Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got It!!!

... Yippee! My Obama/Biden yard sign finally arrived! I'm so happy about that. However... the box it came in had been broken open and the packing slip was missing. I wonder how that could have happened? The USPS is supposed to plastic wrap a damaged package and put some sort of explanation on it for the damage if the delivery address is still legible, which is was. Oh well... I'm probably on some sort of list now for ordering something from the Obama Store. So be it.

The thing that pisses me off is that I'm afraid to put it up in my yard. Right now I have it displayed in my front window. I'm afraid that if I put it outside it will get stolen, vandalized, etc. Pete is worried that our house or car will get vandalized because of it. A fellow he works with put one in his yard and someone threw a rock through his front window. It makes me angry that I have to be afraid to display my political opinion on my own front lawn. There are at least 5 McCain/Palin signs in yards on my street. Do they worry about having their belongings vandalized because of it? I doubt it. But around here... even when I go to vote in the Primaries here, since GA has an open primary, which is where both Dems and Reps go to the same poling place on the same day and they have to ask for the ballot of their choice, when I ask for a democratic ballot the old geezers manning the table always have something snide to say such as, "Oh, she gets one of those ballots." or, this last time the old goat who checked my ID said something about the need for me to change my party affiliation. I don't remember his exact words, and perhaps he didn't mean it to sound so demeaning, but it does. I know some folks who would go so far as to call it voter intimidation or some such. And since we changed to electronic voting where we use those stupid little credit card looking things I never feel like my vote is counted the way I cast it. I mean, all the people at my poling place are republicans, how do I know that they haven't cast their votes first thing and then just let everyone else go and cast the same vote? I mean, I don't know how it works, but they keep giving the cards out over and over, they are supposed to wipe the memory between each use, but how do we KNOW they really do? The answer is... we don't know. Plain and simple, we have to take it on faith that they are counting our votes the way we cast them. But I don't really have much hope that they do. Count my vote correctly, that is.

Anyway... watched the debate the other night. Of course, my dear friends all knew I would. I thought that McCain actually started out fairly feisty. He looked almost like the McCain of old. Then... he let his irascible side show. After about 30-35 minutes he just looked old, angry, irritated, flustered. And the way he and all his supporters keep talking about how they always repudiate anyone who says anything untoward about Obama. Sheesh! He disputed one crazy old lady who called him an Arab. And I'm pretty sure she was a "plant" meant to ask that question specifically so McCain could say "no, he's not". And now they are using that one instance to say he always corrects such as that. And further more, when he was complaining about Obama not repudiating what Rep. Jon Lewis said... McCain just looked petulant. He looked like a spoiled little brat in an old man's body. He looked ridiculous. And why should Obama repudiate what Lewis said? Obama didn't put him up to it. He wasn't speaking on Obama's behalf. And further more, what he said was the truth. If you don't want people to accuse you of racism, of stirring up dangerous feelings in your supporters, then you shouldn't go there. Truth hurts sometimes.

Also... can I say something about the way McCain blinks his eyes so furiously? I mean... it's weird. You know, I was always taught that you should watch a person's eyes to tell if they are lying or not. Some people won't look at you when they lie. Some people will look at you but never blink. And some people will blink their eyes uncontrollably. The way he does that just makes me think he's a liar. Right or wrong, that's the impression I get. And the way he continually does that old man, lizard tongue thing. It's gross. Just gross. I don't like it. It doesn't give me a favorable impression of McCain. Am I wrong to think that way? Perhaps. But there it is.

And Joe Lieberman, can I say a word about that grinning idiot. He's beginning to look like some sort of life-size puppet. Has anyone but me noticed how he is always in the picture with McCain? It's weird. It's like he's on the campaign trail with McCain all the time. Instead of being in Washington DC taking care of the business that his constituents elected him to take care of. Why is he up McCain's butt like that? He isn't part of his campaign, or not publicly, anyway. But he trails McCain around like a little puppy. It's embarrassing. Or would be if Joe Lieberman could still be embarrassed.

As to Obama's performance at the last debate: I thought he was calm, cool, deliberate. I thought he could have been a tad more aggressive about the lies the McCain campaign tells about him. But I'm sure he knows what he's doing. He's ahead, isn't he? I just hope he doesn't get too cocky. But he seems to be aware of the potential for that to become a problem. I am just very very afraid that "something" will happen between now and election day, a bombing, a hijacking, a kidnapping, something... that will take the American mind off of the economy and drag everyone back down to that mentality of "take all my rights away, just keep the bad guys from killing me". And McCain is telling such outrageous lies now. Telling his rabid followers that Obama is a socialist, when he's not. Saying that if you make more than $250,000 Obama will take it and redistribute it to others. ??? And you know what? You know what??? Those idiots who support McCain, who go to his rallies, they are just eating this crap up. Swallowing it whole. And loving it! The loudest roars are when McCain tells the most outrageous lies about his opponent. And anyone with half a mind should be able to tell that they are lies, but these idiots are just rolling in it like hogs in slop. I don't get it.

