Friday, May 16, 2008

The "other" Pete

Back story:
My husband Pete and I met way back in July of 1984. I was just a few days past my 18th birthday. He was a few months past his 43rd birthday. I fell head over heels, ass over tea kettle, in love with the man. I mean, hard, sweaty, forget to breathe, feeling dizzy, running a fever, can't sleep, can't eat, can't remember your own name, in love with the man! We got together immediately. We lived together (since he was a truck driver, we lived in his truck) for about 6 months. I'll cut to the point of this story, but if you want to learn more about the background stuff you can click here.
Anyway, when Pete and I parted ways in 1985, I started dating a guy who's name is actually John Peterson, but I knew him then as Pete Peterson. Funny, eh, since my husband is also known as Pete and not by his real name, which is Alfred. Peterson was an army buddy of my uncle Charles, whom I just spent a week and half with in TN. He was from MA, he talked funny (to my Southern ear) he was cute, and he was good in bed. It was purely a physical thing. He was good fun to be around, but I didn't fancy myself in love with him or anything like that. It was just a little fling. Thing is, I saw Pete, my Pete who is now my husband, some little while after I had started seeing Pete Peterson. He came to ask me to come back to him, and I was having too much fun partying to want to do that. (Teenagers are so frickin' smart, aren't they?) So, my Pete knows that I was seeing that Pete right after I broke up with him way back then. That Pete and my two uncles Charles and Donnie, were best buds for many years, even tho I moved on and didn't ever see him again, except once, at my uncle TL's funeral when my son was about 2 years old and I was still married to his dad. Sometime around 1996 Pete Peterson lost touch with my uncles and they hadn't heard from him since, but I didn't know that yet.
That's the short form of the back story to this story:
You all know that my uncle Charles was having health issues last month and that I went up to TN to care for him and help him as I could. Pete (my Pete) and Thomas drove me up there on a Saturday and they drove back home the very next day, a Sunday. Funny thing happened that Saturday evening while we were all still at Charles house. A friend named Kirsten had brought over a lot of food and stuff and she and I were in the kitchen getting things ready for supper and the guys were all in the living room talking. The phone rang and Kirsten picked up the kitchen phone but, since she is partially deaf in both ears, she couldn't make out what the person on the other end was saying. She handed the phone to me and I immediately switch gears and go into my best "professional receptionist" mode. I say, "Charles West residence, Holly speaking, how can I help you?" and this guy with an exceptionally thick North Easterner accent says, "This is John Peterson. I'd like to speak to Charles, please." So I take the phone to my uncle and I tell him the name and he gets this huge smile on his face and he grabs the phone and hollers, "Pete Peterson, you bastard! How the hell are you, man?!" And I nearly fell over. See, the whole time I was partying with him and doing the wild thang with him, all those years ago, I never knew his name was John.
I went back to the kitchen and eventually Charles got off the phone and we all got to the table for supper. During the course of the meal, Charles has to tell Kirsten the whole story of how he knew John Peterson and that he hadn't heard from him since about 1996 and that my uncle Donnie had met someone in his line of work that was from the town in MA where Pete is from and he had asked if the guy knew him and he did. (actually, since Pete was the youngest of 7 children and the only boy, the guy knew his sisters, not him, but when he got back home he gave one of Pete's sisters Donnie's business card to give to Pete and she did.)
Anyway... I just thought it was weird. Kinda ironic, that the last time I spent any time at my uncle Charles house, I was seeing Pete Peterson and my Pete had come by to try to get me to go back with him. And then just when I go back to his house for any time, married to my Pete, that Pete Peterson, who hadn't been in touch with Charles for years, should call. It was just funky and funny and weird and I could tell that hubby didn't like it but he didn't say anything, so neither did I.
I wonder if that Pete will come to the family reunion this year? It's going to be in FL and he is living in FL. On the coast somewhere, Gulf side, I think. South of Tampa/St. Pete. He has a live-in girlfriend. I wonder what he looks like now? I wonder if he's fat or skinny? If he still has those adorable light brown curls or if he's bald. I wonder if his eyes are still twinkly, or if they've gone dull with age and life in general? I wonder if he wonders what I look like? I know he remembers me cause I identified myself when I took the phone from Kirsten and Charles said that during the course of their conversation he asked if that was me. I wonder if my Pete will find some reason that we shouldn't go to the family reunion this year, just on the off chance that that Pete will be there? He better not.
So... different kind of comedy story, eh? Ironic? Sad? Silly? Twisted? I just thought it was a little curious. So there it is: the story of The Other Pete.


Arsenette said...

Thanks for linking both stories. Your life seems to go circular. One door closes and the other door opens.. to see it close again.. and find yourself right back to where you were before. Weird. I've never read the original one.. I should go back and check it out. You're a great writer btw :) P.S. I still don't like Pete.. I get very protective of people and when I feel they are being unloved and abused.. the hair in the back of my neck goes up.. sorry.. it's a personality trait...

Arsenette said...

THAT Pete :p Had to be specific :)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Yeah, weird. Sometimes I feel like I'm in that stupid "Groundhog Day" movie. Wonder what I would have to do to break the cycle? Would have to be drastic, don't you think?

BTW, it's okay, I don't like that Pete (this Pete?) either lots of times. But I love him all the time. Actually it sucks royally, sometimes. :)

Arsenette said...

I find myself half the time trying to gag myself when it comes to this subject.. I mean I barely know you by comparison and I see only what's written.. and that alone I want to scream LOL

I compare everything to my own life. The only thing I truly know. I've seen the horrible decisions my own Mom has made over the years and I wish I was able to go back in time and wring her neck for half of them. It took me leaving at 15 years old to wake her up.. or so I thought.. she continued to go after the same kind of men.. "Anyone that will take me" rather than go with someone who would treat her like the beautiful woman she is. As a child growing up in that environment it really did shape my opinions on life and in men. I pray whatever decision you do you pay in mind the life of your son. You may be able to accept things in general because of your love for him but Thomas will have his own opinions on the subject. Even if they are prevelant right now. I'm glad you keep him close to you at all times - just remember you don't have to have the child physically hurt (like my mom did.. so long as she wasn't the one abused it was fine) to be warped.. LOL Look at me :p I think I'm surprised I'm not more jaded than I am now! LOL

Yell at me for being preachy when I do say so.. just hate it when people don't move when they feel trapped.. if they KNOW they are trapped.. it's time to change things around. No one else can do it for you.

pamwax said...

Holly, I know what it is like to love a man who is not perfect. They are a product of the '50s. Only we know that life without them would be far worse than life with them.