Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beauty In the Eyes of Beholders....

So, saw a headline on the news ticker this morning calling what Hillary won in Florida last night a "Beauty Pageant". How condescending is that? I understand that no delegates were seated for the Democrats last night. But over 1.5 million Florida Democrats spent the time and effort to go out and vote yesterday, even tho the DNC has denied them a voice in the process. Which, by the way, I think is illegal. That's "voter disenfranchisement", isn't it? I thought it was illegal in this country to deny the vote to anyone who is a citizen and not a felon and is properly registered. And when Hillary showed up in Florida after the polls had closed, to give a victory speech and thank her supporters, nearly one million of them, everyone jumped on her for "breaking the pledge" not to campaign down there. Well, the polls were closed, she wasn't campaigning, she was thanking. I swear, the media are really getting on my nerve about this. They are all so biased toward Barack Obama, and guess what? If he gets the nomination I will be biased toward him too. But he hasn't got the nomination yet... they should just let it play out and let the American people decide.

In point of fact, tho, the American people do not decide. The whole system is so convoluted and weighted in favor of these "Super Delegates" and the Party heads and the candidates themselves. We actually have no say in the matter of who gets the nomination for our party. No more do we have a real say in who gets the job at the end of this long, drawn-out process of electing a President. The more I learn about it, the more I am convinced that the whole time-consuming ordeal is just a snow job by the powers that be to trick "We the People" into thinking that we really do have a voice, when in fact, we do not. I don't understand how the system got so crooked; when it started, why... I only know that our government has turned into the "evil machine" that sci-fi writers try to scare us with. The AI that takes control and won't let go and can't be shut down and only cares about it's own survival.

John Edwards bailed out today. He hasn't endorsed anyone yet, and I'm not sure who it would help and who it would hurt if he did. Say he endorses Obama; that might lead some (i.e. the media) to accuse the "boys" of ganging up on the "girl", and might be a help for Hillary instead of helping Obama. Or, he endorses Hillary; which could lead to some saying the whites are pairing up against the black. Personally, I hope he stays neutral. I wonder what the ramifications are for the debate tomorrow night? It will just be Hillary and Obama on the stage. There will be more moderators there than candidates. That's kind of funny, if you think about it. It's kinda sad, too. We started this election cycle with so many good candidates. I really like Joe Biden. He's an incredibly intelligent man. However, they've all fallen by the wayside, and now we are down to two. I can't wait until Super-Duper Tuesday, when I can go down and cast my vote for Hillary. I'm planning a nice little feast for the occasion. Special food, a few decorations, an evening of watching the returns come in. How exciting.

John McCain won the GOP primary in Florida. Thank Goodness! 36% of the vote to Romney's 31%. Rudy finished 3rd and bailed. He's going to endorse McCain some time today. Huckasleeze came in fourth and Ron Paul came in fifth. They had Thompson and Hunter on the ballot as well, but the votes they got were negligible and had to have been mostly "voter error". I'm just glad that it wasn't really, really close. I was cringing at the thought of a re-count.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will have a hard time beating McCain if he gets the GOP nomination. I don't care. Naturally I want the Democrat to win, but just in case... I want someone running for the GOP who will represent me, too. Just in case the Democrats don't win. Romney doesn't want to be my President any more than Bush does. At this point in time, as a Democrat, I have no representation. I think that if John McCain gets the GOP nomination and he beats the Democratic nominee in the general to become President, he will be President for me and everyone else.

I was going to try to dredge up some more of my childhood memories, but that sounds like too much work, right now. I will have to do that later. Just wanted to jot down some of my impressions of last night and today.

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