Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yes, we have no bananas...

Actually, we do have bananas. What we do not have is unsalted peanuts and I'd really like to have some right now. Guess the cashews will have to do. Oh well, I like them too.

John McCain smiles way too much, and he says, "my friends" too much, and he blinks his eyes too much. And when he says something he knows isn't true (or the complete truth) he does this thing where he hunches his shoulders and begins to look like an evil little spider monkey thing. I can't believe I actually wanted him to win the repugnicant nomination. I thought he would be the best of a bad lot. Perhaps even be good for the country if he won thru to the White House. Now I'm not so sure. He seems to be trying to do exactly the same things that Rove did to get Bush elected. That's scary. I had hopes that McCain would actually be honest. I know... I know... he's a politician. Honesty is so far out of their collective reach it might as well be on another planet in some universe far, far away...

It was over 100 degrees today. That's way too hot for early/mid June. But there is no "Global Warming". Its all still a "theory", really. And what do I know? I just live here. The temperature shouldn't even be getting into the 90's yet.

Barack Obama is now the Democratic nominee. I voted for Hillary in the GA primary, so... he obviously was not my first choice. I'm really angry at Hillary for the stupid way she ran her campaign. She could have won! Actually, she should have run in 2004. She and Bill miscalculated badly. And they continued miscalculating and misjudging the temperature of the electorate. I think Bill is just too old. It is my hope that he behaves himself during the general election. The last thing we need is him out there sabotaging Obama's campaign the way he did his wife's. I have hopes that Obama can really change things the way he says he wants to. I know that the President doesn't (or rather, used to not) have more power than the Congress granted him. But perhaps he will be able to hold the attention of the American people for longer than 10 seconds. Maybe he can get the populace behind him and actually affect some change for the better. I have hopes... silly me, eh?

I have been so ill this weekend. Since Friday, actually. My women's curse, you know. A really bad one this time. Hate it when that happens. You want to get up and do things and take care of business and stuff and you can't . All you can do is lay on the bed, curled around a pillow, hoping like hell that you don't start heaving. Guess I didn't have enough calcium to stave off the cramps this time. It doesn't really stop them all together, but I do find that they aren't as bad as they can be, if I make sure I get enough. Would be so much easier to get an appropriate amount of calcium if I liked milk. But I don't. Except with Oreo cookies or the Famous Amos chocolate chip and pecan cookies. Dang! Wish I hadn't thought of those. They are really good.

Dang it! There were some things I wanted to bring up on the blog. Some points that I wanted to present to everyone. I was thinking about them while I was lying in bed suffering. Only, I didn't have a notebook nearby, so didn't write them down. So of course I can't remember them now. Isn't that the way it goes?

The Elf, Kasey Kahne, won the Cup race at Pocono today. Good enough. Stupid ol Kyle Busch came in dead assed last, which made the whole thing worthwhile television, in my book. Pocono is a long, long race. The track is weird shaped and was built for open wheel racing, not stock car racing. But stock car racing is their biggest money maker. Track is just too big for open wheel race cars. There isn't much passing in stock car races there, but open wheel cars are just pathetic to watch there. Speaking of open wheel racing... I caught a bit of the IRL race in Ft. Worth, TX last night, after the Nationwide Series race in Nashville, which Brad Keselowski won. (it should be noted that it was his first ever win in one of the three major NASCAR racing series) Poor Danika didn't do so well in the IRL race. Got wrecked into, I think. I confess that I was not quite fully awake as I was watching that race, but I think she did wreck out, or her pit crew messed her up or something. Anyway... And there is a woman in drag racing who is leading the points in her division. I was thinking... wondering... how come drag racing can have successful women competitors, and now open wheel racing can have successful women competitors. In fact, the IRL has 3 women competing on a full time basis. Or, at least two. I think Sara Fischer would like to compete full time but she's running her own car and hasn't much sponsorship. (silly girl. she should have gone nascar racing when she had the chance.) Anyway... if other types of motor sports can have women who are competitive, who drive for top rank teams, why can't NASCAR? Are the powers that be in NASCAR still such Neanderthals? (no offense to any Neanderthals out there) There have been women who have tried to make it in NASCAR. Tammy Jo Kirk drove the wheels off her truck the first couple of years that NASCAR ran the Craftsman Truck Series. But she was not photogenic. She was not young. She just wanted to race. So she lost her ride eventually and moved on. There's been Elton Sawyer's wife, Shawna Robinson. She had a deal with Bam racing in Cup for about half a season. Then they canned her and hired Ken Schrader. Like as tho changing the driver was gonna make that piece of crap car of theirs run any faster. Really. Sheesh. Then there was some talk about some young girl who signed a developement deal with Richard Childress Racing a few years back, but then... you didn't hear nothing about her thereafter. There are two full time women racers in the ARCA series, Ali Owens and Gabbi DeCarlo. Both run about mid pack or just out of the top ten. I think if they had good cars they could run in the top ten. And then there's Erin Crocker. Poor Erin. I think she had what it took. I think she was a real racer... then she had an affair with her car owner, Ray Evernham, and that was that. When their relationship went out the door, so did the racing deal. I don't necessarily agree with the way the media jumped on their relationship, but still... someone should have told the young girl that it was gonna be bad for business for her to date the boss. She still races in the ARCA series sometimes, but not much of that anymore either. Anyway... just wondering about that.

Guess I will wrap it up for now. I don't suppose this post is going to cause quite the furor that my last post did. Probably a good thing, too.

See ya!


Arsenette said...

We must be on the same cycle.. this weekend was horrendous for me.. glad it's over.. /cry

I won't get into politics since no one I want is running anyway and after my last rant I'll give you a reprieve :D Theheheheheh

Global warming same thing - we haven't beat the records set back 50 years ago and we didn't have global warming then but they don't talk about that :p Oh well.. I'll be good today :)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I suppose some would say, "misery loves company" but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Glad you are feeling better. I'm some better today. Able to get up at least and get some things done. Tomorrow will be better still. I'm sure of it. Hugs.

Jeannie said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I've got the curse too. Not fun, especially when it's so darn hot outside.

Feel better soon.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thanks Jeannie. I guess it does help some to know I'm not the only one and to have sympathy from you guys.

You are right, Jeannie, the heat does make it worse.

pamwax said...

Hystorectomy Women's best friend. Feel better SKW