Thursday, February 14, 2008

That just ticks me off!

So, our economy is in the crapper and our august members of congress, in their infinite wisdom, are spending hours and days and thousands (if not millions) of our tax dollars grilling baseball players about their steroid use! That makes so much sense to me. NOT! Why are they bothering with this crap when so much more important stuff needs to be done? If baseball players indulged in illegal drugs, let the civil authorities handle it. Why do they get a big ol hearing before congress? The rest of the drug dealers and drug users in this country just get a little time in front of the local magistrate. If anything. What makes baseball players anymore important than Joe Pothead off the street? The shit that's going on in this country is just mind boggling. The media uses words like 'disconnect' and 'out of touch' and 'misguided'... but what does that really mean? What does it really mean when our way of life, our survival, is at risk and they just go along playing their silly little games (like that stupid staged walk out of the Repukelicans today over the FISA bill). And history talks bad about Nero for fiddling while Rome burned. Puh-leeze! People we have a whole Congress full of Neros and they are all getting paid more than most of the people who 'elected' them, and they are all fiddling while the rest of us burn. And no one seems to care. Everyone just keeps on going to their jobs, keeps on paying their taxes, keeps on spending every little bit of money they have, keeps on worrying about ignorant shit that don't amount to a hill of beans and they don't say anything about what our government is doing!!! How stupid have we become as a society? The federal government has been working for decades to turn us all into sheep who will follow along blindly and never question our elected officials, and that's what we've become. It's so sad.

And I use that term "elected" officials very loosely. If anyone bothers to learn about the way the people in our government get the jobs they hold, they will swiftly come to realize that "We The People" don't "elect" anyone. Elections are all smoke and mirrors. Tricks to make us believe we have a voice. A street magicians sleight of hand to keep us looking at one hand while they pick our pockets with the other. It's all just a paliative to keep us in line.

Well, that's my rant for the day. If I keep on, I may bust a vein.
See you later.

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pamwax said...

The government has no place in baseball. This is baseball's problem and they need to clean it up. Politicians are egotists and they see a chance to bring down one of the top players of the day. That is why they are doing it. Believe me if the the only players mentioned in the Mitchell report had been no names they wouldn't have bothered.