Sunday, September 2, 2007

It just occured to me to wonder...

Okay, so I was on the Makoto Nagano fan site last night and we were all talking about the fact that we'd sent cards, letters, gifts, fan mail type stuff to the man. I felt pretty weird when I sent my fan letter. It was the first thing like that that I'd ever done. So, being that it made me feel pretty weird when I did it, I got to thinking, "Wonder how he feels when he gets this stuff from us? Does it make him feel as strange to receive it as it made me feel to send it?"
It has to be pretty strange, receiving correspondence from people who don't even speak or write your language (altho its my understanding that he has someone who helps him translate)
Anyway... it was just a thought.

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Jeannie said...

As much as I think that Nagano-san is absolutely spectacular, I'd like to think that he just sees himself as just a regular guy just going about his business.

As a regular Joe, Nagano-san probably thinks that the letters and gifts are sweet and kind. I wouldn't doubt if he feels a little weirded out by them though. That's why I wrote to him only once, said my peace, and left it at that. If I hear from him- fantastic, I'll write back. If I don't hear back, that's fine too. He will still know that there are many, many people all over that respect and admire him. My goal has been accomplished! :-)