Thursday, November 6, 2008

I just wanna say...

... that altho I don't like Sarah Palin, I don't think she alone should bear the blame for McCain's loss. Sure she's a willfully ignorant, vapid, vacuous, small minded little chit... but the first fault was McCain's for choosing her for such high office when he HAD to know she wasn't ready. She may well NEVER be ready, but the first fault is his. And he's getting a free pass by the media on it! All day today, whenever I turned on the TV all I heard was how stupid she was, how she didn't know the countries in North America, how she didn't know that Africa was a continent, on and on, Fox Noise not the least of the bashers. But no one is talking about the stupidity of John McCain in picking her in the first place. Or the Republican party big-wigs, or whomever made the decision.

I am not defending her, you understand, I just think there is enough blame to go around and I think that the fella who made it possible for her to display her ignorance to the world should be a man and take his lumps right along with her. As well as his staff, the staff around her, the people who kept making excuses for her instead of getting her off the stage...

I do wonder what will happen to the Republican party now, tho. Suppose they decide to split into two parties. Perhaps the ones who supported and liked Palin will decide they want her to be their leader? Perhaps they won't reconcile with the ones who want Romney to be their leader? Personally, not just because I want them out of power for a good long while, I would like to see a split. Mostly because I would like to see more political parties than just these two major ones. More and more people are registering as Independents, but why shouldn't we have more than two major parties? Why can't we have 4-6-8? More? We aren't all the same and a lot of us don't entirely belong in either one of the existing parties.

So... now I'm going to go eat my sausage and kraut. Didn't make spaetzle, just put a potato in it for myself. I like it that way.

Update 11/07/08: Watched Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow last night and both of them mentioned pretty much the same thing I was saying above. Not quite like I did, but... they did bring up the fact that Palin was not the only, or even the first, person to whom blame should fall. I knew there was a reason I like those two. :)


Arsenette said...

Oh totally agree with you (and I'm not defending or lynching her either. I know almost nothing about her as it is).

I'm curious wtf is going to happen to the GOP. They are not my party anymore and it was clear by the numbers. I know A LOT of us who stayed home in protest. It's about time the GOP got their heads out of their rear ends and go back to the party of conservatives. It reminds me of the Dems back a couple years ago lost in the wilderness (all parties go through this when jocking for position) so no they shouldn't lynch Palin as the sole purpose for losing the campaign. That's just ignorant. You already know I don't believe either of them are worthy Presidents (no Senator should be) but we are stuck with one. Quite frankly Obama did an awesome campaing job and should be commended by bringing people who never voted before to get out and do so. I see it as a protest election in a lot of ways. I'm just a bit leery in the direction they plan to go with this. Tis the way of politics and I'll deal. Grats Obama on a great campaign and win.

Jeannie said...

Well, I have a phrase that I say all of the time: "There's gotta be blame." (I say it sarcastically because blame is just about the ego.)

Ironically, I've noticed that when it comes to Mrs. Palin, the GOP party is the one assigning her the blame. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Mrs. Palin good enough just a few days ago? Like I said, it's all about the ego. Nobody wants to be on the losing side.

But I'd like to think that there is no losing side, for if Mr. Obama turns out to be a good president, then everyone will benefit- regardless of party affiliation. If he turns out to be lousy, then we will all feel it together.

Jeannie said...

I do agree though that Mrs. Palin doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the box though. I don't think she ruined Mr. McCain's chances, but I don't think she helped him much either.