Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tea & Teardrops

I was making myself a cup of raspberry leaf tea this afternoon and all of a sudden the smell brought back so forcefully to me the smell of Mama's herb room. With my eyes closed I could swear I was back there. I could hear her humming under her breath like she always did when she was grinding up the herbs and making her concoctions. She was so happy doing that. We used to laugh at her and tease her about being a "witch doctor". But what she gave you always worked. Always. That was her calling. I think she was born maybe "out of her time". Now days people scoff at herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine, but what do they think our ancestors used back to the beginning of the human race? Even non-human animals will use plants and earth and bark and such for cures. It's been documented by scientists who study animals in the wild.

Anyway... the scent was so strong in my mind that I was in the herb room with her. I admit I cried a little bit. Sometimes I miss her so much. I think she was trying to tell me something, but I haven't figured out what yet. I will have another cup tomorrow, or maybe the blueberry leaf. She always said they were good for keeping your sugar down. My uncle Gene swore by the blueberry leaf. She also recommended Bilberry leaf, but the store didn't have any when I was there. So I got raspberry leaf and blueberry leaf. I've had them both several times since I bought them, but neither ever had the effect on me that it did today. That's why I think she was trying to speak to me. I think she wants me to remember something she told me about treating diabetes. I will go somewhere quiet tomorrow to sip my tea and remember.


pamwax said...

It is hard to lose you Mom no matter your age. My parents have been gone for many years and still a sudden memory can bring tears. Listen to her, my mother helped Neil find a lost diamond.

Jeannie said...

I've had some bad side effects from traditional medicine and so now I incorporate Eastern and Herbal medicine whenever I can. I hesitate to suggest some of these alternatives to people though because I think I'll be looked at strangely.

Blueberry leaf is especially good for removing excess sugar in the body. Good choice!