Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh! That is Gnarly!!!

Naked Science: Death of the Universe

Watching some TV... NatGeo, one of my favorite channels (except when they are running those stupid Dog Whisperer, Dogtown, Dog this, Dog that shows). Anyway... tuned in just in time to see some scientist theorizing on how the universe will end by just disintegrating. On the atomic level. So... you are standing there and because the universe is expanding (everything is moving away from everything else), the distance between one thing and another is getting greater and greater, so eventually even the atoms loose touch with each other... so, what we see as solid objects will just tear and rip apart right down into their constituent atoms. We, everything we know or think we know, will just dissolve.

What a horrific thought, eh? Glad I won't be around to experience that.


Arsenette said...

Didn't see it tonight but saw that recently! Awesome theory! There's a few out there that caught my interest. The other was our galaxy colliding with another and .. wait.. isn't that the same one? Oh bother.. but it was cool! Loved the graphic representation of all that math .. LOL Awesome show :)

Mr. Mike said...

That's an interesting theory, I didn't see this program so it's hard to imagine what this would look like for me. (a lot of my tv watching involves non educational content). It's funny you mention the Dog shows because I have a co-worker who was really pushing for me to watch the Dog Whisperer. Anyway, I wonder if before the end we will be able to walk through other forms of solid matter (walls, mountains, etc)? That would be weird!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

It would be weird, Mr. Mike. But I don't think we could... according to this theory, we would be busy dissolving ourselves. Could we still move of our own volition, then? Would it hurt? I'm betting it would.

Yeah Elsie, graphic representation of math. It helps. Lots. :)