Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes Indeed, It's Halloween Season....

I rest my case.

Is Hank Paulson not one of the creepiest looking dudes in Washington?

And sure, of course he thinks the bailout needs to happen right now. If they don't think it thru and do it correctly, he gets $700 billion to do with as he pleases. That's BILLION with a frickin' B! And he wants it without any oversight whatsoever! And man... hasn't this happened once before. I mean, didn't this administration once tell us that we couldn't wait for PROOF to come in the form of a "mushroom cloud". I don't know about anyone else but I'm still waiting for that particular "proof". I'm beginning to think we was lied to. What makes this any different? Hurry up and do something, ANYTHING, before thinking about it.

And why is that nobody, Sarah Palin, meeting with all these world leaders? What the frick is up with that? Why does she need to meet with these people? And why would those folks want to meet with her? And why the hell is she being so protected from the press? What is McCain afraid of? That we might find out how ill prepared and small minded she is? Is he afraid that we will find out just how stupid a pick he made in his first major "Presidential" decision? Boy! It sure does make one question her abilities, doesn't it?

Speaking of the McCain campaign, is it just me or does his campaign manager not look uncannily like Jeffrey Dahmer?

I'm just sayin'...

And by the way... how screwed over do we have to be before people start to realize that John McCain IS NOT THE FREEKIN' ANSWER! HE'S A HUGE FUCKING PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! It has been said that a people get the government they deserve. But damn! I don't DESERVE this! I know lots of people who deserve better than this! What I can't understand is why McCain still has ANY support whatsoever. If anyone is still supporting him it's plain and simply because they are flat out racist and can't make themselves vote for a black man. Or else they are so stupid that they can't make themselves vote for anyone who is not a republican.

Anyway... I don't feel real great, I think I have a touch of food poisoning or else some kind of bug or something. I was laying down and trying to watch the hearing this morning and that Paulson guy... my headache just got worse and worse the longer I watched him. I just had to let off some steam. Now that I have I think I will go lay back down. See ya!


Jeannie said...

Spooky...McCain's campaign manager does look like Dahmer!!

Hope you're taking it easy today and that you're feeling better.

pamwax said...

If you saw Clinton on Letterman you saw a plan that made sense. We need to be protected...redo the loans so people can pay back the money and not lose their houses and see to it that the big guys don't get their Golden Parachute payments. Bush is against that...I wonder why.

Maybe McCain doesn't like the fact that Palin has a habit of referring to their ticket as the Palin/McCain ticket. I heard her say it. If I was McCain I would put a piece of duct tape over that mouth.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thanks Jeannie. I am feeling much better today. Just a light headache. Don't know what it was, probably just a little bug or something I picked up while out and about.

Pam, Bill Clinton is supposed to be on Larry King Live tonight. Of course, now stupid ol Bush thinks he has to go out and make a statement about the economy at the same time. Stupid, irrelevent a--hole. As if anyone still cares what he says. Puh leeze! The only thing he could possibly have to say about the economy that would be relevent is that he and his cronies in congress are to blame and that he's sorry. That's all I want to hear from him, anyway.