Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Wonder I Feel Like Crap!

Went to see Dr. Hogue today. He gave me the results of all the blood tests I had last week. Everything was fine, even my cholesterol. But my sugar was over 400! No wonder I don't have any energy and can't concentrate and feel dizzy all the time! So... now I have to take meds for that and I have to go to the diabetes classes. Oh joy! I do so enjoy driving down town to University Hospital. What a delight it is to try to find the right building you are supposed to go to. And trying to find a parking space that isn't two miles away from the building you are supposed to go to, when you do find it, makes me so indescribably happy.

Seriously, I'm not happy about the sugar level, but at least now I know what's wrong with me. I just want to get it under control and get back to my life. I'm so tired of feeling like my brain is as holey as a hunk of Swiss cheese. I want to be able to think again, to speak coherently again. To make sense again. And have some energy again. That will be wonderful!

I am so relieved to find out what's been wrong. I think I'll go celebrate by taking a little walk. I can live with diabetes. It is controllable. And getting back to walking and working out, getting back to loosing this extra weight, will help with the sugar, too. Extra incentive, indeed.


pamwax said...

I am sorry about the diabetes but as you say now that you know about it you can find out what to do to take care of it. I am sure you will feel better soon.

pamwax said...
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Jeannie said...

As you begin to understand more about diabetes and how to control it, you will immediately start to feel both physically and mentally stronger. My brother-in-law, who was told last year about his diabetes, is the healthiest he's ever been. I feel the same will be true for you.

You are often in my thoughts, SKW. Please bend my ear whenever you'd like. :D