Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Thank you Nagano-san, you have made a difference in the lives of so many.

(That's all I'm going to say on that subject. With the sinus trouble I've had for the past week, I don't need to be crying.)

I sort of watched the coverage of the Iowa caucus. I have to confess that I don't really remember much of it. I had a bad prescription drug reaction that evening. When you couple that with my sugar being too high for too long and harsh words with my husband (who didn't at all understand what was going on and how bad off I was)... why, by the time I was done with crying and trying to kill myself, the night was nearly over. I can joke about it now, but while it was happening it wasn't funny in the least. I kissed my son and hugged him, told him I loved him and walked off down the street. I still don't know if I would have actually taken that last step, if Pete hadn't come after me, but it was in my mind that there was absolutely nothing to live for. I felt such pain and confusion... It was awful. I hope to never go thru that again.

Now, before you all start to think I'm a real flake...

SHE WON!!! SHE WON!!! WOO HOO! YIPPEE! HURRAH! Billary, I mean, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of the New Hampshire primary! I'm so happy. Jeez, I must really be a Clinton supporter in my heart, eh? I mean, I like Obama. I like his wife, she's really smart, nearly as good on the stump as her husband. I was planning to blog about my impressions of all the candidates, and I might still do that, but this is HUGE! Every pundit, every media personality in the world has been talking all day about how Obama had this all sewn up. That Hillary had to win New Hampshire or she was out of it and that Obama was polling so high that she couldn't win, so it was all over for her already. And now she's won! She's won! She's won! (yes, I am doing a classic Saturday Night Live/Dana Carvey/Church Lady 'Superior' dance in honor of her victory) Who knew I felt that strongly about Hillary Clinton? Oh foo-ey! You guys probably really think I'm a flake now, eh?

As I was saying... I was going to give a big dissertation on all the remaining candidates. I had planned to say something about how if you thought you didn't like Barrack Obama and you were certain that you wouldn't vote for him, you'd better not watch his stump speech. He is very good on the stump, very inspiring. And his wife is too. She's so personable, smart, witty, cute, a 'real' person. She seems more like a regular person you can relate to than he does. His personality is just too large for me to get my mind around. I can't explain it any better than that. He speaks in such large, grandiose terms. He does embody hope, encouragement, confidence. But, perhaps as his wife says, I am too cynical to believe. Anyway... I know I've said it before on this blog but I'm always leery of following the herd. So many times the herd ends up stampeding off a very high cliff. I like Obama, as I've said, but I'm not jumping off a cliff for anyone for any reason (at least as long as I don't get ahold of any bad drugs). After having listened to him more closely I'm more likely to be able to support him whole-heartedly if he gets the nomination, but I was already pretty sure of that.

I'm still not quite sure if Hillary will do the job she knows she has to do, or will she break the other way just because she doesn't want to do what everyone says Bill would do in any given situation; will she do something wrong just because Bill advises her to do one thing and she wants to prove she can do things her own way. Know what I mean?

Anyway... after all this soul searching, debate watching, researching of the candidates, I've finally reached a conclusion. When the primary comes I am going to go into my polling place, proudly ask for a Democratic ballot and I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Not because I'm sure she can or will do the job. Not because she's Bill Clinton's wife. Not because I think she's the best candidate, yadda yadda yadda... I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. It's that simple. Perhaps that's being shallow, or silly or whatever, but when it comes right down to it, what's to stop me? Can she do a worse job than that chimp-face we've got right now? Puh-leeze. Kucinich could do a better job than him. Hell, Gravel might be able to do a better job than Mr. Walks-like-a-baby-with-a-full-diaper.

So that's the long and the short of it. I didn't come to this conclusion until just now, but that's what I'm going to do. Who knows when or if I will get another opportunity to vote for a woman for President? A woman who is a bonafide, certified viable candidate for President, anyway.

