can relate to. She looks like a friend you can have a cup of coffee with and talk about the price of groceries with. She looks like she'd know what the price of a dozen eggs is and how much it takes to feed a family of four. She looks like the kind of person who actually gets down in the floor to play with her kids. Come to think of it, she looks like she knows how to clean a floor properly, too. I like that. (and I'm not saying she looks like a maid, she looks like a real woman who knows how to sweep and mop like I do)
I mean, I admire Hillary Clinton. I voted for her in the Democratic Primary. I look up to her and I would love the opportunity to talk with her. But I don't think I could really relate to her. Or her to me. She lives in a totally different world than I do. I don't think Michelle Obama would be intimidating at all to meet or talk to. I think she'd be fun and comfortable to be around.
I'm proud of our new First Lady (and her husband) and now... a link to a nice selection of pictures of her in London. She's amazing...