Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's time...

... for a few more talented, sexy, mighty-fine-to-look-at fellas.

My hubby looked very like these first two on the list back when I first met him in 1984. Is it any wonder I nearly fainted when we were first introduced? He had a nice singing voice too, back then. He still had kinda long, dark hair when we married 12 years later. He keeps his hair short these days, and it's mostly white now. But he still has it, unlike the unfortunate Mr. Taylor.

James Taylor ~ How Sweet It Is
I love, love, love this guys voice.
Sweet Baby James, indeed...

Jackson Browne ~ Rock Me On The Water
It seems I have been a fan of Mr. Browne all my life. Even when I was too young to know who he was. The song I have here is from his self-titled 1972 album, which also contains another of my all-time favorite songs, "Doctor My Eyes". My uncle Donnie purchased his hit 1978 album "Running On Empty" and was kind enough to let me wear the grooves out on it. I purchased his follow up album "Hold Out" myself, on 8-track. Wow... that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

Jonny Lang ~ Give Me Up Again
So talented. I truly would love to see this guy live. One of my very most favorite songs that he does is called "I Am" from his 1998 disc "Wander This World" which I own (along with all but his very first offering, "Smokin"). However... the only version available on youtube is of an unacceptable quality. You can sample it at here if you are interested.

Jimmy Page w/The Firm ~ Midnight Moonlight Lady
One of the best, most innovative guitarists EVER. Who doesn't love Led Zep? Or the Yardbirds? Or The Firm? Okay, okay... forget that last one, altho I did use a song from their incarnation here. I did like that group, even tho it was poo-poohed by the critics and treated like a red-headed stepchild by a lot of older Led Zep fans. I did own their first album (on cassette). And I do, personally, think it was good stuff from all members concerned. Anyway... the song I used here is actually a Bad Company song performed by The Firm... but I digress...

So, that's the list for tonight. These dudes are all uber-talented. Not to mention nice to look at for various different reasons. I love their passion, their artistry, the joy they have given me thru the years... I hope these music choices will bring you joy as well.


Mr. Mike said...

Jackson Browne is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, he has written songs that are very personal but everyone can relate to. The Pretender is a classic to me. Nice choice with Rock Me On The Water!

I only know two songs by The Firm, I did like Radioactive a bit. Think the other song was called All the kIngs Horses or something along those lines. In any case, nice selection.

Jeannie said...

Mr. Mike failed to mention that he is definitely NOT James Taylor's biggest fan. I love James Taylor, yet we don't own any of his music. :(

I have never heard of Jonny Lang. He's a pretty talented guy!! Maybe I can buy his CD instead.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Yeah, my hubby isn't so big on James Taylor either. He'd probably get angry if he saw that I said he resembled either of those guys (Taylor or Jackson Browne). He doesn't care for either one of them.

Do try out Jonny Lang, Bunny. He's great. Its weird that he's so young. Seems I've been a fan of his for a long long time. Then again, he did get an early start.