Saturday, July 19, 2008


Not really fair is it? Since I just did hats on my last two. And guess what? I'm gonna do hats again on this one. Then, after I show off my hats, I'll blog about something else. Maybe a strange dream I had, perhaps a song I heard. I don't know yet. Right now, I got three hats to show you. And just three more left to do. Then my career as a Mad Hatter is over. Not that it hasn't been fun... but... I think I want to move on to something different now. I'm running out of ideas and also out of stuff to work with, so... and I AM NOT going to purchase any more stuff. I still have feathers, tulle and a few flowers. Lots of feathers, actually. Maybe I can find the patience to make a feather spray (fan) for one of the last three. Maybe...

Anyway, here's the three I did so far today.

Hat Number 6




Hat Number 7



Other side


Hat Number 8Front



So anyway... there they are. My man just don't get it. I was feeling so good and happy and silly and groovy and stuff and he made fun of my hats and just took all the fun out of it for a bit. Sort of like having ice water thrown in your face. But then, the poor man has no sense of humor anyway. How can I expect him to "get it"? His sense of humor is mummified. If he tried to limber up some and get silly, he would disintegrate and turn to dust.

That's not what I want to talk about tho. I don't want to think about it. I'm happy, happy, happy. I'm in my own little world where nothing bothers me and I'm not letting him in here with me to ruin my "special place". I am happy, truly I am.

I had the strangest dream last night. I don't know why. I mean, I wasn't even thinking about racing or anything like that yesterday or the day before. I been working on my hats and stuff. But last night I had a dream that I had a tryst with David Reutimann. Now don't get me wrong. He's one of my favorite drivers. He seems like a nice person, and he's got loads of talent. Plus... he's a good ol' Florida cracker head boy, so he's got that going for him. HA! And he is kind of cute,

but still... I so rarely remember my dreams and to think that I would remember one with him in it, when I've never actually entertained any deep thoughts about him. Strange.

I'm trying to watch the Nationwide Series race at Gateway tonight, which he is racing in, but they are having trouble keeping their lights on. It's an old, old raceway. But still... you'd think that they'd be better prepared for a live TV event. Oh well, that's racing. Anything can happen and usually does. Reutimann is running up front right now. Sweet. Perhaps I'll have to pay more attention to him. Wonder what that dream meant? It wasn't like I knew him or anything, not even in the dream. But we were sure making out. Very strange.

Anywho... I think I mentioned that I found my thumbscrews. Yep, I did. Anyway, one of the songs I listened to today was this one:

Brand New Key ~ Melanie

I remember this song from my childhood. I loved it when I was a very little girl, like before I started school or just after. Not sure when it came out, but I was very young. I know we were still living at my Granny's house and Virginia from across the street used to babysit us. She made a blue cake one day. It looked so weird, but it was tasty. She was a real "flower child", or would have liked to be, but her Dad was pretty strict and wouldn't let her indulge her "creative" side. She was a nice girl tho. I love her to pieces. Still keep in touch even tho she's been living in Canada for the past 30 years or so.

So.. that's my blog for today. Not very special I know, for post number one hundred, but there it is. I'm only partially here. I am, after all, watching the race.

See you all later. If I don't blog again before I go to FL, I will surely blog about that when I get back. Ta-ta for now.


Jeannie said...

Happy 100th post! Glad I've been with you from the beginning. I look forward to all of our wonderful blogging adventures together. :D

These hats here remind me of Easter Sunday. Now my family wasn't religious, but this is what I imagine when everyone puts on their very best and gets together with family. They are very pretty hats!

"How can I expect him to 'get it'?"

Tell hubby that #6 was made especially for him. Aw well, you said he doesn't have a sense of humor, so I doubt that'll put a smile on his face. Try wearing the hat (and only the hat). That should make him smile.

P.S. Thanks for the Melanie track. Wow- I haven't heard that in, well, I'd hate to guess how long it's been. It brings back some nice memories for me too.

Mr. Mike said...

Wow, that Melanie song takes me back. Great classic tune, makes me want to go ride my big wheel.

Arsenette said...

Never heard the song actually.. thanks for posting it!

I like the green one a lot! Different hat too! Happy 100th :D