And now the republicans are claiming that Obama is somehow in cahoots with, or instigated this Acorn mess with the voter registrations. And they keep calling it "Voter Fraud". Which it is not. It is potentially "voter registration fraud", which is an entirely different thing. But "Voter Fraud" sounds so bad, and dangerous, and so forth... what did McCain call it at the debate... "the potential end to the democratic process", or some such nonsense. "Voter Fraud" is when votes are cast that shouldn't have been. Like when someone votes more than once, or when "dead people" cast votes, or felons or what have you. "Voter registration fraud" is when people register to vote using an assumed name (of a dead person, a cartoon character, a famous person). If a person turns in a registration to vote form, such as a person hired by Acorn or other non-profit organizations, that organization is required by law to submit it to the board of elections or whatever that locality calls its office who's responsibility it is to verify said forms and issue voter cards. It doesn't mean that someone can actually go and vote under an assumed name. Or that someone who mistakenly registered two or three times to vote can actually go and vote that many times. But the republicans (and some media outlets) would have you believe that is what will happen. It is my personal belief that the republicans are positioning themselves to steal another election. I sincerely hope the American people won't allow that to happen to them again.

So... that's my political update. I'm about to break out in hives I'm so anxious for Nov. 4th to arrive. Sometimes I have to go to my "happy place" and just take steady even breathes before I hyperventilate. This election is so terribly important to us all. Lord please help us to get it right this time. I am afraid, and I don't like that feeling.

Speaking of being afraid: have you guys seen on the news about that little 6 year old boy who was abducted from his mother's home in Las Vegas, NV by Mexican drug cartel members? Because allegedly someone in the boys family owed the cartel millions of dollars and this was their way of getting it back. Have you guys seen this? How does that make you feel? How safe do you feel in your home now that you know that members of a drug cartel in Mexico can just cross the border, go to some one's house, pretend to be cops and then barge in, ransack the home, steal an innocent child and then get away, possibly already back into Mexico and there's nothing that American law enforcement can do? How does that make you feel? Secure our borders, indeed. I know I slept perfectly soundly last night, after hearing about this. NOT! How does it make you feel?

Enough, this is become a novella. About my foot, it hurts. Worse. I have an appointment with the doc for Monday at 2pm. I hope he can do something for the pain anyway. I don't particularly want to use crutches, but I don't particularly enjoy laying around on my butt with my foot propped up either. "Stay off of it as much as possible". What a joke. How am I suppose to do any cooking or cleaning or shopping or any of the things that I am supposed to do? Who does he think is going to do the ironing? Anyway... I'm trying to stay off it. It isn't fun. I'd much rather have full mobility.


Jeannie said...

Hi! How are you doing today? Sure do miss ya!

"The thing that pisses me off is that I'm afraid to put it up in my yard."

Any good Republican or Democrat values our freedom of speech. I hope that you display your sign. Anyone who destroys is really destroying democracy. (The same goes if somebody destroys a sign for Mr. McCain).

"...this last time the old goat who checked my ID said something about the need for me to change my party affiliation."

Please report people such as this to officials. They are breaking the law by trying to influence your vote.

"After about 30-35 minutes he just looked old, angry, irritated, flustered."

Yeah, I thought that Mr. McCain was starting to sound a bit angry too. He is justified in his feelings, after all, we all have the right to feel the way we do. But I worry that a president that shows his anger too easily will upset foreign nations too easily. No more war for me, thank you.

"And why should Obama repudiate what Lewis said?"

He shouldn't. There's a HUGE difference between somebody who wrote a book with disparaging remarks about a third party and someone being told face-to-face disparaging remarks about a third party.

"Also...can I say something about the way McCain blinks his eyes so furiously?"

I honestly wonder if the blinking has to do with his past melanomas or perhaps some sort of nervous tic. I mean this in all seriousness. Although I am not voting for the man, I do hope that he is in good health.

"I thought he could have been a tad more aggressive about the lies the McCain campaign tells about him."

I appreciated that Mr. Obama remained calm. Like I said, I don't like war too much. I also thought that by remaining calm, it made Mr. McCain appear more angry.

Like always, you have some pretty good thoughts on politics. I always enjoy reading what's on your mind.

