Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Wonder If Nagano-san Likes Hot Cocoa...

... it was just one of those weird thoughts. I like it. Not the store-bought "instant", "hot chocolate" variety, but real, home-made from quality bitter cocoa, hot cocoa. I like mine a lot less sweet than most folks do, but then, I'm not real keen on many sweet drinks. I even take my coffee with just a little cream, no sugar; and my tea is always unsweetened. Sweet tea just turns my stomach. Hubby says that's how you can tell I'm not a true, proper Southern girl (which I am, a true one, leastwise). That's okay, if being a proper Southerner means drinking that syrup he likes, I'll just not be proper. Wait a minute, back up a little, I've never been accused of being proper anyway. Oh well, nothing to worry about then, I can just keep on drinking my unsweetened iced tea and enjoy it.

Back to Nagano-san: I know that was maybe a strange question to ponder, but I do that sometimes. Ya'll know I love to cook but more than that, I love to feed people. Nourishing people with good food is nourishing to my soul. I love to watch people visibly enjoy a meal I've prepared for them. It's a very satisfying experience for me. So I was wondering the other day, what kind of meal would I prepare for Nagano-san if I ever had the chance? Sorry, I relate to people with food. Like the late, great Benny Parsons. I just loved that guy. Although I always knew I would never meet him, I always wanted to fix a meal for the man. I always fantasized about serving him a big plate of fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, corn on the cob, and cherry pie. I don't know why. I guess because of little things he would say on air. Technically he was not a Southern boy, he was born in Michigan, but because of his career, he was practically a Southern boy. I think he would have enjoyed my fried chicken. I don't make it much any more since it isn't very good for you and all of us need to limit our fat intake, but I make killer fried chicken. The best. I guess I learned how to make it right because it's always been my most favorite thing to eat in the world. I say I make killer fried chicken, but mine isn't that great compared to my Granny's. But that's the way it's supposed to be, I guess. That women could have fried mud pies and made them taste good. She was the very best at frying foods. She had a knack for it.

Anyway... so I've been wondering what meal I would serve to Nagano-san, if I could, and I just can't decide. For some reason when I think of him and food, I think of blueberries. Blueberries and salads with bitter greens and a sweet-tart dressing. For whatever reason, I can't imagine what type of meat I would feed him. Beef, I think. But I'm not that good with beef. I do better with pork and most any type of fowl than I do with beef. I make a really good pot roast, but I don't see pot roast when I look at Nagano-san. Perhaps no meat at all. Maybe lentils with fresh herbs and grilled veggies? Fruit for dessert? Pineapple and strawberries and honeydew melon? Fresh fruits with the "Fluffy Stuff" on the side? The fluffy stuff is one 8 oz. block of cream cheese, 1/2 pint of whipping cream, a couple of drips of vanilla extract and one of almond extract, sugar to taste. First you whip the cream until it's very stiff, then in a separate bowl you beat the cream cheese until it's smooth, then add the extracts and the sugar and continue beating until the sugar is dissolved (I use only 1/4 to 1/3 cup of sugar when I make it, but you can use more if you like). Fold in the whipped cream and viola! A little taste of heaven to dip your fresh fruit in, or top your strawberry shortcake with. No, you can't eat it all the time, but it is quite yummy for an occasional treat. So... what do you think of my Nagano-san menu? Does it sound nice? Does it sound cobbled together? I mean, does it sound like the items would go together well? I just don't see heavy foods when I look at him. I see healthy, nourishing, light yet satisfying foods when I look at him.

On a more somber note: I stopped by Konpira's site one last time today. It was so sad. Like an empty house. I am so happy that Bunny came to our rescue and set up a site for us. I felt so much relief and happiness when she did that and everyone started moving over. But still, to look at that nearly blank page that is left at the old site... it just touched me. That's where I made all these wonderful new friends, found inspiration, companionship, understanding, humor, support, so many good things. Too many to list. It was there that I first came out of "my shell" so to speak and re-learned how to talk to people (type to people anyway), how to be a part of a community again. I was like a little child starting kindergarten. I guess now I'm moving up a grade, eh? Growing, changing, learning new stuff... it's good, very good. I won't go back and look at the old webjam again, its just too depressing. And why should I be depressed? We're still all together, thanks to Bunnyboo. She gets the "Knight In Shining Armor" award for sure.

Oh, did I tell you guys about the new Oriental Market that just opened up in my neighborhood? Thomas and I went to check it out a week or so ago. It's fantastic! They have so much stuff in there. Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese... stuff I'd never seen before, stuff that used to be a "staple" in my house until we moved here and I could only get it on-line, stuff I'd heard about but never tried. I didn't buy anything cause that's not what I was shopping for that particular day, but we just wanted to go in and see what they had. And they had lots. Now I just need to go down the other way and visit the Japanese market that opened up. I don't go that way often, but it's not far out of the way, only about a mile and a half from my house. It's way cool, I think, that little ole Martinez, GA is getting ethnic markets. I've missed shopping that way ever since I moved from central Florida. I will make a habit of shopping at them and recommend them to everyone because I want them to stay in business.

That's about it for tonight, my friends. I'm starting to get sleepy now. See you all tomorrow.


pamwax said...

Everything you cook sounds good. Cutey did tell me once that the man liked beef. I had told her I wouldn't cook I would just take him out for Texas bar-b-que. Anyway when he comes for dinner invite me too.

BTW I can't stand sweet tea.

Jeannie said...

I drink my iced tea without sugar.

I haven't been able to read everyone's blog lately because I've been so busy, but I left some messages at Pamwax's blog for you to read too.

BTW, I'd feed Nagano-san a generous cut of prime rib with my rosemary garlic red potatoes and a green veggie on the side. For dessert- a small slice of angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Yummy, prime rib. Your menu sounds wonderful, Jeannie.
I hope you are doing all right. You are on my mind constantly. All will be well. We will all be well. So be it.