All I'm going to say about the Repugnicants tonight is this: have they even talked to a real person lately?! I watched them on the ABC debate after Iowa, and they just sounded like the same old debates they've been having for all of my life. They didn't sound excited, they didn't sound hopeful. They sounded blah, ho-hum, dull... and they look so plastic. (See my previous post on evil news puppets.) That Willard "Mitt" Romney is so plastic, I bet he'd melt if he stood too close to the heater vent. I like John McCain, I respect him, but... he's 71 years old! No, no, no! I don't mean it like that! You all know my husband is 25 years older than me. It's just that, this is the office of President! It's too risky, too chancy that we will be stuck with whomever he chooses as his running mate then we'll have a President that we didn't actually elect. Who (besides me) ever stops to think whether or not the person our candidate chooses for a running mate is a person we would vote for for the office? John McCain is just too risky because of his age. Sorry, but there it is. That's how I feel. The job is just too important. Besides, I just will not vote for a Republican for any major elected office ever again in this lifetime. I won't, won't, won't! Never say never, but still... I just don't see myself ever doing it, and that's just because of the job that evil monkey has done over the last 7 years.

Well, it's late and I'm tired and sleepy, so I'll say G'nite for now. Perhaps I will break down my opinion of the rest of the candidates tomorrow. Perhaps, perhaps not. My sister-in-law told Pete while he was in Las Cruces that she wants to come for a visit next month. I'm delighted. I love Sara. She's a wonderful person, but... she has a professional maid who comes and cleans her house twice a week. I don't have a maid, professional or otherwise, and I hate cleaning house. My house isn't filthy, but it's packed to the rafters with stuff. I have dust-bunnies under my bed and behind the couch, etc., etc. And I don't want to feel embarrassed. So Thomas and I will begin some intensive house cleaning. Pete's friend Lee is also talking about coming for a visit. Again, I'm delighted. I like Lee, and even if I didn't, he's Pete's oldest friend, how could I not make him welcome?

So... nite, nite, sleep tight, Everybody,


pamwax said...

Don't take any more walks. Look up my number on the internet and give me a call if there is a next time.

I think I am a Hillary voter also. I still not sure this country has evolved enough to elect a women but we can always hope. I watch the other side and wonder who would be the lesser evil. One would hope you can't get worse than we have now.

I would talk to my friend in LC but she is staunch for the other side so we don't talk politics. They actually like Bush and it is so hard to keep my mouth shut.

Remember call me if you need to talk.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

God willing, I will not ever go thru that again. See, what the deal was is this: I've been taking meds for anxiety and I let myself run out so I didn't take them for two days and then I got my scrip refilled and I started taking them again and that night I just went crazy. The next day I actually read the warning that the pharmacy gives out with those pills and it turns out that doing what I did is a real big no-no. Oh well, I will know better next time, eh? Don't let yourself run out of those little peach colored pills, Holly!
I feel lots better now, but had a really rough 2-3 days. Funny that it didn't actually hit me until I had started taking them again.
Anyway, I fear you are right about this country not being evolved enough to elect a woman President. I hope we are both wrong. We'll see, won't we?
Thanks Pam.

nutz4nagano said...

Hi Holly - I think I know pretty well what taking many medications can do to you, especially if they are not taken as prescribed. They put me in the hospital a couple of times last year because of passing out. I hope you never experience that again, and as Pam said "no more walks". You gotta just take one day at a time, Holly. I won't preach to you because I know how you feel about that, but at least know that there are many people who love and respect you and you are a very important part of their lives. They will all be there for you when you need them, just as you are there for them. And I include all your friends here when I say that. Oh yeah, one more thing Holly, as far as dust bunnies go, I could probably put leashes on a few around here and take them for walks. I do what I can, and what I can't do can wait until I can do it. Don't get overwhelmed Holly. Contact me anytime you feel the need. Take care.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

You can preach to me any time you like, Nutz. I have a great deal of respect for people who have real, true faith. I sometimes envy them their ability to believe so deeply. What peace they must have, to not be questioning all the time.

nutz4nagano said...

You give me much more credit than I deserve Holly. I have many unanswered questions, and which will probably remain unanswered. Where faith works is not to look for answers, but as I've said before, to look for the strength and courage needed to deal with those things for which there are no answers. I will never utter the words "Why are these things happening in my life?" but rather "Help see me through this". And you know what, when you look deep enough inside yourself, that courage is there, it's always been there, just waiting to be called on.