Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Walking Music for Today

Okay... I walked the entire 2 miles today!!! Hooray for Holly! Ain't I special? This is some of what I was listening to to keep my lazy butt moving:

Deee-lite ~ Groove is in the Heart

Elvis ~ One Night With You
One of my all time favorite Elvis songs.

Eric Clapton ~ She's Waiting
This song has a great walking tempo ~ for me anyway

The Romantics ~ What I Like About You
A very invigorating song

The Troggs ~ Louie Louie
I like this version better than the Kingsmen version.

Marvin Gaye ~ Let's Get It On
for when I had to take a little breather and slow it down a bit.

George Benson ~ On Broadway
Man, this song really gets you going. The lyrics are so determined. It helps.

Etta James ~ I Just Want To Make Love To You
I love Etta James. She is soooo bad she's good.

Willie Nelson ~ Whiskey River

Gary Wright ~ Our Love Is Alive
This song has a great groove.

There was, of course, a bunch more, but I won't bore you with ALL the details. Suffice to say it was a good walk, a good time, a good thing all the way around. I enjoyed the music, the exercise, the memories some of this music evokes.

Talked to my sister today. She's so FABU, and I can't wait to see her in person. I'm so excited to be going to see all my family. Uncle Donnie called today, too, to wish me a happy belated birthday and to talk about the reunion. This always happens. Tina called me the other day to discuss plans. The closer it gets to time the more phone calls everyone makes and plans are discussed, discarded, re-tooled, re-discussed, ad nauseum... it's so great. I hope no one shows their ass. But if they do... I hope I'm there in time to see it, this time. Ahhahahaha. I always miss those type things and then just get old moldy gossip about it afterwards. If Charles and Allen have a fistfight, again, I want to see it. And if Donald gets drunk and nearly kills himself, which he probably will, I want to be there to take pictures. Does that sound cruel? Well, you'd just have to know my family. I don't think any of them grasps the concept of having a good time without involving alcohol, or drugs or both. But it does lead to some very funny moments and no one, in my lifetime anyway, has ever gotten seriously hurt (except the time that Donald nearly cut his foot in half lengthwise when he stepped on a broken bottle while canoeing down Rock Springs Run. Good thing they were nearly to the end of it and could get him to a car and take him to the hospital quickly. As it was... it got infected and was a horrible mess and Tina thought he would loose his foot. But he didn't and it got better and he didn't learn anything from the experience... You guys should see the huge smile on my face right now. If you knew Donald, you would understand my grin better. I don't think he's been sober in the 10+ years I've known him. I can't think what Tina sees in him, but then... she probably can't see what I see in my man. Then again, sometimes I can't either. :)

Think I will hit the hay now. Enjoy the music everyone. G'nite.


Arsenette said...

Wow! Great music collection! Some of is was "new to me" but was great listening!

LOL your family sounds like family.. except the cursing would be in Spanish.. Oy.. I think we decided not to have family reunions because we'd figure the cops might meet their quota in one night!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Ahhahaha! That's why we always have them at private camp grounds and meeting facilities anymore. This year we are holding it at a private campground in the middle of the Ocala National Forest.

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks for the tunes! I haven't heard "Love Is Alive" in years, that was great!