Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic Convention 2008 - Day Two

Wow!!! Last nights speeches by Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama were wonderful. They made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel proud to be American. But tonight's speeches were so far over anything I've heard so far. I hope Barrack gives the best speech of his life on Thursday night because if he doesn't... he stands to be upstaged at his own convention.

I watched primarily msnbc and CNN coverage with a tad of Fox Noise (just to see what the enemy is up to, you know) but I did turn on C-span just in time to see Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's speech. This guy is fantastic! Part comedian, part old-time Revival tent Preacher, part used car salesman. I really enjoyed his speech, which was not shown on any of the news channels and really should have been. He whipped up the crowd like no one I've seen in a very long time. Especially for someone who is not a national figure. For pure entertainment purposes, here it is from youtube:

Then former Democratic Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, gave the "keynote" speech. It was a good speech and he's an articulate, pleasant looking, politician. But he didn't actually stir me much. I mean, I agreed mostly with what he said, obviously, but then... I mostly agreed with what Bob Casey said in his speech and I have huge differences of opinion with him. The overall theme of this convention so far seems to be "unity", "togetherness", "healing". That idiot Pat Buchanan on msnbc keeps finding fault with that and saying that the Democrats are not playing politics the way it's played in America. Well, maybe more Americans than me are tired of our leaders "playing" around with our country's well-being. I like it. I like the speeches about the future, about how China is getting a jump on us toward that future. I like the emphasis on Globalization and the need for us to keep up. I like the talk about the need to stop focusing on "left" or "right", "white" or "black", "moderate" or "liberal". I heard one repugnicant pundit making fun of Warner's speech about the need for good ideas and a willingness to work together to get the things done that need to be done. Well, if that's the way Repukelicans feel... then... well... I just can't think of anything bad enough to say about them. I can't for the life of me understand how normally rational, intelligent people who say they care about their Country and their fellow man can be Republicans anyway. The two things, being republican and being a caring person, are so opposite.

Anyway... then I watched Hillary's speech. She was magnificent! Wonderful! Frickin' AWESOME! She spoke of her accomplishments and experiences on the campaign trial briefly. She spoke of her support for Obama. She spoke about the need to come together as a party and as a Country. She spoke of her respect for John McCain and then the reasons why everyone should NOT vote for him. Then that idiot Pat Buchanan said something about: that won't change any one's mind. Hillary doesn't have supporters, she has followers who are in love with her and she can't transfer that love to Obama. How stupid is that? I love Hillary too. But I'm voting for Obama. I'm supporting him wholeheartedly. I had already come to that decision, but if I hadn't, I would just because she asked me to. That doesn't transfer the way I feel about her to him. Why should it? I just don't get the idea behind that statement from Buchanan. It just doesn't compute for me. But I see now the theme that the repugnicants are going to take. They are saying over and over again that Hillary and Bill don't REALLY want Obama to win. The Dems are STILL divided. I tried to listen to Fixed News some to see what they were saying, but it was so bombastic. So obviously wrong. So far away from the truth... I can't see how they have such a following. But then again, I couldn't understand how George W. Bush got elected President. TWICE!!! So, I guess one question answers the other, doesn't it? Lots of idiots watch Fox Noise. Lots of idiots voted for good old, I'd like to have a beer with him, George. And look what we got. Now most of us can't AFFORD beer! Who was it who said: "A people get the government they deserve." or some words to that effect. Except that... I'm a people, and I certainly don't deserve this.
So... that's my impression of tonight. I'm really looking forward to Bill's speech tomorrow. And the roll call. Bill was there tonight watching Hillary and he looked so proud of her. I know he's the consummate showman, but I love him. He's THE MAN! I don't care what anyone says about him. He will go down in history as our greatest President. EVER.

And now I'm going to go to bed. Keith Olbermann just said Roll Call will kick off when they return tomorrow afternoon at 5pm eastern. I don't know if he meant that they will kick off their coverage of it then or if it will in actuality begin at that time. I will be checking in with C-span throughout the day, just in case.

