Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Cha Need Me?

... Hey, hey! Don't cha need me? Oh yeah!

The Billy Squier episode.

Billy Squier - In The Dark

I saw this dude in concert back in... ummmm.... 1984? August I think it was, or perhaps Sept. In Lakeland, FL. Ratt was the opener. They were so so. Not bad, not great, good fun. Then Billy hit the stage. OH MY GOD!!! I totally freaked out! I think I actually might have stepped on a few unfortunate souls in my quest to be right in front, nothing between me and this magnificent, gorgeous, talented, oh, just beautiful in every way, man. Nothing, that is but a couple of big, hairy goons masquerading as "security". The joys of "general seating", ya know?

This video is from that same tour, different city, tho. He was sooooo good.

Billy Squier - She's a Runner - Recorded Live in Detroit

Last but not least,

Billy Squier - All Night Long

Happy, sexy, fun loving, artist. I always wanted to get my hands in that lovely, curly hair.

Don't cha wanna live! Indeed.


Jeannie said...

I like Billy Squier a lot, but for a long time I was burned out from Mr. Mike's adoration of the man. It'll be interesting to see what he has to say about your post!

Mr. Mike said...

Billy Squier! The great one! The song that got me into Squier was "All Night Long" so thanks for posting it. That video really takes me back.

I did play a lot of Billy Squier around my wife, particularly "Everybody Wants You". But "She's a Runner" I didn't get into that much until Jeannie put it on a mix tape for me. Then I played it a lot too.

"Lonely is the Night" is a lot of fun on Guitar Hero too! That's awesome you got to see the man live. Was this the tour he had a broken leg or something like that? Great selection!

Keyomi said...

hey..my result was obama as well! haha. good u enjoyed it. and thanks for visiting...

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hi keyomi! thanks for sharing. :)

How could you ever get burned out on Squier? I can't imagine it myself, Bunny. He's so good. (and fine)

The great one, indeed, Mr. Mike. I don't know about him breaking his leg. It wasn't broken the night I saw him. That was truly a great concert. About 8 of us loaded into my friends mom's Camero. Like sardines in a can all the way from north of Orlando down to Lakeland. Good thing we were all GOOD friends. :)