P.S.- I found this link and thought I'd share it with you:

Electoral Map

If you click on the stats for the undecided states, I think you'll find it interesting. For example, Mr. McCain started way out ahead in Florida, but now Mr. Obama is in the lead. The gap has also narrowed considerably in states like North Carolina and Ohio. And if you need a real pick-me-up, just look at my home state. You and your sign are welcome here anytime. :D

Jeannie said...

Wow, for a gal who is usually quiet, I can sure type a whole lot of blah blah blah. :D

Jeannie said...

And I am so sorry about your foot. :(

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thanks for the link, Jeannie. I really like things like that. Thomas does too. I'm really rooting for Obama to take NC. How cool would that be. I know they still have GA listed as a solidly red state, but I think (I hope) that he will do better here than the pundits expect. And the fella who is running for Rep. here is an Afgan/Iraq war vet. I think he should do well in this area where there are so many service members. He should anyway. I hope he does. Although I have to say in all honesty that I don't have a problem with the way the current, republican Rep. has conducted himself. For the first time in my life I have actually had an elected official who calls my house when he's conducting a townhall meeting and you can have the option of just listening in or to actually ask questions and join in the discussion. I thought that was pretty cool of him to do. So... I know I said I wouldn't vote for ANY republican this time round just for the general principle of the thing, but Paul Bruan hasn't been a bad Rep. It's just that Saxon is a dem. What to do, what to do???

Jeannie said...

I'd say vote for Saxon. I may be very distantly related to him. My Saxon line (from the 1700's) came from Georgia.

Oh, that's a crazy reason! Vote for Paul Bruan, if he's the best guy for the job. We Democrats aren't always right (well, most of the time!!) It's nice to have a Republican brain to balance our sometimes too liberal way of thinking.

pamwax said...

Well I think everyone knows about how I feel about Obama. Now Colin Powell, who I have always liked, has endorsed him. That is going to help our side alot.

I am not voting for our Democratic Rep Reyes because I am tired of him trying to turn this into Mexico. Won't vote for a Republican because there isn't one running but I will vote for the independent candidate, not that it will do any good but at least I will feel better about the vote.

The drug cartel thing is very scary. And we live with it every day. There have been over 1000 killings in Juarez related to the drug wars this year. A few innocent bystanders included. Now the cartels have given permission to their people to cross the border to seek out people they are after. Many Juaransis have moved here to get away from the violence so now the violence will follow them here.

Judy said...

I loved this post. I, too, am surrounded by Republicans in Kentucky. I don't know how some of these people can be so stupid and so blind! McCain is way too old to be president and would probably kick the bucket a few months after he got into office and then we would have Sarah for a president. I saw McCain tonight on Fox going on about the same things he said in the last debate. Same old stuff over and over. I can't imagine having a moose hunting bimbo and a first dude leading our country!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

My Dear Jeannie, you make a good point, as always. I mean... I've voted for others for less reason, ya know. I mean in little local politics, you don't always know the people or what they stand for. Saxon is a good, solid, strong name. Besides, he's a veteran. Contrary to what the republican party has taught its members, Democrats DO value the American Dream, we do fight in Americas wars, we do die for them, too. And those of us left safe back at home mourne those losses as keenly as any one else. And we are second to none in "Supporting" those same troops. So... can't think of a better reason to vote for him. Good thing is, if we don't like him, we can vote him out in two years and perhaps get Bruon Back. I really don't have anything against him. Except that he's a republican when I think a Democrat is what's needed.

Pamwax, I was so happy to see Powell's endorsment today. Hurrah! Yippee! Way to go. Then of course, all the republican pundits immediately tried to play it off as "one black man voting for another black man". What a crock. If Colin Powell could be republican enough to do the dirty work at the UN for Bush, he surely wouldn't let a little thing like race make his decision for him as far as who to vote for. I don't think, anyway.

And wasn't that wonderful that the little boy who was abducted was found wondering a neighborhood in Las Vegas. Healthy and in good condition. What a miricle. So... I think that was the best news today. Beyond any endorsements or stump speeches or any thing else. That little boy is alive and well and with his father right now, tonight. I will sleep better for knowing that, at least. Even if the problem of our borders still remains. At least that is one little boy who is safe right now at this moment.
Peace be with us. Good night.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I forgot to say, Hi Judy! Great to see you here. I feel your pain. :) I keep telling my hubby that he needs to take me someplace nice to live where there are lots of Democrats so I will feel at home. So far he hasn't... :(

Keyomi said...

thank you for dropping a comment on my blog and visiting it :)