Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Take That Back

Seems the Repukelican Party loves this Palin chit.

I did try. I DID. I tried to listen to her speech. Just to be fair, you know. But after she started putting me down, speaking condescendingly to me, telling half-truths, and just flat out lying, I had to turn it off. Besides.... the bitch has a voice that could crumple sheet metal or bend nails. Not to mention that the sound of it made me grind my teeth so hard together they were in danger of breaking. I don't like her. I wish I could. I wish I could vote for a woman. I really, truly do. But I'm not so sure Sarah Palin IS a woman. What she stands for, the party she belongs to, is so... so... what's the word? Against women and families (unless you are a card carrying member and rich).

They (repugnicants) were all trumpeting how she is the future of the party and yada yada yada... God help us! Wouldn't that just be a bitch if the first ever woman elected to be President in the coming years is a repukelican? And that party has ever been at the forefront of keeping women down and keeping them as second class citizens. They don't want a woman to have the right to choose (even in the event of rape or incest); they don't want women to get paid the same as a man for doing the same exact work; they don't want to help women support their families, keep their children safe from gang-bangers and drive-bys; they don't believe in preventative medicine; lets see... what else don't they like or believe in??? Well, I don't guess I really want to get started down that road, do I? I have not yet been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I don't want to risk it now. Especially since after Pete retires in a little over 2 years, I won't have any insurance anyway, unless I find a job that will offer it as a benefit. And if I only want to work just for the little coverage I can get. God knows there ain't any good paying jobs around here. Maybe Pete can train me to do his job and then I can just take it over when he retires. HA! As if....

And BTW: didn't it just fit that the musical guest at the repugnicant hoe down was the duo "Big & Rich"? With that manly acting Gretchen Wilson (wretched Wilson as I like to call her). And did anyone notice that hardly anyone was dancing or acting happy like they were at the Democratic Con? And the ones who were dancing weren't in tune or together and I saw a few who were just sitting around until they saw the camera on them then they started trying to dance and were off the beat. And that crowd... it didn't look like me. You know what I mean? I swear... at least 98% of the entire crowd were old, white, prune-faced people. When I watched the Democratic Con, I was so proud of my country! I was so impressed with the diverse crowd; Asians, Blacks, Whites, Natives, Indians, Jews.... everyone from everywhere. It was great. And they were all dancing and laughing and talking to one another and having a good time. Did anyone get the impression that any one at the Republican con is having a good time? Do any of those folks up in St. Paul look hopeful? Happy? Joy filled? No. They all look like what the Repukelican message is: fear, fear, fear... if you don't elect us you will be killed and terrorists will come take your house and force your children to follow Islam.... My God! I am so sick of their fear mongering. Sick and tired of it!!! If all Obama has is rhetoric and hope filled speeches... well, I'm with him. I'd rather be filled with hope than with fear.

Anyway, that's my blog about the Sarah Palin speech. I found it to be deeply offensive to me personally and in general as a woman. I thought she was profoundly insulting to any and every one who holds an opinion different from hers. God help us if the McCain/Palin ticket gets elected. I don't want this woman any where close to "the football", so to speak. I don't want this person making the rules. I don't want to live like this woman chooses to live and she thinks we all should! Anyone who votes for this ticket is a God-dammed idiot! I fear for my country and for the rights and freedoms that my forefathers and fore mothers fought and died to secure for me if these two get elected. Please God don't let the idiots of America choose our next President, AGAIN. The thought of that just makes me weep.


pamwax said...

My morning headline shouted "PALIN MOCKS OBAMA". Ant that is why I would never vote for this women...That and the fack they (Rep) never mention health care.

Tell me how you will do things better then the other side. But if all you can do it mock and ridicule your Obama then I say he must not be so bad.

It is so petty, childish and offensive to me.

pamwax said...

Sorry for the spelling... I was pissed when I wrote this. Shoud be And and fact

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

thats okay, pam. I was near to frothing at the mouth I was so angry when I wrote this post. I am going to try my hardest to watch McCain's speech tonight. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I want to see what he has to say from his own mouth before I pass judgement on him, too. But so far his surrogates have given me no indication that he plans to be MY President if he's elected. He will be just another Bush and I will continue to be non-existant to my government. Except, of course, on April 15th.