Sunday, April 6, 2008

I said take it easy Baby

I worked all day
and my feet feel just like lead.

Elvis Presley - Bossa Nova

You got my shirt tail flyin' all over the place,
and the sweat poppin' out on my head...

Okay... I had to do that. One of my favorite Elvis songs. Well, they nearly all are, but... you get my point, right? I was doing the laundry today and it was hot and I was being cheap by opening the windows and not turning on the AC. Sweat started dripping off my nose, and I couldn't stand it. Finally had to put on the AC. While I was standing there with the iron in my hand and the steam rising and the sweat dripping, this song popped into my head. So... in honor of being hot and sweaty and having to maintain an activity that you'd rather not be doing... I thought I would share the song with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Sugar update: it's fine. Been in the normal range for the past week and a half to two weeks. Only today it was 203/176. I think it was the wretched cookies Thomas and I ate yesterday. Damned things didn't even taste that good! Next time I splurge I'll make sure it's something I really, really want.

Damn! Just got off the phone with Tina. She's up in TN. Uncle Charles is still in the hospital and he isn't doing very well. She just got up there this evening and went straight to Nashville to the VA Hospital where he is. He's not getting up and walking like they want him to and he's having complications because of it but he says he's in too much pain to walk, he feels like his guts are going to fall out. That's what Tina said he told the nurse. She said they cut him from right below his breastbone to below his belly button. They had to take out more of his small intestine. He's not able to go because the pain meds are making his insides "sleep" (the doctor's description). They are trying to ease him off the morphine, but it's going slowly. I have no idea when they will be letting him go home. Tina is going to be there for this week then I guess I will be going next week. Or she might take two weeks, she doesn't know if she can. She's had training as a care-giver, I haven't, so if he needs extra special care it would be best if she could be there. I don't know nothing about it except how to dispense meds properly and basic cleaning and bandaging and how to sterilize things... Not looking forward to that part of it, I can tell you. Tina asked me what I was going to do if the cleaning of his wounds and all made me sick. I told her that if it made me sick I would just have to make sure I had a bucket nearby. HA! I mean, what else am I gonna do? He's my uncle. Family. I'm one of the younger members of the family, it's time for me to take a turn at helping out some of the older ones. I haven't ever been a position where I was able to do for others before. Now I am, sort of... my duty, my obligation, my need to be there. I just wish Pete wasn't being such a whineybutt about it. Like as tho if his sister needed him he wouldn't go. Or if his nephew or niece needed him he wouldn't go. I think he would. And if he wouldn't... well, that would just mean that he wasn't the person I thought he was. He would be someone I wouldn't want to associate with, much less be married to.

Anyway... Did mucho ironing today. Trying to get my things in order. I cleaned out my dresser drawers and made a start on my closet. Found things I'd totally forgotten I had. Doing things like that can sometimes be like a little mini-Christmas. It was actually a bit fun. The cleaning out part, not the ironing part...

Frank called this evening and wanted to know when he could get Thomas for a visit. I wanted to tell him never, but didn't. Thomas likes to go down there. He likes to see his half-sisters. Who am I to say he shouldn't? Pete always wants me to argue with Frank and get all worked up and upset. ??? I have never figured that out. When I don't he always fights with me and gets ugly and makes me cry. It's like... like... he figures that if I won't get upset by arguing with Frank that he'll argue with me and make me cry, but BY GOD! I'm going to cry one way or the other. It happens every time. Every single cotton picking time. It has never NOT happened. I don't understand it. From there it escalated to a rant on my poor housekeeping skills, my failure as a mother to teach my child any thing worth while and then ended with the usual litany of: I am a horrible person, I never listen to him, I never make him feel appreciated, that all I do is take and take and take and never give and oh, I don't know what all. The only thing that kept me from feeling like I wanted to kill myself tonight was the injustice of it all. The unfairness of it all. Frankly, he just pissed me off. I was actually too mad to feel suicidal. I guess that's a good thing, eh? He's such a dick. If I didn't love him so much I would be out of here so fast his neck would snap with the velocity of his head spinning. Oh well... no one said life was fair. In fact, I believe I remember my mother telling me that life was not fair and that only stupid people expected it to be. God knows I'm stupid sometimes, but I guess not that stupid.

Anyhow, then after I finally quite crying and got my sinuses back into some what working order is when Tina called. She'd just left the hospital and was making her way back to Smithville. She's going to go back first thing in the morning. More power to her. I wish her luck. Charles will probably make her cry. She's a faucet that never stops flowing, just like me. I hate that I cry so easily, and I know she does to. But she'll have to get stern with him to make him get up and walk and he'll speak harshly to her and she'll cry and he'll get disgusted and then he'll feel guilty and then he'll get up and walk, just like he knew he would before he made her cry!!! Guys. Sheesh! I'm not feeling real favorable toward them at the moment. Guess I'll end it here. Must hit the hay. Have lots of stuff to do tomorrow and every day this week.

Good night.


Jeannie said...

You should take it easy, baby. Sorry you had such a hard day.

Arsenette said...

Aww Girl.. wish there was something I can say to make things better :( Hang in there!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Don't know where my video went to. youtube is not cooperating with me. It won't open up and my video is all gone. At least on my computer. Oh well, maybe it will come back. I think I'm going to go back to bed and sleep some more. Still woozy feeling. Love you guys. Thanks.

Arsenette said...

I can see the video just fine :D