Bye for now.


pamwax said...

I agree whole heartedly. Hillary's speech was awesome. I didn't see Warner but Schweitzer was fantastic. I really enjoyed him. We don't usually watch this stuff but last night hooked me.

Arsenette said...

I purposefully don't watch any conventions.. speeches put people in office but they don't show how they can lead. I mean that for everyone :p

As for Buchanon as much as he drives me insane 99% of the time he is correct about the divisiveness. I frequent a few boards not related to Sasuke and I can't Believe the infighting between the Obama/Clinton supporters. Even the Independents are going insane. And here we are in August.. 3 months to the Elections and to them in the other boards there is no clear winner in the Dem's side. Obama's side is saying they have the votes and Clinton saying she's the only electable one. Sound bites, words taken from written speeches when they were like 12 years old, someone's grandmother's aunt's cousin twice removed being interviewed.. I haven't seen such a bitter battle going on in the year's I've seen politics.

I've mentioned before I can't stand anyone running this time around and for the first time I'm not voting for anyone. I think we are screwed either way and I haven't in my heart vote for someone I do not believe fits the job. Enjoy the rest of the convention and if you don't like Fox News don't watch and complain LOL. I love Fox News.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Like I said, I watch so I can know what the enemy is up to.

Arsenette said...

I don't consider Liberals my enemy to the contrary. They share different views from me and therefore being tolerant I don't find it in my heart to consider them my enemy. I think as a whole the liberal movement is damaging more than edifying, just like communism but still many people hold this view. It's a viewpoint, a way of thinking and therefore should be respected. I can't call them my enemy.

pamwax said...

This is the first time in a long time ...since Clinton...that I am hopeful. Neil and I don't have much in the way of a retirement plan and it has been painful to watch it all go down the drain the past 8 years.

It has also been especially painful to watch Americans die in a war we should have never been in and that we can not win.

My pocketbook and peace of mind need a change.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Amen, Pam! I have been disillusioned, disenfranchised, and utterly disappointed in this administration and the Republican party.
Bush/Cheney are liars, theives and plunderers. Fox News and the people who put their faith in them and others like them are accessories to the crime of raping the middle class, murdering our men and women in uniform and destroying a huge swath of the middle east. Not to mention making us (Americans) hated around the entire planet. You know... it used to be countries like the old Soviet Union North Korea who were vilified around the globe. Now we are. The people who voted for that bastard have a LOT to answer for. Not the least of which is several thousand American soldier's lives and the untold (unreported) numbers of innocent Iraqi lives.
That's my opinion and since this is my blog, I feel I have the right to express it.

Jeannie said...

The pain of this war has recently hit me first hand, since the death of Private First Class Jennifer Cole- a middle school and high school friend.

My vote is going to whoever will finally bring our troops home.

Arsenette said...

I'm aware that it's your blog LOL I just happen to watch who it is specifically I lump in my righteous anger when I post things. If I read it correctly I fit in that category and should be vilified, skined alive, burned at the stake and thrown in Hades for eternity.

snowy said...

For the first time in a long time (8 years, actually), I find myself in a position where I'm going to vote FOR someone, as opposed to voting AGAINST someone else. It's a good feeling.

pamwax said...

Jeannie I am sorry to hear about your friend. Everytime I hear about another death or injury in Iraq, it breaks my heart.

With all the places in the world where there are abuses of human rights, the present PTB only seem to have the need to step in where there is OIL.

Does the phrase "feathering your own nest" come to mind.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Jeannie. I know that we lived on pins and needles the whole year and half that my cousin Donnie was over there. South side of Bahgdad. Not a good place to be. I was so worried about that little poot. He was always such a scrawny, skinny little kid. Grew up to be a fine man and a fine soldier. So glad he came home in one piece. Physically, that is.

Elsie, I love you. End of story.