Monday, January 14, 2008

If you're that dadgum stupid, lady...

Megachurch leader charged with perjury

I don't want to say you deserve what happened to you, but really! How could you stand to stand up in court and tell the whole frickin' world that you are that stupid and gullible? I'm just saying...

Obviously, I don't know any more of the details of the case than were in the article above, but seriously! You see why I call them "sheep"? Most of the people that go to those kinds of places are sheep. They can no more think for themselves and reason things out for themselves than a sheep can. Have any of them ever once bothered to read the actual, real Bible for themselves? I don't think so. And the sad part is I don't think any of them want to think for themselves. They just want to sit around all cow-eyed and let some yahoo who calls him or her self a preacher tell them what to do. How to live, who to love, who to hate, who to fear (most especially who to hate & fear), who to vote for, what to wear, what books to read, what books to not read, what places to vacation at, etc.

Anyway, I just saw that news article and it just struck a nerve.

I managed to walk for a whole 16 and a half minutes today and went just over a half mile (.55 miles). My sugar wasn't as good as yesterday after my walk, it was 248. I don't know what I did wrong. I took my meds properly and I didn't eat anything I wasn't supposed to... sometimes it's like that. I feel pretty good, tho, all things considered.

I didn't get any yard work done today. It was cold and windy. Windy enough to blow your wig off, if you know what I mean. I worked on my new blog. And I did make homemade tortillas, using corn flour and whole wheat flour. I didn't have any mesa harina, but I don't really like that anyway. I put a cup of regular corn flour in the food processor and whizzed it around until it was quite fine, then sifted it. The tortillas turned out tasty. A little too thick to roll into a burrito or fajita, more like a roti than a tortilla, actually. But I guess I should expect that. I have way more experience making roti than I do tortillas. I used the tortilla press, too, which I don't use much. I get better results when I roll them out with a rolling pin, but I wasn't real excited about doing all that at the time. They were just for eating with the beef stew anyway, and for that they were just fine. I used a couple to make Thomas fajita pizzas tho. He didn't want beef stew, it had parsnips and rutabagas in it with the potatoes and beef. I like root vegetables. I would use them more if Thomas didn't whine like a two year old about it.

Tomorrow is the last Democratic debate (until the next one) so Thomas and I will stay up and watch it and eat party food and snacky stuff and dissect what the candidates say and poke fun at them and stuff. Then I will come here and tell you guys what I thought of the whole thing. Kucinich is trying to get on the stage with the others and the network, NBC, is trying to keep him off. I don't think that's precisely fair, but guess what? Life ain't fair. In fact, life is more unfair than not. Life doesn't care about fair, life just is. It's for us to accept it as it is and keep on going. But on the other hand... having him there does provide a little much needed humor to the formalities. Besides, he does have a way of keeping them honest, not letting them stray too far away from the truth.

Think I will close for now and go read some on my book. After I check in at Bunny's, of course. Please feel free to check out my new blog, if you like cheese that is. The link can be found on this page right under the picture of my eyeballs, right where it says "My Other Blog".


pamwax said...

Andy used to whine about the onions. Oh wait he still does. I don't think he belongs to us because we love onions.

I have often wondered about the brains of the sheep. I was flipping through channels one day and some yahoo was tell you how to leave your house and stocks to his church. I was thinking how stupid are these people, no one would do that but they do. Boggles the mind!

tricia said...

It always gives me the creeps when I hear someone i.e. preacher, teacher etc., say that their way is the only way and people's brains turn to mush and they tag along. That's when my BS meter goes off and I back away quickly. It's really sad that people can't think for themselves these days. Are we becoming a nation of blind sheep? Scary.