Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gee, My Letter Is "G"

My dear friend, Bunny, tagged me with the letter G. Let's see if I remember the rules of this little game...

Okay, this is what Serena, at Savvy Verse & Wit says:
"With that letter create your list of 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and when people comment on your post, you must assign them a letter to keep the meme going."

So, lets get to work, shall we?

1. The obvious, and a little bitty cheat, would be: Good friends, Good food, Good music... but I'll try not to use that ploy again. :-)

2. Gorgeous Guys I can't help it. I just love looking at guys. Men. Fellas. Whatever you want to call them. I like to observe...

3. Geeks and more geeks. Geeks are beautiful. They know things... they aren't afraid to be different. They go their own way and are seemingly unafraid to do so. I admire them.

4. Grocery shopping. Yeah, I know... it's weird. I think it ties in with my fear of going hungry. If I can afford to go buy groceries then I'm not hurting too bad yet, financially speaking. Also, I love to cook (but Bunny got that letter, so I'm improvising), so buying food is something that I naturally would enjoy, right? Grocery stores are a stimulus to my creative cooking urges. There are so many things to look at, wonder about...

5. Gladiolas When I lived in Florida many years ago, I had banks and banks of these delightful flowers growing on the sunny side of the house. It was a glorious, riotous show of color. I tried once to grow them here in GA but the corms got all dug up by pesky squirrels and I had no flowers. So... I never did that again.

6. Grasses & Grains blowing in a stiff breeze. Its an image that is at once soothing and exciting to me. Soothing for the gentle motions. Exciting for the sheer power and grace of it. The image of such fields gives one a strong feeling of goodness, safety, life, bounty... muchness.

Hummmm, this is getting harder... perhaps I will pause here and go do something else for a while.

Another one:

8. Graciousness. Politeness, niceness... whatever you want to call it. It is the grease that enables the wheels of society to turn smoothly. So many people are not gracious now days. I think parents have forgotten to teach it to their children. That is sad. I try to be. I know I don't always succeed, but I do try. And I have tried to make my son understand the importance of it. People who are kind and gracious without having to work at it are special.

Oh! Here's another one!

9. Garum Masala. This spice mixture from India is a beautiful, beautiful thing. The aroma is a delight to the soul. Savory, warm, mouth-watering... if you have never tried it, you really really should. The basic mix is black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. I like to add a bit of lemon powder or lemon zest to mine, also. This is a very versatile spice mixture, and I think every family must have their own way of doing it. If you don't make your own, Nirav is a fairly good brand of pre-mixed to purchase.


10. Greek Mythology. There was a time in my life when I was very young when I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. Or a museum curator. I think I read everything on Greek mythology and Greek history, as well as Greek architecture, and Greek Classics... I immersed myself in all things Greek. It is still an extremely interesting subject for me.


Anna said...

Great list! I enjoy grocery shopping, too, especially when I'm bored with what's currently in the house. And I love to cook!

Since you love cooking, you might be interested in a book I recently reviewed here.

pamwax said...

Great list SKW. I am too scared to ask for a letter. Just not as creative as you all.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I read that review, Anna. It sounds like a good book. Now... if I could just find the time to actually sit down and READ a book. :-)

Pam, you are too creative. Just look what you are doing with your son's students. That's creative. And wonderful. So, if you care to give it a try... I give to you the letter... drum roll, please... "L". I give you the letter L. Only if you want to give it a try, tho.

Jeannie said...

Hey! Nice list...did you forget #7?

You know, I feel the same about a great many gorgeous guys. Who doesn't love 'em? But I guess the one I relate to the most is the grocery shopping. I don't think it's weird. Well maybe a little, but then that puts us both in the geek category, which I guess is a cool thing.

Thanks for your list. :D

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey! I did miss number 7. How did I manage that? Guess I shouldn't have stopped after 6, eh? Let's see... #7... Greens? Gabbing? Garters? Giving? Garbanzo Beans? Gladness? Uncle Gene? It appears that I left out more than the number seven. :)

Love ya, Jeannie.

pamwax said...

Well at least one person was paying attention. I missed that you missed #7. We are so lucky to have Miss Jeannie to keep us on out toes.

Mr. Mike said...

Very nice list! The image of grains and grasses blowing around does sound like it would be relaxing, I imagine it would be nice to watch the wind blow patterns across them.

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