Saturday, December 22, 2007

Waiting for Christmas

Just finished an intense round of Wipeout races with Thomas. He brought the old N64 console down a couple of days ago so he could hook it up to the stereo like his other consoles. I have to admit, a lot of those old games are still good entertainment. I think I've mentioned before that I'm terrible at video games, but when he has no one else to play with, Thomas will challenge me to a game. I do try my best, but some of the games he likes are just so boring to me. Others... I like and I try really hard at, so I do some better. It's mostly the graphics, tho. My eyes just can't catch all the stuff and what I do see doesn't always get to the brain fast enough to act on it. Makes me so mad, sometimes. The new generation games are much easier for me to pick up on, but they usually require more coordinated button and trigger pressing. Unfortunately for me, I'm just not that coordinated. In fact, if the game doesn't catch my interest I just can't be bothered to remember which buttons to push when. Thomas gets so mad at me about that.

Anyway... since his Xbox 360 console is in for repair, he came up with the idea to have two Christmas celebrations. So... Christmas Day we will have the traditional feast and open some of our gifts. The day that his Xbox 360 console gets back we will have a nice steak dinner and a second Christmas celebration and open the rest of our gifts. His 360 games primarily. According to the Xbox Live website his console has been received and is in the queue awaiting repair. The web-site says it will take approximately 2 days but the fellow I spoke to on the phone when it broke said that it's taking about 3 weeks total turn around time. Who knows? Certainly not I.

And you just wouldn't believe the improvement in graphics on the 360 over the PS2. I bought a used copy of Stuntman Ignition for the 360 right after we got it and the graphics were awesome, but the game kept freezing up so we traded it in for a PS2 version. Man! The graphics sure suck compared to the 360. We only played it once and I listed it on thereafter. Will shell out for another 360 version soon after the holidays. I liked that game! It was fun.

I have to tell you guys, this coconut Christmas candy I made is unbelievably good. I can't stop eating it. If I don't I may well find myself in a 'sugar coma'. But it is so wonderful, so rich, so creamy, so gooey, so yummy. I love coconut anyway. One of my most favorite flavors in the world. So... just to make you all jealous and wish that you had some, here is a picture I took just now.

Sorry, I had to do it. If anyone wants the recipe, I will be happy to share. Making this candy is a long, tedious process, but well worth it. You have to stir and cook over low heat for EVER, then you have to stir and cook it some more. Just when you think you've been cooking it for long enough, take a deep breath and keep going. Sometimes I don't get mine cooked long enough and it doesn't firm up as well as it should. In that case, you can do one of three things:

1. scrape it all back in the pan and cook it some more.
2. cover it in chocolate to hold it together.
3. eat it with a spoon, it tastes wonderful anyway.

So, Thomas would like to play another N64 game, so I'm off.
Take care everyone.

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pamwax said...

Coconut yummy. That is also one of my favorites also. 2 Christmas celabrations... a stroke of genius. You can never have too many Christmases. Tell Thomas Merry Christmas from me both days.