Monday, October 29, 2007

Postcards from a long time ago

Have been busy these past couple of weeks with scanning old family pictures and putting them on a web-page. These things are really a treasure beyond price. You can see the family resemblance all the way back. Truly a treasure...

Another priceless treasure in my keeping is an old collection of postcards that my great-grandmother Edna Teague Bell kept. I believe they are all to her from various family members and friends. The earliest postmark I have seen so far is 1909. I am working on scanning them now. I have about one quarter of them done, so far. I will put them on a page, as well, once I have them all scanned.

I just had to share this one, tho... it is too funny.

The back of the post card reads,
"Hello Edna, how are you. We are having some rain. I forgot when your birthday was. Come down I have got a rich man to give you. May W".

I am not sure who May is, I don't think it is Edna's sister. She is most likely a cousin or other relation. I just thought that was so funny, "I have got a rich man to give you." Edna was my great-grandmother. She married late, for that time. She was in her 30's when she married Thomas Bell. She was a nurse and had been taking care of Thomas Bell's sick wife. After that wife died, she married him. That must have caused some raised eye-brows back then, not to mention whispers behind hands. However, it worked out for them. They remained married until his death, and had 5 children: Edward, Burl, Mattie, Clara, and Utley. Mattie was my grandmother, my Mom's mother.

Well, back to work. Have lots more postcards to scan. My sister and I did this several years ago, but the images were lost. I've been promising her for a year or longer that I would scan them again for her. She is the family genealogy guru. I'm just the keeper of the pictures.


Jeannie said...

That is a very nice postcard. Thanks for sharing it.

pamwax said...

My daughter-in-law is a Bell. Maybe you all are related. Love the post card. I get a kick out of some of the old cards and Valentines.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

We may well be, pam. It's a very large family. And scattered.

I'm still working on the postcards. There must be nearly 100 in that album and I've only got about 25 or so done. The cards are in pretty good shape, actually, but the album itself is pretty fragile. I'm trying to take good care as I take them out and put them back in. Will put them up on a page when I get them all scanned.