Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I think

is this... I don't like it when my Uncle Glenn sends me his "God" emails. He and I differ philosophically on many points. He just sent me an email about praying in the Marine Corps. What's wrong with that, you ask? Why nothing! I reply. I don't believe in taking prayer out of schools, or taking the 10 Commandments out of courtrooms or any of that other baloney the hysterical folks at the ACLU stand for. I think anyone ought to be able to pray anywhere they want to, anytime they want to. As a private citizen or as a public figure, or for that matter, a government employee. As long as it doesn't interfere with their duties, why shouldn't they?

I do however, believe staunchly in the separation of church and state. I don't believe that a persons religion (or lack thereof) should be important to whether or not we want that person to lead our nation (or a small region of it). Why can't these religious freaks and intolerant "God" people grasp this simplest of ideas? If you make us into a "religious" state, how are we any different from the Taliban? If you force EVERY ONE to live by YOUR beliefs, how are you any different from the terrorists you claim to despise?

That's the problem I have with Sarah Palin and John McCain. She is an extremist and he is content to let her be so. He has chosen someone who would like to make us all live by her so called "ethics" and in a way that her religion tells her SHE should live. She would force her religion and her ideas down our throats if she could, and he is trying to put her in a position to do so. As Matt Damon said, "she would have the nuclear codes, and that scares me" or something to the effect, if those aren't his exact words. It scares the hell out of me, too. John McCain wants to make this woman President (essentially, since usually the VP does run for the top spot eventually, and this one stands a good shot of getting the job without even having to run for it because McCain is a doddering old fool). Just what we need, one more "God" person with their finger on the button. A combative, intolerant, abusive President. I mean, yeah, this last one has done such a fine job, hasn't he? I just love not having any money. I just love laying awake at night wondering if the bank that has my son's settlement money from his birth injuries is going to go under, leaving him with nothing. That makes me real happy, let me tell you. I just love knowing that all the good will we had around the world has been squandered. I love knowing that our great country is being run into the ground by a bunch of holier than thou pig-headed Neanderthals. I love feeling like our once great country, our country that once led the world in all ways... is swiftly sliding into ignominy. Our schools, our banking institutions, our governmental institutions, our health care, etc. are all at or near the bottom of the rankings. Hell! We have what were once considered "third world" countries that rank ahead of us in live births! Live Births! We can't even frickin' bother to keep our children alive!!! Gods!!!! The whole thing just pisses me off. Anyone who sits at home and doesn't vote in this election should seriously rethink their options. They ought to go to a women's shelter and work with those women and children who are the victims of rape, incest, domestic violence. They ought to go to the hospitals and look at those babies who are preemies or somehow injured during birth, who's parents don't have insurance, and who are being sent home to die because of it.

... the whole thing just makes me so mad. There isn't any excuse for this! Why aren't more people as upset as I am about this? Don't they see? Don't they understand the problem? Do they honestly think Bush and his cronies (McCain included) have done a good job. Do the people who are making as much per household as mine is really think they are better off now than they were 7 years ago? Do they really think the future is all that bright? I worry for my son, I worry for my nieces, for my sister... I worry for us. What happens if hubby looses his job. What happens when he retires? I am beginning to look at jobs, but I know, as a woman, I only have 2/3 the earning power that he does. If that much, around here. How are we going to keep our home? How are we going to pay for the utilities, the car, insurance???? When he retires he will still have medicare for some things. I won't be old enough to qualify for that. I won't have any insurance. How will I get treatment for my diabetes? How will I pay for my meds? Some of the ones I take are not on the walmart $4 list. If I didn't have insurance I wouldn't be able to afford to take at least two of the diabetes meds that I take. Nor the anxiety pills that I take. I certainly wouldn't be able to afford to see a doctor. What am I gonna do? Why don't you George W. Bush/John McCain/Sarah Palin supporters tell me that?! What am I gonna do? My hubby WANTS to retire in less than 3 years. What the frick am I gonna do about my health care??? How am I gonna make everything work and pay the utilities and mortgage payment and car payment and still have money left for food, meds, doctor visits, gas for the car???? Why doesn't someone explain to me how I'm supposed to juggle all that and make it work on just what he brings in from Social Security (which, by the way, will probably fail before he dies anyway and probably won't even be around by the time I'm old enough to be eligible).

Anyway... it was just a thought.


Jeannie said...

I don't know what to tell you my friend. I do know that in times of war, this country has been hesitant to change presidential policy. Right now people are scared of "enemies" both here and overseas, losing one's home, job, health care, and the continued rising cost of fuel and food.

I think whether Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever, most Americans are fed up with the politics in this country. People do not know who to trust so I think right now many people are taking the "Better the devil you know" approach.

pamwax said...

Today I was so mad I wanted to spit. My Sister-in-law(my family) told me that the most important issue for her was right to life. I really had to reign myself in..with the economy, health care, housing, war and your criteria for president be he is against abortion. And she thinks Palin will make a good VP because she chose to have her baby. I was ready to pick her up and throw her out of my house. How can someone so educated be so stupid.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I think it might be possible that the more book smarts a person has, the less common sense they acquire.

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