Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds

For those of you who are not as fascinated by politics as I am, please skip the first few paragraphs.

Today went something like this:

Mitt Romney won the GOP caucus in Nevada with 51%. Ron Paul came in a distant second with 13%, John McCain was third with 12%. My two favorite GOP candidates came in 2nd and 3rd. Distant 2nd & 3rd. Of course, Mitt Romney was the only major candidate who actually campaigned there. Ron Paul was the only other one who did. I think John McCain may have stumped out there over the summer, but he didn't once the caucus got close.

Hillary Clinton won a tight race in the Democratic caucus in Nevada. She got 51% of the vote to Barack Obama's 45%. John Edwards, who had been touting the fact that he was in a virtual 3 way tie in Nevada with the other two, got less than 4%. Some three way tie, huh?

Later in the day, the results of the GOP "first in the south" primary were announced. The vote was too close to call for quite a while. Finally, John McCain was declared the winner with 33% of the vote. Chucklebee, I mean Huckabee, got 30% of the vote. Good ol Fred Thompson came away with 16%, Romney with 15%. Ron Paul beat Giuliani and Duncan Hunter, again. Hunter promptly dropped out. Huckabee kissed McCain's ass up one side and down the other in his concession speech. He's such a sleaze, he makes my mind and my soul feel slimy. I'm convinced he'd be even worse than the 'evil chimp', and I never thought before that anyone could be that bad.

From the beginning of this process my thought has been that I wanted Huckabee or Thompson or Romney to win because I thought they would be the easiest Republicans for the Democrats to beat in the general election. However... for the past week or so, I've been rethinking my position. My opinion now is that the Republicans need to nominate the very best person for the job. Just like the Democrats need to do. It doesn't matter if it will be easy for the Democratic nominee to beat him. The only thing that matters is that both parties send the best person they have available to the general election.

And another reason I want the GOP to send their best, most competent person is because the Democrats are beginning to act just as stupid as they did the last two elections and I think there is a very real possiblity (oh woe is me!) that the Democrats will blow this one as well. They need to hold their fire until the general election. They need to get out in front of these conservative media, Repulican supported lies and erroneous, missleading stories that are already getting out there. But just like John Kerry's "swift boating" they are just sitting there doing nothing. I have not yet heard a one of the Democratic candidates out there disputing any of the lies, the missleading and outrageous statements that media members like Tucker Carleson, Joe Scarborough, most of the evil news puppets on Fox Noise, are putting out on the airwaves. It's frustrating.

I know their thought process is that they aren't going to "give credence" to the lies by acknowledging them. But with the stupid sheep in this country, that tactic doesn't work. Americans are no longer smart enough to understand something subtle. This generation of Springer watching, Limbaugh listening, Bush voting, drooling idiots don't get it. If you want them to believe that what someone says about you is a lie, you have to come out swinging. You have to get on the front page of the newspaper disputing it. You have to be the lead story on the evening news. And the more you shout, the more your face heats up, the more you wave your fists around, the more you are believed. I know, I know... it should be the other way around, but people are sadly unable to read real body language any more. I wonder how that happened? Well, the ability to think for ourselves has been all but bred out of us, no wonder we lost that ability, too.

Anyway, who the next President is, is a monumentally important decision in the life of our country. My opinion is that the very best person that the Republican's have available to them, the GOP candidate who can best lead the entire country, the only one who will actually represent all of us and not just the few who support him, is (drum roll, please) John McCain. I would have said Ron Paul, but I don't think he's got a snowball's chance in you-know-where to get the nomination.

Yesterday went something like this:

I got up early and took my pill. Then I had some coffee and took a shower and got ready for my follow-up diabetes class. I checked my sugar before breakfast and it was 300. Not good. I ate my breakfast (yuck, I hate eating that early) and went to class. Two hours after I ate, while I was in class, I checked my sugar again. It was 330. Worse. The class was enjoyable. The others were friendly and chatty. Nice. After class my diabetes coach came up and pulled me aside. She said that she wanted me to talk to my doctor about starting insulin. I don't want to. I think it's too soon for that. I've only been taking meds for it since October. I think we just don't have them quite right yet. I'm still not back to where I was before I got sick. As far as exercising goes, that is. I can only do 15 to 20 minutes at a time, yet. I managed to go 30 on Friday evening. But I was going so slow. I only went .81 miles. Before I got sick, I would have gone two miles in that amount of time. Or at least nearly two miles. Some days were always better than others. I'm sure if I can get more exercise, eat better, make sure I take my pills at the same time every day (which I don't always do cause I'm still not used to eating on a schedule yet) I can get my sugar down to acceptable levels without going on the insulin.

I really, really REALLY don't want to have to do that. The very thought is too scary for me. In my mind, insulin is what you do just before the diabetes kills you. I know in my head that it isn't that way anymore, but still... that's the way it always was when I was growing up. You heard that someone had diabetes. They started taking insulin. Parts started getting amputated. They died. Everybody said "How sad". End of story. I don't want to be that person they say "How sad" about.

So much for yesterday:

Today I walked for 15 minutes early. I went .46 miles. Then I walked another 15 minutes later. I got .45 miles. I didn't do any other exercises today. I was doing laundry nearly all day. Still didn't get the ironing done. Today was linens and towels day, as well as the usual. It made me tired. I stripped the beds and redid them. I gathered all the table runners, scarves, kitchen linens, etc. washed, ironed and replaced them all. What a chore. "We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!" I also flipped the mattresses today. Nearly knocked down the ceiling fan in our bedroom. Should have waked Pete up off the couch or pulled Thomas off his game to help me. It was really too heavy for me to do by myself. I just hate asking people for help. I'm too danged independant! I've always been the one who tried to do everything herself. I need to learn how to ask for help. I ain't getting any younger. One of these days I'm going to hurt myself thru being too stuborn.

Well, live and learn, right? I'm always after Pete for trying to do too much. I should listen to myself, eh? Like I'm always telling him, "I was right yesterday. I'm right today. And dammit if it don't look like I'm gonna be right again tomorrow! Get used to it." I should take my own advice.

Looks like any little chance for snow that we had has evaporated. Too bad, so sad. No snow for Holly. Maybe another time we'll get some. At least we didn't get any ice, either. That's a good thing.

By the way:

Has anyone noticed the theme-like way I titled my different modules on webjam? My son was amazed that his mother was that smart. (once I explained them all to him, that is).


pamwax said...

Ask for help. That is why we have husbands and kids.

You are doing great. It has taken me months to work myself up to 3 miles on the treadmill. And I can't go near as fast as I used to. I am really proud of how hard you are working.

Politics...I still am not sure who. I am really worried about this election. I wish it was tomorrow.

Jeannie said...

It sounds like your life was very rough at times. You have overcome many obstacles to become the kind and caring person you are today. I really admire you.

Jeannie said...

BTW, I did notice your new format change. It makes reading easier, especially for those (like me!) who have bad eyesight.