Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Long day...

Didn't sleep well last night (do I ever?). Then went to the wally world early (you will recall my deep feelings of disgust for that hell hole). Then.... drum roll, please.... went to the doctor. The result of which is - I have more Chantix (so that I can actually quit smoking), I have a bottle of prescription strength Zantac (just in case that is what is making my chest hurt), I have anxiety pills (because I have more stress right now than ever before in my life and I'm not dealing with it very well), I have Ambien (because not falling asleep until after 4am in the morning makes it very very hard to get back up at 7am), and I have Nasonex (because I just can't live with these sinus troubles any longer). I spent $220.00 at the pharmacy. Between all my bottles of pills and supplements and Pete's pills and supplements, my kitchen is beginning to resemble a pharmacy. I don't like it. But then, no one asked my opinion, did they? You do what you gotta do, eh?

So anyway, the EKG was fine, but he (the doc) sent me upstairs for chest x-rays anyway and he wants to send me to the cardiologist for a stress test and for "just because we want to be on the safe side". He said that if the x-rays showed something weird he'd call me tomorrow. I sincerely hope he doesn't call. I really like Dr. Hogue. He's a sweetie. He doesn't talk down to you and he has a very comforting manner.

And my sugar was 245. Not good. He's sending me for a glucose test, too. Yippee! I can hardly wait. I have done one of those before, way back when I was first pregnant with Thomas. That stuff they make you drink has got to be the nastiest stuff on the planet that anyone could ever put in their mouth. Back when I had mine before, they told me it was 'orange' flavored. Yeah right. Rotten orange flavored is more like. But the consistency of the stuff was even worse than the taste. It was sort of like warm, half-set jello, only more so, if you can imagine that. It was just gross and I'm nearly making myself ill just thinking about it. And I have until Nov. 3rd to dread it. Wish I could just go tomorrow and get it over with.

And then, as if going to the wally world and the doctor (and having to drive a van that is acting up again, only different this time) wasn't bad enough. I had to go to the grocery store, too. I was so tired by the time I got home and got everything put away and supper fixed, all I wanted to do was go lay down. But then Thomas felt ill and I had to tend to him, and Pete wanted brownies and ice-cream for dessert, so had to do that. I feel really pooped, right now.

So I think I will go take my Ambien and hope for a good night's sleep. I've never taken a sleep-aid of any sort and it's kinda making me nervous. But Dr. Hogue said it was non-addictive and that it would be okay. I trust him, I do, but still... it's kinda scary, even so.


Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. I hope your Ambien gives you a very comfortable night's sleep. You certainly deserve it.

P.S. If you are uncomfortable about taking a sleeping pill, ask your doctor about taking Benadryl instead. My hubby's doctor recommended this to him for sleep. It does work and it helps him breathe better at night. The poor guy suffers from horrible allergies and sinus problems.

Nighty night. Sweet dreams!

pamwax said...

I am really sorry you are not feeling well. I am lucky that asprin puts me to sleep. Since I take Zyrtec for allergy and BuSpar for anxiety I have no trouble getting to sleep. Staying asleep or good rem sleep now that is something else. Neil and I have started eating a handful of walnuts before going to bed. I read that they would help and I swear they do.

Walnuts are suppose to be a perfect food and have the same tripto-something that turkey does. Try some Holly. Even if it doesn't work they taste good.

Bunny is right Benadryl works too. I took it for years before the Zyrtec.